perjantai 29. marraskuuta 2019

Ayurveda daheim


AYUR = Leben
VEDA = Wissen

It was a birthday present.
When people turn 60 it is quite hard to buy any presents.
But it is quite nice to spend time together.
Lucky us, we have Pia, who is an expert in ayurvedische Küche.

Pia did all the planning, shopping, chopping ...
no, with chopping we were able to help her.
It was an interactive evening.
And very informative.

Vata, Pitta, Kapha? Die Bioenergien.

Gruss aus der Küche.

Buchweizen-Naan mit Beleg.

Khichari mit Gemüse.

Gewürz-Griesbrei mit gebratenen Tonga-Bohnen-Pflaumen.

keskiviikko 27. marraskuuta 2019

Bücken für Ryggen

Ladies and Gents, another good exhibition in Schirn.

Norwegian artist.

On the occasion of Norway’s turn as Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt 
Book Fair in 2019, the SCHIRN is dedicating a major monographic 
exhibition that will provide the first in-depth insight into her oeuvre 
to the German public.

Schweden, detail.

It's advisable to read the texts.

Yes, heavy themes.

All works are large but some are even larger.

Uta's favourite? At least the colors match.
And the animals, are they foxes or horses? Dogs?

Hannah Ryggen's monu­mental tapes­tries bravely tackle 
the funda­mental issues of life in society today

Read more and watch then movie for more pics:



Hannah Ryggens gewebte Geschich­ten laden zu einem Ausstel­lungs­rund­gang 
mit Perfor­mance ein, der lyri­sche und prosai­sche Texte mit 
ausge­wähl­ten Werken der Künst­le­rin verbin­det.

Mit Mathias Znida­rec vom Staats­thea­ter Darm­stadt

Another art exhibition in Kunstverein Frankfurt.

In cooperation with Senckenberg Museum this show is actually
more museum/natural history/biology than art.

“Trees of Life – Stories for a Damaged Planet” in cooperation with the Senckenberg 
Nature Museum Frankfurt. The interdisciplinary exhibition project leads our gaze away 
from a historically informed anthropocentric worldview toward a systemic conception 
of humanity as part of the evolutionary process.

Well this is kind of ... artsy.

Unfortunately this part with the works of STUDIO DRIFT
is badly presented, these texts should be closer to the objects,
the video shown on a larger screen.
I did see Studio Dirft show in Amos Rex in Helsinki in May
and was totally fascinated, in Frankfurt there is no effort,
unfortunalety. The idea is really cool.

Check here for a good quality presentation:

Kunstverein Erdgeschoss. Nett.

Well, click here for further details:

No boring garden pics but a little bit of flowers.
Part of Saturday's table decoration.

tiistai 26. marraskuuta 2019

Schrottkunst am Mainufer

I presume this is art.
Gesehen auf dem Weg zum Oper.

Die Objekte reflektieren die Gesellschaft. ...?
Na ja, Schrott aus dem Fluss?
Wer hat's rausgefischt und hingestellt?

PS. war doch kein Kunst ... am Sonntag fotografiert,
am Montag schon weg.

sunnuntai 24. marraskuuta 2019

More art from Helsinki

And now time for the real art, better said exhibitions I visited.

But let's start with the bonus: 

This horse travelled with me to Frankfurt.
It's made by my old friend and colleague Marianne.
She is ceramic artist, also a great drawer and on top of
that also a professional gardener, mother and grand mother.

These two pics I took in May when visited her home.

All her horses are same same but different.
Totally cool, indeed.
Got interested having on e as well? Just contact me.

How lucky I was! a friend was suffering from such a bad flu,
she could not join her friend to this exhibition, so I could go!


Definitely one of the most difficult names to spell.
Absolutely not a typical Finnish name.
But Helene was Finnish. The most known Finnish female 
artist of all days. Her works were shown in the Schirn Kunsthalle
in Frankfurt 2014, too.

Some of her self-portraits. Kind of scary. 

Always worth seeing, really. Indeed.

My favourite this time.

Not very convinced about this bag design.

The exhibition describes how Helene Schjerfbeck became Helene, 
and how a talented student grew into one of the most influential artists 
in our history. The exhibition focuses specifically on Schjerfbeck’s 
years of travel, during which she stayed in Paris, Pont-Aven in northern 
France, Fiesole in Italy, and St Ives in England at the end of the 19th century.

Näyttely auki vain 26. tammikuuta 2020 asti!

This show I did not plan to see but had an hour time, why not.
With no expectations, as always, was positively surprised.

The exhibition is in the new Amos Rex show room.
Am not yet sure if I like that black and white ceiling design.

Amos Rex presents Birger Carlstedt (1907–1975) 
in an extensive exhibition that encompasses the artist’s entire career, 
all the way from his abstract experiments of the 1920s to the Concretist 
period beginning in the 1950s. The exhibition includes a reconstruction 
of the legendary café Le Chat Doré, “The Golden Cat”.

Many different styles.

Here the texts with titles are a bit confusing, I would
say badly done. But well, mistakes happen.


I like this cat.

And this guitar player.

lauantai 23. marraskuuta 2019

Helsinki art city, too.

Helsinki, in November, do I have to add anything?
Yes, I have to report the football sensation:
Finland hit Lichtenstein and is on at the EM 2020.

I did watch the match in Helsinki, it was good fun.

This is where the fans met after the match ... MANTA.

Havis Amanda is a nude female statue in Helsinki, Finland 
by the sculptor Ville Vallgren(1855–1940). The work was modelled 
in 1906 in Paris, and erected at its present location at the Market Square 
in Kaartinkaupunki in 1908. Today it is recognized as one of the most 
important and beloved pieces of art in Helsinki. (Wikipedia)

But yes, a couple of good exhibitions are running in Helsinki.

Before I do the artsy posting I'll show you some other stuff.

This could be an exhibition as well, but no,
this is the toilet area at the new city library OODI.
Of course, genre mixed.
Free booths are gray, occupied ones lighted.

Why pay high entrance fees for exhibition halls when
you have artsy ideas all around you?

Simple. Metro station!

Even from outside it looks pretty cool. The metro station.

This is the tunnel when you get out of the Metro at the
university station. How cool, indeed.

This new installation is behind the Swedish Theatre.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

USKO = Glaube / belief
TOIVO = Hoffnung / hope
RAKKAUS = Liebe / love

There is another sculpture in Stockholm and together
these two art works try to remind us the long history
of Finland and Sweden being always very close to each other.

TRO HOPP KÄRLEK ‑taideteos on osa 
Kaksi maata – yksi tulevaisuus -taidehanketta, 
joka nostaa esiin Suomen ja Ruotsin satoja vuosia 
jatkuneen läheisen suhteen.

Kaksi maata – yksi tulevaisuus ‑hankkeen tavoitteena 
on luoda kaksi pysyvää julkista taideteosta, jotka kuvastavat 
Suomen ja Ruotsin välisiä vahvoja siteitä.

When you zoom though the ring you can see the newly opened 
restaurant Alexanderplats. The food is good and let's hope that very 
soon the service personnel will be trained how to greet customers, actually, 
teach the staff that customers should be greeted, immediately when they
enter your restaurant.

Interested in celebrity chasing:

Even though I did not stay here long, I have to mention 
this location to you, too: TIEDEKULMA.
In the city center, easy to find. How cool is this then!

Think Corner offers the latest in research in the heart of the City Centre 
Campus, surrounded by the passionate young and wise seniors, in the 
living room of one of the world’s top universities. Think Corner offers spaces, 
services and events to generate new thinking and new creative energy. Doors 
and ideas are open for everyone.

Just another corner house in Helsinki, Fabianinkatu. Pretty nice.

Yes, I did go and see two Finnish movies:
"Koirat eivät käytä housuja" and "Marian paratiisi".

Toi koiraleffa on taitava mutta melko kovaa kamaa, 
ei heikkohermoisille eikä hienosteleville, kiitos Mursti seurasta.
Maria-pätkä taas yllätti positiivisesti, suosittelen kaikille.

Mika Kaurismäen Mestari Cheng ei ollut sopivaan aikaan ohjelmistossa.

Another new sculpture for me at the Kasarmintori.

The owner of the restaurant Farouge said it looks like a 
Christmas tree from her restaurant.
And yes, that restaurant I truly can recommend.

My cauliflowermeal.

The exotic, tasty and authentic Lebanese restaurant Farouge 
brought Mediterranean cuisine to Helsinki as early as 1995. 

Sitä saa mitä tilaa ... ja nyt meni kyllä enemmän kuin nappiin.
Loistava kaalilaatikko, ilman sipulia.
Mille grazie Lea!

Eikä nyt siellä Ogelissa napista yhtään, mä en vaan
musitan kuvata kaikkia makoisia aamupuuroja ja muita
herkkuja, siellä keskityttiin enemmän fudikseen!
Kiitti Murtseloille.