torstai 30. toukokuuta 2019

Flashback Oporto kulinarisch


I tell you, Oporto is all about port wine and sardines.



Just name it, seafood.

Wine tasting.

Guided tour through the cellars of Ferreira.

Mrs. Ferreira.

Streetview from the port wine riverside.
Including the red mail box where I dropped the postcards.
None of them has reached their destination until now,
post really needs a loooong time nowadays!

Nice snack, seeds of lupine (?).

A must for all Porto visitors.

Seen in the market hall.

Seen at the seaside: sangria!

Visit to the AVELEDA winery.

First we had to take a local train, how exciting was that then!

The train departed from this beautiful train station: São Bento.

This family owned vineyard really has a nice setup.

Colorful staff.

Part of the deal was a tour through the wonderful, old garden.

The garden was like entering a fairytale.

A quick look into the "cellar".

Oh, the tasting hall was just for us four ...? Well for some time.

As you can see, our tasting deal began with a sparkling wine
and then, of course some port, with cheese and crackers.

Check for more details here:

And nata. Pastel de nata. 
Portuguese custar tart. A must in Portugal.

Here the recipe (in Portugeis) sung by the Finnish artist AINO VENNA:

tiistai 28. toukokuuta 2019

Flashback Oporto Art

Let's see the artsy side of Porto.

Seen in a shop.

Seen next to a church.

Seen close to the river.

Seen even closer to the river.

Electricity box.

Another electricity box.

Street art.

Fishy art.

Electricity box.

Soap art.

Electricity box.

Street art? Just bench.

Just a balcony.

And now to real art.

Serralves Museum

The Serralves Museum is the foremost museum for contemporary art 
in Portugal, uniquely sited in the grounds of the Serralves Estate, which also 
comprises a Park and a Villa. Through its collection, temporary exhibitions, 
performance, education and public programmes, publishing initiatives, and 
national and international collaborations, the Museum fosters the understanding 
and appreciation of contemporary art and culture.

A museum really worth a visit or two,
architecturally cool, sifted in a big park.
Exhibitions for all tastes.


This Portuguese artist really has ... ideas! Funny, indeed.

It is made of plastic cutlery. Really. Yes, indeed.

From the side - it is hanging and turning.

The Portuguese heart? 

Portuguese jewelry has a strong religious inspiration, and the Heart of Viana 
is no exception. This design, which is currently used as a symbol of the 
city of Viana do Castelo, arose in Portugal with the cult of the Sacred Heart 
of Jesus at the end of the century. XVIII. The cornucopias at the top of the Heart 
are a stylization of the flames that spring from this symbol.

The artist Joana Vasconcelos really uses everyday design
for her art. Here they also move, steam comes out.

Of course, Maria is not missing.
Packed in a little transporter car.

In the park of the museum there is also this interesting villa,
a huge, pink, empty building.

Back to down town Porto.

Wall decoration.

Oderazzi's artsy Porto.

One door.

Seen in a shop. A very cool, nice, colorful shop.

Read the story of Burel:

Pergola de Foz at the Atlantic.

Rumor has it that this Pergola was built after the mayors wife (in 1930) 
went to Nice (France) and took a walk down the “Promenade des Anglais”. 
She enjoyed it so much and liked the strutter so much that she sketched it 
and asked her husband to built one in Porto

Shop corner.

The next flashback includes the culinary part of our trip.