perjantai 31. tammikuuta 2020

Rosenheim und Wendelstein

Bavaria has so much to offer.
Well, yes. 
Like Rosenheim in January. 
Actually, the sister of may friend's sister's husband 
lives in Rosenheim. That I call a reason to visit.

Pretty houses.

Pretty signs.

Same same.

Museum. Next time.



Hairdressr in ROSENheim. 

In the parking lot we saw this:
there is this German tv-series Rosenheim-Cops,
so everybody knows where Rosenheim is.
Well, have to come back again to take the tour!

And off we go, up tp the mountain!

Wendelstein (Central BavarianWendlstoa) is a 1,838-metre-high (6,030 ft) mountain 
in the Bavarian Alps in South Germany. It is part of the Mangfall Mountainsthe eastern 
part of the Bavarian Pre-Alps, and is the highest peak in the Wendelstein massif. (Wiki)

Wendelstein church.

The foundation stone of the Wendelstein Church (Wendelsteinkircherl) was laid 
on 1 July 1889 on a rocky ridge a hundred metres below the summit. 
On 20 August 1890 Germany's highest church was consecrated. It is dedicated 
to the Patrona Bavariae and is managed by the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising
as a satellite church of the parish of Maria Himmelfahrt in Brannenburg. (Wiki)

Down there: Bayrischzell.

Somewhere down there: Rosenheim.

When the rail track was built they got some guys 
from abroad. The exhibition at Wendelstein.

And back to the valley.

Happy birthday dear hubby!

torstai 30. tammikuuta 2020


Finally was able ti visit Tegernsee.
The township with the very, very many wealthy people.
Like Fussabller, like ... well, I actually do not know.
And did I see any?

The lake, Tegernsee.

Same, same but different.

In between the breweries the church.

Hey, guys reading!



It is kind of funny: Maibaum.
The thing which is the center of the celebrations
on the first of May. With traditional dances etc.
Well, on a sunny wintery it looks nice as well.

Somewhere on the way to the Spitzelsee.

Somewhere down there Schliersee.

Time for skiing!
After five years' break ... it went fine!

Perfect conditions.

Luxury: empty lifts.

Cosy lunch time.

Sunny morning? Yes, jut some for in the valley.

I tell you, fog.

Full of surprises, this Bavarian countryside.
Like this Whisky place. VERY COOL.

Check the website, as cool as the shop:

Combined with Bavarian pioneering spirit, state-of-the-art distilling and a large 
helping of passion, our SLYRS became what it is today: a true Bavarian. A drop of 
liquid gold from Lake SLYRSee. In short: a drop of home.

And the shop next door: 
Gabbage against stupidness ... or similar.

Nach Andreas Essendorfers kulinarischer Entwicklung über die letzten Jahre, 
kochen und mischen unsere Pesto-Profis nun in unserer Produktion 
in Schliersee/Neuhaus

Tomorrow more pics of further excursions.
Stay tuned.

keskiviikko 29. tammikuuta 2020

Bavarian winter holiday


Th clst thng s t wrt wtht vcls.
Cn gt hrd t ndrstnd.

Tannenhof in Bayrischzell.
BTW, I always thought that Y is a consonant in German
alphabet, so it should be shown, but in Bavaria the name 
of that village can also be spelled Bairisch. 

View from our room on my first day.

Bayrischzell is located in the Mangfallgebirge between Schliersee in the West 
and Oberaudorfin the East. It is located at the foot of Wendelstein mountain, 
at the foot of Sudelfeld and below the Sudelfeld pass. It lies at the northern exit 
of Ursprungtal. It is 23 km southeast of Miesbach, 25 km northwest of 
Kufstein, 20 km west of Oberaudorf. (Wiki knows)

Our room in the top floor of this tower.

These characteristic 3 storey buildings were constructed by Munich based 
architect Florian Nagler. One room daringly sits above the other, accessible 
by an enclosed external staircase. Plenty of light and air floods these rooms 
unhindered through the panorama doors and windows. 

A bit too much wood for my taste.

Old and new. Behind the pink doors is the kitchen.
The kitchen was great, the food was awesome.
If you did not participate in the fasting thing,
speciality of this hotel.

And then the snow came.
This lady greeted us every morning and evening, her
companion on this day escaped the snowfall.

And now we do an exploring tour down town.

Pfarrkirche St. Margareth, built in 1733.

View from the village towards Tannerhof hotel area.
No, this pic is not black and white, it is a winter scene.

More winter holiday photos to follow soon!

maanantai 27. tammikuuta 2020

Snowy images

Spending some winter days in Southern Germany is absolutely
refreshing and relaxing.
If you do not mind that internet connections are 
What a nice excuse for not posting anything for a while.

Well, here first some artsy pics.

More to follow.