lauantai 30. tammikuuta 2021



Continued the meetings and greetings on this Saturday.

Elegant afternoon coffee break in the Tarzan Residence.

After the Bundesliga match we were served a
Tatarenhutessen in Buchschlag.

This is how an Austrian restaurant describes this speciality:

We (...) place an iron hat in the centre of the beautifully laid table 
and heat it with a paste burner. The hat’s brim is filled with a hearty 
beef soup and delicious Julienne vegetables. For the meat, everyone 
places their pork or Galloway loin, which has been marinated by our 
chefs, on the hot hat. It’s up to you whether you prefer this special 
delicacy rare, medium or well done! This substantial meal is 
accompanied by a fresh salad, freshly prepared garlic bread, various 
sauces and baked potatoes from an organic farm. In between, you can 
complement this meal by having a spoonful of the delicious beef soup 
with vegetables, which gets stronger and more intense as the grilling 
continues. This is more than just dinner – this is a special, 
cosy and social experience!

Our original plan for December 2020 was to spend some time
in Leogang, Austria and also visit this restaurant.
Well, our friends organized this perfect dinner.
Let's hope that the postponed, round birthday party 
will happen this year with snow and sun.

Hat dining is fun! Similar to fondue, you can choose yourself
what you eat, It is an option for vegetarian as well,
instead of meat you can cook vegetables etc. on the hat.
Of course, all kinds of sea food can be an option, too,
but preferably on a separate hat.

In gemütlicher Runde kann man sich einen Hauch asiatischer 
Steppenromantik an den heimischen Esszimmertisch holen.

perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2021

Busy meeting and greeting

The last week of January started winterly.

But no problem, there is no bad weather, 
there is only wrong clothing.

And for dogs the bad weather just does not exist!
My Gassi-Besuch in Berkersheim on Monday.

Do you know what this is? I didn't.
But now I know. What do you think:

a) Käfer mit Stiefeln
b) Stiefelknecht
c) Käferprinz

On Tuesday the snow was gone.
Warm enough for a little walk at the river with my friend Maria.

On Wednesday I did a turbo walking trip with Kylli in
Bad Homburg but could not take any pics from the
beautiful park as had to load my phone. 
The weather was a bit rainy.

After a fast walk some cakes were needed.
Invited ourselves to check Georg's new home.

On Thursday a rainy lunch trip to Nordend.
Marimekko umbrellas cheer up the gray days,
and keep you dry when picking up some take away food.

Oh, and at least one piano lesson has to be squeezed into the week.

On Friday a lunch walk with Mrs. KP, checking the area
close to her new office in Westend. 

Das "Körnerdenkmal"
 wurde 1915 enthüllt und steht umrahmt von Büschen auf der Körnerwiese 
im Westend. Zu Ehren des Dichters und Freiheitskämpfers Theodor Körner 
(1791-1813) schuf Carl Stock 1915 dieses Denkmal, das einen sitzenden Krieger
 mit Schwert im antiken Stil darstellt. Körner trat im Befreiungskampf gegen 
Napoleons Besatzungstruppen in das Lützowsche Korps ein und fiel 
am 26.8.1813 bei Gadebusch. 

Biking back to Ostend did a quick stop at Jannis Cafe, 
meeting Terttu. Take-away food available here as well,
make your orders by phone.

069 - 24 14 34 68

Light lunch but heavy dinner with Mrs. Emergency.
This is only one of the starters. 

And, of course, many virtual gatherings with
friends close and far. Zoom, Google, Teams ... you name it.
I'd love to post all the pics with all the lovely people I met
but some do not want to be seen in the social media,
in the internet, nowhere. 

lauantai 23. tammikuuta 2021

Winterly cemetery walk


Winter walks.

It's been on my bucket list already for a couple of years: the cemetery.

Die Trauerhalle der Hauptfriedhof Frankfurt.

Fake news? somebody coloured the roofs!

I like maps.
Check this one, check the green area in the middle,
underneath there is a text Nordend.
That huge spot is the cemetery!

The cemetry is the biggest park in town.
And a perfect area for winter walks if you get tired of
the river banks of Main.

It was opened in 1828. The cemetery is located directly adjacent to two Jewish 
cemeteries, the Old Jewish Cemetery (opened together with the Main Cemetery 
in 1828) and the New Jewish Cemetery, Frankfurt (opened in 1928), 
and together they form one of the largest cemetery areas in Germany. 
The cemetery is noted for its many monumental graves, its garden architecture 
and as the site of the graves of many notable individuals. (Wikipedia)

You can see many beautiful, old grave monuments.

Charm of eternity.

And a huge area for the fallen soldiers.
Victims of the wars.

I shall definitely do another tour here, with a guidebook
or a guided tour, as soon as they are available.
And the weather gets a bit warmer, and we have more light.
And I'll keep you posted, for sure!

This map I still have to study carefully.

Wikipedia has already listed all the notable graves:

sunnuntai 17. tammikuuta 2021

Back to FRA


Flying over the Alps.

I love my window seat. Always.

I would say that here in the middle we see Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc, meaning "white mountain") is the highest mountain in the Alps and
Western Europe, rising 4,808 m (15,774 ft) above sea level.

It kind of matches the route.
Some pilots are helpful and explain the scenery,
today unfortunately not.

Back to Frankfurt a pile of Christmas cards were waiting for us.
Yes, it is really nice to get some cards.
I like the stamps, too. Imagine, in 20 years from now
the kids probably do not know what a stamp was.

So, I am going to give up my card writing,
definitely donating the money spent on lousy postal services to charity.
Last xmas most of my cards needed 4-5 weeks (!) to arrive.

This ghostbike is in our street.

Ghost Bikes (auch: Mahnrad, Geisterrad) sind weiße Fahrräder, die als Mahnmale 
für im Straßenverkehr tödlich verunglückte Radfahrer am Unglücksort aufgestellt 
werden. Neben der Funktion als Gedenkstätte sollen sie auch 
auf mögliche Gefahrenpunkte hinweisen.

So many flowers and candles.

In November a terrible accident took place, a SUV hit three people on the 
walk way, one on a bike and two pedestrians, two died at the spot.

The Ghostbikes Frankfurt are set up by Frankfurt cyclists in private initiative. 
ADFC Frankfurt and Radentscheid Frankfurt are supporting it. 

perjantai 15. tammikuuta 2021

Inca indeed


For many Inca equal Camper (shoes).

The outlet store RECAMPER is always worth a visit.

But hello, there is much more than shopping!

There is this cool museum telling the story of shoemaking in Inca.

Your museum guide.

The languages in the museum are Catalan, Castellan (Spanish)
and Englisch. 

Aber für die Deutschen gibt es natürlich Prospekte auf Deutsch.

We were totally surprised of the set up of this museum.
Already from outside pretty cool, and the exhibition is
also done very well, modern, there is space enough,
light and ... during corona times, the air condition 
worked very efficiently, we did not take off our coats!

Here some details.

OMG Leningrad Cowboys shoes were made here as well???

Oriental and even Nordic shoes, I'd say.

Of course, Camper shoes as well.

Founded in Mallorca in 1975, Lorenzo Fluxa created Camper to 
respond to the demand for a new and fresh style of footwear. 
Camper's shoes are still designed and developed in Inca, in the rural heart 
of Mallorca. Here a young creative team work alongside artisans to create 
approximately 500 models each season.

Read more in here:

Finnisch für Anfänger:

SUUTARI = Schuster / shoemaker

Exchibitionn in the entrance hall: mascAReTes.

Artistic masks.

Another special show.

Reskate Studio presents the installation “Community”, made specifically 
by the Museum of the Footwear and the Industry from the construction 
of a dark room that allows to recreate the darkness and luminosity 
necessary to show, with photoluminescent paint, two versions of a same 
image that symbolize the two faces of the same reality.

I tell you, get your bones moving, visit the local museums!
At least in Mallorca we can do it, and it is pretty safe,
anno other visitors were in the shoe museum today
when we visited it.

Find further information here:

Well, otherwise Inca is a typical Majorcan town.
It is the third biggest town inn the island and famous
for the leather craftsmanship.

Many monuments and sculptures get lost if you visit the town
during the weekly market, on Wednesdays.

So, let's open the history books again.
Or let google do the work.
During boring corona times.

Yes also one a holiday paradise island there are problems.
Here women can search for help if the situation at
home gets too violent.

Earlier days there was a jewish colony also in Inca.

A Jewish population is known to have existed on Inca since Jaume I 
conquered Majorca in 1229, although their presence had already been 
reported by Severus, bishop of Menorca, in the 5th century.

The Jewish call can be found between Sant Francesc, Virtut, 
Can Valella, Pare Cerdà, El Call, and La Rosa streets. 

Am a bit cofused, when I check this location in my google map
it shows also a mosque in the area.

You can read more in Wikipedia:

After a cultural walk there is always some time to check the 
closest beaches, here we are:

Schelling at Muro beach.

Once the corona is gone please feel free to visit Mallorca 
in winter, there is so much to see and do.