torstai 26. maaliskuuta 2020

Corona days going on


Staying home, of course.

Last night our friend Tuija Komi held a concert in München.
Yes, without audience. Must have been a different kind
of experience. The concert was streamed live in Facebook.

Click here to see the show in the Facebook:

And now back to the boring garden.
Here, just a young leaf.
Look at the beautiful structure.

Kuvakaappaus WIkipediasta

Lehtisuonituskuvioltaan tämä voisi olla verkkosuoninen.

I tell you, staying at home during these corona months
can become educative.
If you try to avoid all Spanish homework.

One of our palm trees.
Take a closer look ...

 ... some yellow things growing there ...

... looks like they are flowers!

Let's keep on checking, this is interesting.

Find the mistake.


Pool art.

Fence art. Fence? Well, the young sheep keep
on sticking their heads through this metal fence.

Detail of the wool.

Country living.

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