maanantai 30. marraskuuta 2020

Bye bye November


Finally November is coming to the end.

It wasn't that gray.
And imagine, I even went hiking. Well, not really,
for a walk with some local friends.

A bit cloudy, yes, in Majorca.

This winter I'll give my vegetable garden another try.
Which plants will grow in this mild weather? Let's try and see.

In winter the sunsets look like fire.

This the real fire. Now it is the time to burn all garden garbage.

Bye bye November sheep.

And even if it got gray outdoors you can make your indoors
life colourful!

My friend told me burn these fast otherwise they start growing moldy.

In the country side there is always action.
Actually this rat was pretty cute. But I do not
want to see it again. Bye bye already now.

And hello, welcome colours!
Stiofán Grego's art exhibition in Palma,
here our private tour through the gallery, guided by the artist
and assisted by his Finnish wife, photographer Olga Poppius.

Espacio Pulpo.

Had to clean my shoes before driving to Palma.
With toothpaste, yezzzz!. Works wonders for white soles.

Shoes for urban hiking.
Palma in November rain.

Palma, so colourful.


lauantai 28. marraskuuta 2020

Controversial Christmas lights in Palma


Für die Beleuchtung wurden 1,44 Millionen Euro ausgegeben. 
Die Lichter – so viele wie noch nie – können in 225 Straßen 
in 65 Vierteln bewundert werden.

1,44 million €
Really? Mallorca is suffering from Corona, businesses are closing down 
and people are unemployed. Where is the logic?
Shouldn't they have reduced the costs for the xmas lights? 
I don't get it but politics was never my thing.

It is a topic in the social media as well.

Even the palm trees are decorated.

The usual lights at the Passeig del Born pedestrian area.

The novelty: 23 meters high walk through tree.

They should have built a drive-through-tree for the corona year.
Really. Now there is no social distance in this space.

 Welcome corona xmas!

torstai 26. marraskuuta 2020

Dies und das


Boring corona days? Not at all! 

Hola. Namaste. Indian food in Artá. Yes, restaurants are open. And empty.

Beaches are empty, too. We had a couple of very windy days.
Waives seen in Cala Lliteras, the divers' bay.

Empty bottles!
Endlich habe ich den Flaschenschneider gekauft.
Ja, damit kann man Flaschen schneiden.
Ja, ja.

Übung macht den Meister, hoffentlich.
Jetzt brauche ich viele leere Flaschen zum üben!

Check check, local bananas.
Our friends promised us some banana baby plants, yeah!

And check this, my friend in Palma has this funny plant.

Exotic structure.

Amorphophallus konjac

Such a funny name in Finnish!
Teufelszunge auf Deutsch.
Also known as konjaku, konnyaku potato, devil's tongue, 
voodoo lily, snake palm, or elephant yam. (Wiki)
In summer it has very beautiful green leaves.
I think I'd like to have this plant as well.

Finnish gadget in Palma: SAVUSTUSPÖNTTÖ.

"savutustuksessa käytettävä metallinen astia, jonka sisään kuumennettaessa 
purusta syntyvä savu ja kuumuus kypsentävät ruoan"

Finnisch für Anfänger:

SAVUSTUS =  räuchern / fumigation
PÖNTTÖ = Trommel (!) / blockhead, stupid person

Hey, those smoked chicken legs taste brilliant!
And the rest, too, gracias Palma-Tiina.

Canyamel beach area.
Such a sunny November day.

After two windy days there were many nice things
to be picked up! No, do not ask what I am going to
do with these. No photo frames, that's for sure.

Wokring in the garden also brings some nice thins up,
like this ... pupa of a butterfly or moth or similar.

As seen in the butterfly garden in Tenerife I hang these
guys in the hope that they will transfer to some kind
of flying objects. Sooner or later.

to all my American friends!

maanantai 23. marraskuuta 2020

Gray November?


This week I have three round birthdays in my calendar!

Congrats to all:

how funny to turn 20 in the year 20 - Annie!
Vollie maybe celebrates his 60th with his family.
It kind is a bit sad to turn 50 in the corona year,
no party, no celebration - but Kirrie will have some action
on her round day, for sure. Girls just wanna have fun. 

I tell you, no parties, no fun in Germany.
Well, hardly anywhere in the world this year.

So let's enjoy the nature.
Here some boring garden pics.

Take me home, country road ... tra la la la laa.

My pomelos are getting ripe.

A rose with a fly. Many flies in the house.

This year finally testing these, let's see what happens in winter.

My "mano de Buddha" is also changing colour,
meaning it's ripening as well.

Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis, or the fingered citron,  is an unusually 
shaped citron variety whose fruit is segmented into finger-like sections, 
resembling those seen on representations of Buddha. (Wiki)

Every now and then mushrooms.

Pomegranate explosion!

Nispero - Mispelchen.
Eriobotrya japonica
Flowers now, fruit to be enjoyed in April.

The flowers of this strawberry bush remind me of lingonberry flowers.

This climbing beauty is not really liked here as it takes over everything.

Remember these flowers from my May postings?

It's the Acca tree.
Acca sellowiana

Now we get the fruit!

I like it, the structure is similar to a pear and the taste?
Dunno. But it tastes good.
Wikipedia has more information:

The fruit, known as feijoa maturing in autumn, is green, ellipsoid, and 
about the size of a chicken egg. It has a sweet, aromatic flavour, which
 tastes like pineapple, apple, and mint. The flesh is juicy and is divided into a 
clear, gelatinous seed pulp and a firmer, slightly granular, opaque flesh nearer 
the skin. The fruit falls to the ground when ripe and at its fullest flavour, 
but it may be picked from the tree prior to falling to prevent bruising.

Or; what is left over in a salad bowl .
Was a nice vinaigrette with herbs from our garden.