torstai 31. lokakuuta 2019

Manacor indeed

Manacor is the second biggest town in Mallorca.
For us it is the shopping town.
We hardly do the touristy things there,
never really had a big dinner night in Manacor.

Today, when desperately looking for a parking lot,
by chance saw this museum!

Now you can find it, too!

The opening hours are challenging, check carefully 
before you get there.

The last day in October was quite sunny,
those beautiful clouds somehow disappeared,
no rain came down.

And there I was in the garden heaven,
my favourite shop just outside of Manacor.

OMG those butterflies also love gardening stores!

Same same but different.

And the evening sun at home is pretty.


keskiviikko 30. lokakuuta 2019

Spannendes Spanien

Same, same but different. Spain.

Same sheep but new red line of their back.

Diese Pflanze heisst Erdbeerbusch und die Frucht
schmeck ... nicht wie Erdbeere. Aber gut.

In the garden same same? No!
All little plants gone, only some sheep footprints left.
Tatort Gemüsegarten!

This curious buddy in Palma is so funny, 
behind him not the same but different. 

My friend in Palma celebrated her birthday yesterday,
we had a lovely lunch in a very Spanish restaurant.
Specialized in Galician kitchen.

Huevos rots are fried eggs.
They serve fried eggs with many toppings,
like "gulas", the little fishy thingies in the pic above.
Or those blood sausages ...
Anyhow, I got a real steak!

Pavlova, special treat.
Meringe, whipped cream and berry topping. 

Wikipedia knows:

Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert 
named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.

The dessert is believed to have been created in honour of the dancer 
either during or after one of her tours to Australia and New Zealand 
in the 1920s. The nationality of its creator has been a source of argument 
between the two nations for many years.

In New Zealand they use pomegranate seeds as topping.
This is my pomegranate harvest of today.

Almost like a painting.

Same same or different?
Is this the guy who was on the wall a couple of months ago?
If yes, it still is quite little.
Detected him next to the carport, enjoying the sunny weather.

Interesting, when I touched the tree he escaped further up!
Basically could have snapped him, was wearing my gardening gloves.
But, well, not really ... 

Torrent de Canyamel this afternoon.

After the big storms the river runs through to the sea.
Normally it ends up here. 

There is an influx of fresh water to the beach via the 
‘Torrente de Canyamel’ river which runs 8-kilometres
 from the nearby ancient town of Arta.

lauantai 26. lokakuuta 2019

Indian Summer in Graubünden Alps


An Indian summer 
is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs 
in autumn in Northern America during late September to November.

Well, in Finland they call it "ruska"
Have no idea if the Swiss have their own name for it.
But I tell you, boys and girls, the Swiss Alps
really look spectacular in October sun.

Was lucky to spend a couple of days is Graubünden area
in Switzerland, close to St. Moritz.

If you ever get the chance, do travel by train,
especially take the historical route with the Rhaetian railway.

The most spectacular way to cross the Alps: the Bernina Express 
from Chur / Landquart / Davos / St. Moritz - Valposchiavo - Tirano 
links up regions with different languages and cultures. This is not a rack 
railway and the train winds its way gently through splendid scenery. 

I only took that train from Chur to Samedan,
and even there the sceneries were just wonderful.

All kinds of interesting things happening along the route,
I did not take that many pics as it was getting dark.
And I thought I'll take the same route back ...
which did not happen.

But check my posting with some winter views:

Oh yes, and we had that tv-team there, too:

Had a room with a view. Wow.

The lake view in St. Moritz.
I tell you, it is off season and most of the fancy shops
in the famous resort town were closed.
No Prada, no Gucci, no nothing! Imagine!

Well, it was quite fantastic just to drive around this area.

The mountains soon to be covered by snow.

Those amazing shades of yellow!

Larix decidua, the European larch, is a species of larch native 

to the mountains of central Europe, in the Alps and Carpathian 
Mountains as well as the Pyrenees, with disjunct lowland 
populations in northern Poland and southern Lithuania. 



The combination of those mountain tops and larch trees is not bad.

Such a perfect lunch location in Pontresina on such a sunny day:

The view from the terrace.

So let's hit the road and drive to Livigno, Italy!

Yes, yes, yellow.

But also no yellow.

Check this: skiing season in Italy has started!!!

Tuleeko runsasluminen vai lumeton talvi?
Sanontoja onkin kaksi:
- kun on paljon pihlajanmarjoja niin tulee paljon lunta
- ei pihlajat jaksa kahta taakkaa kantaa eli vähän lunta

Tax free shopping paradise next to the skiing areas.

Livigno presents visitors with A UNIQUE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE

 undisturbed by traffic, in the outdoors and surrounded by mountains. 

Well, all kinds of quality shops ... this sound funny but:

The word bimbo derives itself from the Italian bimbo,
a masculine-gender term that means "(male) baby" 
or "young (male) child" 
(the feminine form of the Italian word is bimba). 
Just ask Wikipedia.

So this is how the skiing slopes look like without snow.

Cannot remember how the roads were in winter when
we last time travelled to Livigno by bus.

Who cares about the roads ...! Ms Z loves us anyway.
Thanks, grazie for your hospitality dear L family!

On my way back. By train.

Empty train.

Getting greener, the scenery.

Swiss cows. 

Check those horns!

This is Switzerland.

And it's pretty hard to avoid the reflexions of the camera.
This Walensee is quite impressive.

Wow, did not see that graffity when taking the pic
of Lake Zürich!

Next time maybe more time close to Zürich!