keskiviikko 11. maaliskuuta 2020

Finnish women in Frankfurt

This has been keeping me quite busy the last weeks:

Almost 100 Finnish abroad living women gathered in Frankfurt
on Saturday, 7.3.2020 for networking.

Networking framed with expert speakers, interesting themes,
discussions, workshops.
A full day, and really, two full nights, too.

Those arriving from further away stayed the night in Frankfurt
before the seminar day, like the participant from Oslo and
our singer-songwriter-entertainer-jazzdiva Tuija Komi.

The local organizers started working early on Saturday,
a huge table full of lottery stuff was decorated.

Suomi-Seura's goodie bags were filled with useful, informative 
and tasty gifts. 
Sooo many Finnish companies supported this gathering.

Name tags and the disinfectant - all ready ... welcome!

Säpinää ennen alkua. 
Just before the start.

Here in the middle is Vellamo, she took care of many,
many organizational things and also was the show master
during the seminar. It was a great pleasure working with her.

I tell you, we had many different themes.
Work and humor ... in Germany a tricky thing.

Career and a kid - you will survive.
Tanja from Berlin.

Very interesting, indeed.

The key thing: SISU.

Guess what my hubby will get!

Finnisch für Anfänger:

UUPUMUS = Erschöpfung / burnout

How to handle familylife abroad?

Moving and grooving before the last speech.

Tuija Komi performing at the end of the day.

Two important sponsors: Finnish-Deutsche Handelsgilde
and Little Finnland shop. 

When Finnish women get together there is guaranteed
the moment when they start singing. 
Singing loud and passionately. OMG.
But it was funny.
And you can find lyrics to all songs in the internet = mobile phone.

Jatkoille Janniksen baariin, the usual thing!

Mutta hei, katso lisää kuvia ja selostuksia netistä:

Ennemmin tai myöhemmin sinne tulee kuvakooste.
Sooner or later more pics there.

I was lucky to have these ladies in my SISU-show on Sunday,
Irene, one of the organizers and Kirsi, a speaker.

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