tiistai 13. huhtikuuta 2021

Tuesday 13th


Martes 13

Abergläubische in Spanien nehmen sich nicht etwa an Freitagen, sondern 
an Dienstagen, die auf einen 13. fallen, besonders in Acht. 
Denn nach dem hiesigen Volksglauben ist es der martes 13, der Unglück bringt.

Tuesday the 13th in Hispanic and Greek culture

In Spanish-speaking countries, instead of Friday, Tuesday the 13th 
(martes trece) is considered a day of bad luck.

The Greeks also consider Tuesday (and especially the 13th) an unlucky day.
Tuesday is considered dominated by the influence of Ares, the god of war 
(Mars in Roman mythology). The fall of Constantinople to the Fourth Crusade 
occurred on Tuesday, April 13, 1204, and the Fall of Constantinople to the 
Ottomans happened on Tuesday, 29 May 1453, events that strengthen the 
superstition about Tuesday. In addition, in Greek the name of the day is 
Triti (Τρίτη) meaning the third (day of the week), adding weight to the 
superstition, since bad luck is said to "come in threes". (Wiki)

Finnisch für Anfänger:

TIISTAI = Dienstag / Tuesday / mattes
PERJANTAI = Freitag / Frieda / viernes
TAIKAUSKO = Aberglaube / superstition / superstición

PS check the last one, such a good example of the similarities
of the Englisch and Spanisch languages.

Wondering if seeing some local pigs brought us luck today?

- "Martes 13, ni te cases ni te embarques"
- "En trece y martes, ni te cases, ni te embarques, ni vayas a ninguna parte"
- "Martes, ni te cases, ni te embarques, ni de tu familia te apartes"
- "Para un hombre desgraciado, todos los días son martes"
- "En martes, ni tela urdas ni tu hija cases; ni la lleves a confesar que no dirá la verdad"

maanantai 12. huhtikuuta 2021

Ulkonaliikkumiskielto ja muita sääntöjä


and other restrictions on the island.
Business as usual.

Restaurants and bars may open their terraces until 17 hrs.
Max four persons at one table.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

ULKONALIIKKUMISKIELTO = Ausgangssperre / curfew

lauantai 10. huhtikuuta 2021

Test test


Heute das beste Mitbringsel: Corona Test!

Seriously, friends came from Germany and brought a set of self tests.

My hubby wanted to test himself after a pretty crowded
shopping experience in Decathlon sports shop in Palma.

Negative, of course.

Life is good one the island, we even had some rain.

tiistai 6. huhtikuuta 2021

Mercat d'Artà


Dienstag = Markttag in Artá.
Heute dürften die Gemüseverkäufer wieder in die
Markthalle. Die Renovierung hat fast ein Jahr gedauert.
Schlicht ist es geworden, soll als Mehrzweckhalle benutzt werden.
Gemüse wird hier nur ein Mal in der Woche verkauft.

Hier Fotos von heute.
Fast wie früher, vor Corona.

Für alle meine Freunde/Freundinnen die den Markt hier kennen.
Sorry, this is an insider posting, for all who have visited Artá.
Toripäivän kuvat ehkä kiinnostaa teitä, jotka olette olleet
mukava vilinässä ja jonottamassa kanatiskillä.

Nur der Hähnchenverkäufer darf noch nicht rein.

Interessante Farbe am Boden. Und noch glänzend.

Sommerlicher Markttag am 6. April 2021.

Nicht ganz so voll wie üblich im Sommer.
Und alle tragen Masken. Gut so.

sunnuntai 4. huhtikuuta 2021

Neljäs nejättä



Let's check some numerology.

When strength and efficiency are needed, it's number 4 to the rescue. 
The 4 in Numerology is a no-nonsense number with a heads-down 
approach to life and work. It is extremely dependable and lends a great 
amount of stability to a person or situation. The 4 is dedicated to 
advancing, but in a more conservative way than a progressive one. 
It sticks to what is tried-and-true instead of attempting methods that are new.

The number 4 leads with its head, not its heart, and uses this 
mental strength to build a life of service and contentment.

Canotnese (Chinese) definition for number four:

4  四 

considered unlucky since 4 is a homophone with the word for death 
or suffering 死 (see tetraphobia), yet only in the Shanghainese,
 it is a homophone of water (水) and is considered lucky 
because water is associated with money.

Numer 4 is considered as one of the most powerful angel numbers, 
claims the Angel Numers page. They also write:

There are 4 directions in the this world (South, North, West and East)
and there are also 4 elements (earth, water, air and fire). That is why
in Ancient Greece number 4 was considered as a symbol of
earthly balance.

If you are into this angel thing read more in here:

kuvakaappaus Johannes Leijona

And I tell you, numbers have a meaning in the Bible, too.
Let's check that, now that we have Easter holidays.

In the Bible, number 4 means creation. 
This number directly relates to the creative ability of God. 

The earliest mention of number 4 in the Bible is in the Book of Genesis. 
During the creation week, God finished the creation of what is termed 
the ”material universe” on the 4th day. 

This internet page also refers 4 in many Bible stories, i.e.:

Number 4 also signifies the division of Jesus’s clothes after his death. 
After his death on the cross of Calvary, 4 Roman soldiers came forth 
and tore his clothes into 4 parts with each soldier taking one part.

Read more in here:

So now you would like to calculate your own number?
Just surf in the internet, there are plenty of options!

Check this: even Snoopy has four fingers!

Finnisch für Anfänger:

NELJÄ = vier / four

Danke / thank you / kiitos for all your Easter wishes!


perjantai 2. huhtikuuta 2021



Tolles Wetter in Frankfurt.

Enjoy as long as you can.

Es ist ein Wimmelbild von Menschen, die an diesem Donnerstag die Abendsonne 
genießen. Auf Decken und Tüchern, in Gruppen eng beieinander stehend, 
spazierend. Die Menschen freuen sich auf das lange Wochenende, viele dürstet 
es nach Alkohol. Der Konsum ist zwar am Mainufer wie auch an vielen anderen 
Plätzen in der Frankfurter Innenstadt derzeit wegen der Pandemie verboten, doch 
kontrolliert wird es hier nicht, ebenso wenig wie Kontaktbeschränkungen oder das 
Maskengebot. Polizei oder Stadtpolizei sind nicht zu sehen.

Gründonnerstag auf Malle.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

VIHREÄ = grün / green

maanantai 29. maaliskuuta 2021

Vilafranca de Bonany


Yesterday we had Palm Sunday. 


Quick stop in Vilafranca de Bonany.
A town along the road from Manacor to Palma.
You always see this Jesus guy of the church tower when
driving along the ring road around the town.
Finally I made it to the town.

What did I expect? Corona has shut everything down anyway.
Nothing, I tell you nothing is going on.
A couple of coffee houses open.
And then I read in internet that this town is famous for ...
... watermelons!!!

"Festa i Fira del Meló"

Due to known reasons the last melon feast was celebrated 2019.

Vilafranca de Bonany was founded in 1620 at the foot of the Puig de Bonany 
mountain by the baron Pau Sureda de Sant Martí. Needing labourers to 
work on the land, he declared the area exempt from royal taxes. 
The name 'Vilafranca' means 'Villa without taxes'. 

The only information I found (without spending many hours)
oabout this Lluis de Vilafranca is in Catalan language:

El seu nom abans d’ingressar a l’orde caputxí (1788) era Joan Mestre i Oliver. 
Durant molts anys fou zelós bibliotecari del convent de Palma, 
del qual era guardià quan patí l’exclaustració (1835).

So he was a librarian.

These guys are shown in front of the entrance of the church.
Feel free to such for further info.

The current church of Santa Bárbara, which is their patron saint and 
celebrated on 4th December, was built in the early 18th century and 
extended in the mid-20th century. The sculpture of the Sacred Heart 
on top of the dome was installed in 1942 and is the work of 
Manacor-born Miquel Vadell.

In this posting I just want to show that Mallorca has so 
many options, so many beautiful things to detect,
to make nice photographs (the light is soooo good on the island), 
to inspire people to read more about history. 

Mallorca is much more than a party hot spot.

sunnuntai 28. maaliskuuta 2021

Yes, Mallorca


Why Mallorca? Because ...  

Spring is here.
Now the quince tree starts to blossom.
These delicate flowers will turn out to be pretty hard fruit,
like stony apples. 

On the island due to corona you can enjoy food and drinks
on terraces of restaurants until 5pm. Well, anyways it is healthier 
to eat less in the evenings.
Main square in township Artá, Plaça del Conqueridor.

In Dar Ahlam the new herb garden is almost ready.

Did you know how important it is to know which plants
feel good or bad together? Well, I did some research, in German.
And checked the names in Spanish, too.

Basically pretty logical, the typical Mediterranean plants
stick together and the traditional kitchen herbs, often annual ones,
feel good in their own groups. Let's see.

Of course the information can be controversial.
One says coriander/cilantro does not like any other herbs,
here they claim it's a good neighbor with parsley.

Es gibt unzählige Kräuter, bei denen es sich lohnt, sie selbst im Garten anzubauen. 
Diese stammen aus den unterschiedlichsten Regionen dieser Welt und würden 
ohne unser Zutun wohl nie alle aufeinandertreffen. Wie im richtigen Leben auch 
gibt es daher einige, die bestens miteinander auskommen und andere, die man 
besser auf Distanz halten sollte. Aber welche Kräuter passen denn nun zusammen? 

Also useful to know the English terms.


Today is Palm Sunday. Palmsonntag. Palmusunnuntai.

In the little town of Vilafranca I saw this poster.
Oh yes, remember the local tradition?
After carnival hang a witch with seven legs on the wall,
each week cut off (or tape away) one leg,
when all legs are gone it's Easter.

Wie der Name schon sagt, ist Jaya, eine Großmutter und ein Corema, 
die Fastenzeit ist, eine alte Frau aus Papier, Pappe oder bemaltem 
Holz, mit einem großen Rock, Taschentuch auf dem Kopf, einem Kabeljau 
in der einen Hand und einem Korb Gemüse in der anderen. Das Besondere 
an dieser Frau ist, dass sie sieben Beine hat, die die sieben Wochen der 
Fastenzeit repräsentieren. Am ersten Tag wird die alte Frau in der Küche 
oder im Esszimmer aufgehängt, und jeden Sonntag wird ein Bein der sieben, 
die sie hat, geschnitten, bis ihr am Karsamstag die beiden ausgehen und das, 
was von ihr übrig bleibt, verworfen wird. 

In Finland on Palm Sunday kids traditionally go around the villages 
dressed as little witches and speak loud this verse:

Virvon, varvon, tuoreeks terveeks, tulevaks vuuveks, 
isännälle ihramaha ja emännälle perä leveä!

Maybe in this corona year also this is done virtual?

perjantai 26. maaliskuuta 2021

Corona life goes on


Oh these confusing times. Corona rules. The leaders are lost.

Let's make the best of it. Let's enjoy the nature.

Enjoy the colours.

Enjoy the fantastic scent of freesias.

Enjoy the lovely dogs of our neighbours.

Enjoy the new sculptures in Son Moll promenade.
By Guillem Ángel Crespí Alemany.

Enjoy lunch time at the seaside.

Enjoy the empty promenade in Son Moll.

Enjoy the empty beach in Son Moll.

Kind of enjoy the view of hotels getting ready for the new season.
Will there be a new season this year?

Check the figures.