lauantai 30. toukokuuta 2020

Butterflies and more


Photography is challenging.

The situation: a fantastic butterfly is so close to you.
Well, up in the pic in the middle. 
You can try to catch it by your iPhone.

These pics were taken with zoom and then still enlarged 
on computer. The butterfly is just beautiful.

Let's check how Wikipedia can help:

Papilio machaon, the Old World swallowtail, 
is a butterfly of the family Papilionidae. 
Der Schwalbenschwanz (Papilio machaon) ist ein Schmetterling 
aus der Familie der Ritterfalter (Papilionidae).

Ritariperhonen (Papilio machaon) on apollo- ja ritariperhosten 
(Papilionidae) heimoon kuuluva päiväperhoslaji. Se on yksi Suomen 
suurimmista päiväperhosista.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

PERHONEN = Schmetterling / butterfly /mariposa

RITARI = Ritter / knight /caballero

Siinä sitruunaperhonenkin kalpenee rinnalla.

Well, in this pic you first probably see the ladybug.
But I went with this picture to the garden store 
to get some more POISON.

Ladybugs do eat those aphids but we definitely needed
at least a hundred of ladybugs to take care of this aphids.
Yellow aphids. In my roses I've only seen green ones.

Poison it has to be. So far the other big oleander next to 
this one has not yet been attacked. 

Last year I bought two of these plants: caper.
Yes, those green thingies which many people either
love or hate, often in Italy.

The flowers should be magnificent ... well.
Yesterday took this pic fo the first flower.
Today it is not anymore worth photographing.
But pretty, indeed.

Fotokaappaus Wikistä.

For the time being we are not mewing our campo
so all kinds of beautiful flowers are growing there free.
A tip from my ex-colleague: these should dry easily.
So, decorated my pieces of wood, those waiting for
artistic inspiration ...

Pallenis spinosa, common names: Spiny Starwort or Spiny Golden Star, 
is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the genus Pallenis of the 
family Asteraceae. The Latin name of the genus is derived from palea (chaff), 
referring to the chaffy receptacle, while the species name spinosa, 
meaning spiny, refers to the spiny bracts surrounding the flowers.

Das Stechende Sternauge in German.

The new art gallery in Artá brings funny creatures to the street!
Opening ceremony did not happen due to corona,
let's see if doors open in July when Spain will be
welcoming foreign tourists int o the country again.

torstai 28. toukokuuta 2020

Bugs and beetles

Everybody loves roses.

And it is fun to play with the photo app, too.

These pretty creatures really suck. Yes, they suck everything
from the rose, the flower.

Cetonia aurata, called the rose chafer or the green rose chafer, is a beetle, 
20 millimetres (3⁄4 in) long, that has a metallic structurally coloured green 
and a distinct V-shaped scutellum. (Wikipedia)

These guys also do their damage, unbelievable, tiny as they are.
It is climbing up on my garden glove.

I read through a couple of webpages introducing pests for roses
and realized that my roses have at least three thingies 
attacking, eating the leaves and threatening the plants.
Let's drive to the garden center ... again ... and get some

maanantai 25. toukokuuta 2020

Quarantine views from Mallorca

Yes, we are in the second level of the quarantine.
Bars and restaurants open also indoors,
bigger shops and even shopping centers open,
and the best: the beaches are open!

But before we go to the beach:
a few pretty garden pics first!

Cactus a couple of days ago ...

... and today! 

Look at these flowers! Wow!

Update 26.5. 
Such a short joy.

On Saturday we celebrated the new tree in the garden: birch.
Immediately a friend told me that now we need a sauna, too.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KOIVU = Birke / birch

Yes, when buying wine you often, very often choose the bottle
with the most beautiful or funniest etiquette.
At least I do. And many women.

This etiquette I so cute, wanna keep it, so now the I try to get it off
with the help of water. Takes hours.

THE etiquette / update 26.5.

Another funny thing with this wine is the cork.
It is no cork, it is some kind of plastic and it is really bright green!

Well, playing again with the photo app.

Canyamel today.
Finally we are allowed to move around and also go to the beach.
Maybe in July also tourists may enter Spain.

Water level is pretty low, look at those very interesting formations.

Hotels are still are still closed.
The beach has to be cleaned and the sand spread out.

When the sand dunes are settled you can see the sea again.

But still there will be enough of those rough cliffs.

No, this is not called Corona Lady.
Maybe Quarantine Lady?
Due to Corona at least I have some time to work on stone.

This was the original stone, leftover from who knows where.
But very easy to work on.

keskiviikko 20. toukokuuta 2020

Hanging there

Hanging here, in Mallorca. 
Summer has started, 30 degrees Celsius. 
I tell you, I like it.

Hanging there, our car.
Back tyre had to be fixed, there was a screw in there!
And gutes what, that did not cost anything.
Those guys hanging there are pretty service minded.

Hanging there, the Bougainville, enjoying the heath
and hopefully inspiring me for further art works.

Hanging there, the sale as they call it here.
Next to the pool ... me hanging outside of the pool, still.,
Let's see when it keeps on getting hotter.

Hanging there was this hose as it had at least two holes
and was pretty hard to handle when twisted.
Well ... the ITE (self made) artist got an idea: himmeli.
But ... for a himmeli you normally need straight tubes.
Anyhow, let's try.

Hanging there, indeed! You have to look carefully, it is
hanging there from the tree, not really a himmeli but rather
like a chandelier. Next time I should insert some led lights
into the tubes, or similar.

Hanging there hidden in the green leaves.
If I painted it pink or orange or turquoise?
Well, let's see if my construction holds.
Hanging there.

Hm. Have still a few meters more material.
Have to try another model.

maanantai 18. toukokuuta 2020



There are four German newspapers in Mallorca and even though 
their articles are kind of easy reading they can be very informative for people 
staying on the island for longer periods. Like this about Artá:

Yesterday evening we had a night out! Yes!
Inspired by this article we booked a table at Mr. Latka's
restaurant, were lucky to Geta table as there were only three 😅.

Sitting next to the main street is quite ... challenging ...
not only the cars and noisy motorcycles but also quite many 
people going for a walk - adults allowed to do "sports" only 
after 20 hrs in Spain - passed very close to our table.
But, really, nothing to complain about.
And the food was good.

A little tour through the pueblo, here at the market square
two restaurants had opened their terraces.

And the one and only Indian restaurant, it is actually always
open, and the new bistro on the opposite side, also was
serving food and drinks on the their tiny terrace. 
Life goes on.
Next week the restaurants will be able to serve food
indoors, but with distance, meaning not that many tables.
Life goes on.
Unless the Spanish government holds the horses back again.

PS. am pretty happy with the quality of the iPhone photos.

Roses in Son Muda.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

RUUSUNEN = Dornröschen / Sleeping Beauty
LUMIKKI = Schneewittchen / Snow White

Well, the pedestrian street in Artá is often this empty
during the siesta time. In the times of corona nobody
walks here, most of the shops are closed.

Check this, the bridge on the road towards Artá, again somebody
missed the curve! Not us, do not worry.

Not only Artá is sleeping, here the usually so busy square 
Plaça de l'Orient in the neighboring village, Capdepera, 
all three restaurants are closed. What a pity. 
Hopefully they'll start business soon.

sunnuntai 17. toukokuuta 2020

Art in garden Son Muda

Finally was able to visit the wonderful garden
SON MUDA close to Felanitx.

The thing is, it is a private garden and only once a year the premises
are opened to the public. The pretty huge garden serves on that day also 
as an art gallery, local artists are invited to expose their works.
Invited are customers - Son Muda is a garden design company, too.

"Flores y Arte", only once a year.

"Schwein gehabt" as the Germans say: we were lucky! 
Because of corona virus all kinds of big gatherings are cancelled 
at the moment. So Son Muda organized a one day private tour 
happening, the owner guided us through the garden, we were the 
early birds, some other people had registrated for later hours.

One of those funny but cool sculptures.

These are newcomers in Son Muda.

Outdoor art needs outdoor materials, a lot of stone and iron is shown.

Watch out! Running animals! Noooo, not really.

Many peacocks as well, and there is always the thin line
between kitsch and art when peacocks are getting artsy.
Here the decorative birds we pretty amazing.

Oh, those handbags are soooo funny. It is such a simple idea,
just take a stone and and some iron on it ... would you think.
But the simplicity is the key idea!

Humour plays always a huge role in art.

And the location, you have know how to present your art works.
Such a perfect point of view.

Humour, I tell you, is important.

Of course, you are welcome to buy any of those exhibited art works.
Just contact Son Muda.

The pretty minimalistic home page gives you an idea
of the style and class of the garden on Son Muda.
Even if the photos are black & white.

Yes, the garden itself is also great. It is Majorcan but with
geometrical layout, surprising plant combinations,
ways through labyrinths, only white flowers. 

The woman behind the garden is interviewed here,
even if your German is not perfect have a look at the beautiful photos:

Some of the artist you can find in these websites:

Well, inspired by Son Muda or not, we got seven brothers
or seven dwarfs planted along our drive way.
Actually, this idea has been in my mind some time.
Officially: Pennisetum orientale, the oriental fountain grass.

Oho, katsokaas tätä suomenkielistä kuvausta:

Sulkahirssit eli neekerihirssit (Pennisetum) on heinäkasvien (Poaceae) 
heimoon kuuluva suku, jossa on noin 80 lajia. (Wikipedia)

Should I give those seven grass plants names?

Seitsemän veljestä (Finnish for "seven brothers") is the first and only 
novel by Aleksis Kivi, the national author of Finland, and it is widely 
regarded as the first significant novel written in Finnish and by a 
Finnish-speaking author. (Wikipedia)

Juhani – the oldest brother, also the most stubborn
Aapo – twin-brother of Tuomas, logical and peaceful
Tuomas – scrupulous, strong as a bull, although Juhani claims to be the strongest brother
Simeoni – alcoholic and the most religious brother
Timo – twin-brother of Lauri, simple and earnest
Lauri – the most solemn brother, friend of nature and a loner
Eero – the youngest brother, intelligent, clever, quarrelsome when confronted by Juhani

Lumikin seitsemän kääpiötä olivat:

Viisas, Jörö, Lystikäs, Unelias, Ujo, Nuhanenä ja Vilkas

The most common English names are:

Bashful- the shy one
Doc- leader of the group, not too good at speaking
Grumpy- always annoyed and irritated, doesn't like snow white
Happy- fat, jolly, friendly, spreading joy to everyone
Sneezy- likes to have fun, has never ending case of hay fever that makes him sneeze
Sleepy- always tired, most observant
Dopey- annoying, silly, the comic relief

You just have to google, there are quite many other options.