sunnuntai 29. maaliskuuta 2020

Corona twins

New babies in town!

Yesterday this lady lamm brought two kiddies into the world.
I gave them the name Corona twins.

Yes, the birth took place some time at night.
Rainy night.

And off we go!

Let's go for a walk, babes.

And here the next mother-to-be-soon.

So cute.

Check this: umbilical cord still hanging.
Well, She/he is not even 24 hours old.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

NAPANUORA = Nabelschnur / umbiliar cord

Päivänkakkarat kukassa, omassa pihassa tietty.

Corona times, puzzle times!

Yes, it does look a bit obsolete.
Who does puzzling nowadays?
EVERYBODY! It's corona times!

The next boring garden pic.

This I consider not so boring, strelizie flower.

perjantai 27. maaliskuuta 2020

Paint job and other corona hobbies

I do like painting. Painting walls.
In the times of corona you just have to be creative.
You use the paint rests ...

It says "white" .
But white is not always white.

Never mind, let's clean the rest of the stuff first.
And then go shopping.
Yes, in the corona times there is a little "Baumarkt" open,
you have to enter through the back door but anyhow,
I did get the WHITE wall paint that I needed.


GT earned. Yes, lemon still missing, hubby is
getting one from the tree next to our kitchen.

And then there is the moment when the afternoon sun
has that perfect angle. For a pic.
And yes, the lilies are from our garden, too.

Stay home, stay safe.

torstai 26. maaliskuuta 2020

Corona days going on


Staying home, of course.

Last night our friend Tuija Komi held a concert in München.
Yes, without audience. Must have been a different kind
of experience. The concert was streamed live in Facebook.

Click here to see the show in the Facebook:

And now back to the boring garden.
Here, just a young leaf.
Look at the beautiful structure.

Kuvakaappaus WIkipediasta

Lehtisuonituskuvioltaan tämä voisi olla verkkosuoninen.

I tell you, staying at home during these corona months
can become educative.
If you try to avoid all Spanish homework.

One of our palm trees.
Take a closer look ...

 ... some yellow things growing there ...

... looks like they are flowers!

Let's keep on checking, this is interesting.

Find the mistake.


Pool art.

Fence art. Fence? Well, the young sheep keep
on sticking their heads through this metal fence.

Detail of the wool.

Country living.

sunnuntai 22. maaliskuuta 2020

The rain in Spain falls ... and keeps people indoors


Stay home.

Well, today it is so easy, it is raining cats and dogs.

Stay home. 
Poor mouse, swimming wasn't his thing.

First we tired to repair this thing. But very soon we gave up.
Wood was totally rotten.

This single part could be saved. Let's see how'll I use it.

The rest.

Checking up the succulents, some need extra care.

 My very first broccoli!

Strelizien! Awesome plants, awesome flowers.

Oh yes, the rain!

Honestly, the rain is really good for the nature,
it did not rain at all in February.

Pysykää kotona, pysykää terveinä.
Stay safe.

perjantai 20. maaliskuuta 2020

Lockdown or curfew?


Greetings from Mallorca, dear friends!
Corona has hit Spain drastically and the government acts 
accordingly: state of emergency is on and with a lockdown no unnecessary 
moving outside your home is allowed. You are allowed to 
shop groceries, but only one person at the time from one household.

Our supermarket down town only allows 23 person in.
You have to wait for your turn outside.

Another market, people know how much distance they have to keep.

Even at the garbage collecting place only one car is allowed
to enter, this guy does the monitoring.

Now that you cannot spend your time in bars and restaurants,
now that shopping has become very efficient, groceries only, 
now that no concerts, movies or sport events can steal your time
you can feel free to surf in the internet!

Finnisch für Anfänger:

ULKONALIIKKUMISKIELTO = Ausgangssperre / lockdown
ULKONA = draussen / outside
LIIKKUA = sich bewegen / move
KIELTO = Verbot / ban

This is a collection of Wikipedia information:

lockdown is an emergency protocol that usually prevents people 
or information from leaving an area.

Der Begriff Lockdown stammt aus dem US-amerikanischen Sprachgebrauch 
und bezeichnete ursprünglich eine Abriegelung von Gebäuden und Gebieten 
im Rahmen eines Terroranschlages oder Amoklaufs. Während der 
COVID-19-Pandemie im Jahr 2020 
wurde der Begriff von diversen deutschsprachigen Medien als Bezeichnung 
für die Schließung von öffentlichen Einrichtungen, bzw. des gesamten 
öffentlichen Lebens übernommen.

Curfew is an order specifying a time during which certain regulations apply.
Typically it refers to the time when individuals are required to 
return to and stay in their homes.

Im Ausnahmezustand oder im Katastrophenfall werden eingeschränkte 
Ausgangssperren auch zur Verhinderung oder Verlangsamungder Ausbreitung 
von Seuchen ausgesprochen, siehe dazu Quarantäne, oder, beispielsweise 
nach Naturkatastrophen, zum Schutz vor Plünderungen verhängt. 
Im Seuchenfall verringert sich die Wirksamkeit von Ausgangssperren 
in Abhängigkeit von den verordneten Ausnahmen.

And yes, we did cancel our Japan trip, were supposed to fly
on coming Tuesday but that definitely is not going to happen.
Let's hope that by September the world has calmed down.

Stay healthy!

sunnuntai 15. maaliskuuta 2020

Flower power in the times of corona

Easy living during the times of corona covid19.
Fotosafari today in our garden.
Boring garden pics, so sorry.

In a couple of days we can eat the first peas from our own garden! 

Finnisch für Anfänger:

HERNE = Erbse / pea

Tais mennä tämän kaalin syöntiaika jo ohi kun kohta siementää.
Maybe too late to eat this cole?
Very pretty, indeed.

Kalloja käytetään koristekukkina monenlaisissa asioissa.
Mallorcalla ne kasvaa upeesti pihoilla ja puutarhissa.
The first calla/kalla/calla-lilies!
Zantedeschia aethiopica.

This easy beasy grows everywhere with little water.
And it is so easy to reproduce, just stick the cutlings
in the earth, off they go.

Wiki knows more:

Aeonium arboreum, the tree aeonium, tree houseleek, or Irish rose, 
is a succulent, subtropical subshrub in the flowering plant family Crassulaceae.

Freesias. Almost done. 

Named after the German botanist and medical practitioner, 
Friedrich Freese (1795-1876). (Wiki)

Margarete. Whatever. Colourful. Growing fast. Great.

Daisybushes or African daisies.

Tähtisilmät (Osteospermum) on suku asterikasvien heimossa. Siihen kuuluu 47 lajia.
Tähtisilmien lähimpiä sukulaisia ovat sääkukat (Dimorphotheca).

Die Kapkörbchen (Osteospermum), auch Kapmargeriten oder Paternosterstrauch 
genannt, sind eine Pflanzengattung in der Familie der Korbblütler (Asteraceae).

(again Wikipedia in many languages)

Another fast growing plant, serves well as a hedge.

La lechera del Cabo (Polygala myrtifolia).

Hanging rosemary almost done with the blossom.

These white lilies take over everywhere. No bad.

Also almost over with this blossom.
Absolutely easy to grow.

Kalanchoe daigremontiana, llamada vulgarmente aranto 
o espinazo del Diablo, es una planta suculenta en la familia Crassulaceae, 
endémica de Madagascar.

Kalanchoe daigremontiana ist eine Pflanzenart der Gattung Kalanchoe in der 
Familie der Dickblattgewächse (Crassulaceae). Sie ist in Madagaskar verbreitet.

Bryophyllum daigremontianum, commonly called devil’s backbone, 
mother of thousands, alligator plant, or Mexican hat plant is 
a succulent plant native to Madagascar. 
Plants of the genus Bryophyllum have sometimes been included in the genus 
Kalanchoe, where this species is known as Kalanchoe daigremontiana.

(Wikipedia has many versions)

Kukkivat rikkaruohot värittävät keväistä pihaa.
Even the weeds are pretty in spring time.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

RIKKARUOHO = Unkraut / weed

The late bloomer, a bit younger almond tree in shade still blooming.

Lemon tree getting ready for the new season, 
old lemons still hanging.

Invested in English roses, here the first flowers.
Ooops, they might need some water.

These pink margaritas are almost done.

Scilla peruviana, beautiful bloomer, inherited from the
previous owners of the house. So thankful.

Although the epithet peruviana means "from Peru", it is strictly a western 
Mediterranean species. Linnaeus named the species in 1753, noting an 
earlier name given to the plant by Carolus Clusius, Hyacinthus stellatus peruanus.
It is said that Clusius misunderstood a statement that the bulbs came from a ship 
called "Peru" and thought that they came from the country. (Wiki)

Mimosa called Palma-Tiina.
Kiitos tästä hienosta kasvista!

Baby leaf of our chestnut tree.

One of the easy grow hanging plants.

Finally found this beautifully blossoming tree in St. Llorenç.
Now have to decide where to plant it ... hm...

The first lily flower.

Our orange trees are still full of oranges
and at the same time the little buds are getting bigger.

No, not an almond flower, this is the apricot tree.

Times of corona?
Well, I do follow this blog, there you find a list 
of things that you are allowed to do outside your home now 
during the next two weeks.
Who knows, maybe even longer?

The government has listed eight justifications for leaving home,
 which include: going to buy food, medicines, other basics, and fuel 
for vehicles; travelling to work and back (although businesses are obliged 
to allow employees to work from home); attending health centres, or going
 to a bank for money. Travelling around for pleasure is banned. Eating and 
drinking out are off the menu: only businesses providing essentials 
will remain open.