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Collapse in Casal Solleric

Casal Solleric is an exhibition hall in the Palma city center.
Absolutely top location, at the end of the pedestrian street
Passeig del Born and next to the square with the obelisk,
Plaça Del Rei Joan Carles I.

Such a pretty building, too.

Yesterday I visited this place for the very first time.

I was impressed by the beauty of this old building.

I was impressed that there were hardly any other people around.

I was impressed how much space was given to this artist,
the exhibition rooms in the first floor are huge.

I was impressed how my companion totally got confused
and hurried out of this place.

I am impressed now at home reading the text sheet
to the exhibition, how everything is explained in 
words of philosophy, physchology, referring to names like
Kafka, Gilles Deleuz, Félix Guattari, Michel Foucault, 
Marcel Duchamp, Samuel Beckett, Antonin Artraud ...

This pic is in the text sheet.

"Morey's work both critiques and embodies one of the most thorny 
and far reaching aspects of human consciousness and behavior: how we 
relate to others, as the oppressed or the oppressor."


For a visitor from the street this exhibition definitely lets you forget 
the sunny island and turquoise waters around ... There are black and 
white video installations showing extracts of kind of sad-maso action, 
there are show cases full of black and white objects from nail polish to 
... objects I do not regognize.

In the basement there is a warning sign that the exhibition
includes some sexual sceneries.
Well, it definitely does. And a lot of noise, too!

Joan Morey
COLLAPSE: Bachelor Machine
first retrospective of Joan Morey in his native Mallorca, 
born 1972 in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar.

Morey’s performances focus on concepts such as perversion, 
dependence, fear, nihilism, rebellion and tedium.

I do not know what the City of Palma wants to say
with this this very extraordinary, daring show. 
Weg von Ballermann, Pervoparties calling?
At least the entrance is free.
And there are two other, smaller exhibits running as well.

PS. I'll visit the exhibition again and take more pics!

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