maanantai 31. elokuuta 2020

Palma graffiti


Walk through the old town of Palma and enjoy the quiet streets. Enjoy the tiny lanes.


Not that many streets are decorated with plants.

Come from the the other direction and catch the cat!

Graffiti is big in Palma, and I like it!


lauantai 29. elokuuta 2020



Prunus. Prunus?

Finnisch für Anfänger:

LUUMU = Pflaume / plum

KRIIKUNA = Zwetschge / damson

Spanisch word CIRUELA = Pflaume, Zwetschge

My last ones. Popsitaan pois.

Facebook can be really useful!

Thanks Pertti for this recipe.

Prunus, Prunus domestica - whatever ... ? 

No no no, I am not going to change the etiquettes to Zwetschge!
But maybe just ciruela. 

Our neighbours gave us this load of figs. Yeas, dark and light ones.

Dark, definitely, dark, actually black: paella.
Had lunch with some friends. And they all liked it.

My choice

I did not choose Spain for the food.

perjantai 28. elokuuta 2020



Corona year 2020. 

Mallorca 2020.
The hidden bay.
I'll show it to you when you come for a visit.


Well, it is Covid19-Corona-year2020,
nobody is visiting us, so here we go:

The small yet pretty beach N'Aladern 
is lined by pines and a few smaller private houses. If the neighbouring 
beach of Font de sa Cala is too crowded, this is the ideal spot to come 
for a quiet break, just one kilometre away. There are no facilities on 
this sandy beach, but you do have a beautiful view of the rocky coast 
opposite. To get to the beach, either come by bus (there is a bus stop 500 
meters away), or park at the end of a cul-de-sac, around 200 meters away.

torstai 27. elokuuta 2020

Artá by night


Artá in Majorca.

In the middle of the week the film club is showing movies.
Open air, in front of the theatre.

Tomorrow they are showing Amelie!
COMÈDIA DRAMÀTICA· Versió original subtitulada en castellà· 
Per a tots els públics· Durada: 120 minuts

The charming market square.

Pedestrian street through the town.

If the open air movie is not interesting enough
you can always return back home and admire the half moon.

maanantai 24. elokuuta 2020

Tierisches Landleben


Datenschutz und Privatsphäre und social distancing, alle Gründe warum man keine Menschenfotos publizieren kann. Heute ist es so. Also Tiere.

Luckily enough there are enough objects.

Am pretty impressed of the good quality pics of the iPhone. 

Country life can be hard for dogs, too.
This fellow had to get some stitches on his side
and was not happy to wear the muzzle.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KUONOKOPPA = Maulkorb / muzzle
KUONO = Maul / snout
KOPPA = Korb / basket

OMG that was exciting!
A butterfly landed on my had.

Well, he insisted on getting into the beer glass.
Lucky him, got out of there as well, and flew away.

Beach view in Son Serra de Marina in Mallorca.

Amazing, these flowers were everywhere.
It has been very, very hot the last weeks, no rain has fallen.
My flower app tells me that it is a pancratium maritime,
a sea daffodil, in German Dünen-Trichternarzisse or Strandlilie
and it has also a Finnish name: hietamerinarsissi..

This is not a good photo, but better than nothing.
There was a dead sheep lying on our neighbourg's field over the weekend.
Yes, we could smell it. You recognize the smell of a cadaver, 
especially if you have had cats which have hidden a mouse underneath
a piece of furniture without noticing. The sweet, bad smell will inform
you that there is a dead body somewhere close. This smell we had over the weekend ... 
how  good for usthat we had some appointments with friends.
This morning the cadaver was taken away.

Good location.

keskiviikko 19. elokuuta 2020

Boats in Palma


Palma has a huge harbor with loads of boats, small boats, sight seeing boats, sailing boats, motor yachts ... just name it. This year only the cruise ships are missing - yeah!

Quite a different view towards the city from the harbour.

Were lucky to visit this boat. Just a visit, no sailing, for heavens sake!

Boating gadgets kind of fascinate me. My photographic feel.

This bugger belongs to Luxembourg. At least there is this flag hanging.
Grey metallic ... looks like a Porsche on water.

Again, the views a pretty nice.
Well, of course, the architectural point can be discussed.

This corona year has caused some problems also for the boat people.
Many boat owners are not able to travel to Spain,
or have no possibility to stay in a quarantine after the holidays.

But then, Spanish tourists are now chartering boats,
spending holidays on water with their families and close friends,
it is definitely safer than partying in a big disco hotel.

In between also some cute vessels.

One of those boats which my hubby would consider ... 

If you look carefully you can see the Palma Cathedral almost in the middle of the pic.

Last year's project was to participate on one of these Lagoon catamarans.
Well, it definitely is not so spacy ... and the sun deck - where was it?
As you can guess, boating is none of my businesses, comes right after cooking.
Thanks Nic, anyhow, for letting us to see this boat as well!

Yes, there are more traditional corners in Palma harbour as well.
If you really want to see the big money boats you'd better
head for the West: Port Adriano, Portals Nous, Puerto Andtratx.
As bonus you can admire high heeled fashion addicts sipping their champagne.

The 'Paseo Marítimo' or in Catalan, 'Passeig Marítim', 
refers to the wonderful promenade that runs parallel to Palma's seafront. 
The wide avenue is made up of a pedestrianised walkway and a cycle lane, 
and is enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.


We were quite shocked to see old town of Palma so empty.
Hardly any people strolling along the cute lanes,
many, sadly quite many shops closed down.


tiistai 18. elokuuta 2020

Missing the boring garden pics?


"Summertime, and the living is easy.

Fish are jumping" - maybe, I do not care.

But our garden, our tiny little "huerto" is delivering us all kinds of goodies. 

Goodies, which have to be eaten or  immediately or prepared for future use.

Kind of stress ... 


Check this!

All sizes, all form of tomatoes.

This pic I do like.

Well, next year another try with Brussels sprouts

And just by chance, you are cutting down the bush and
this gorgeous butterfly shows up.
Zack, zack, zack, iPhone photos shot.

Here comes the plum story.
Our plum tree this year: amazing!

Here we go!



Mannooo ... who'll eat all of those sweet marvels?
Normally we force our visitors to try them at breakfast.
Corona year 2020 = no visitors.

I tell you, we have a few marmalades etc. from previous years, too.

And this bloody "Quitten" tree ist carrying fruit as hell.

This year the figs are great, too, but only a few appear
as the old tree died this year and new ones produce only a few fruit.

Surprised my hubby by Cole chips, last time they were too salty,
this time the curry and of flew in without borders ....

Lovely trees at the market square in Artá.
Composed by Oderazzi.
Enjoy August!!!