tiistai 30. huhtikuuta 2019

Sydamellistä vappua


Vappuaatto Oportossa.
Vapusta ei tietoakaan.
Kierros kaupungin länsilaitamilla oli antoisa.
Mercado de Foz oli viehättävä lounaspaikka.
Serralvesin taidemuseokompleksi upea kokemus.

Coração independente vermelho (Red independent heart) (2005)
Joana Vasconcelos.
Heart made of plastic cutlery. Yes! Cutlery. Funny and very well made.

The oldest filigree pieces discovered in the Iberian Peninsula date 
back to 2000 - 2500 BC. These pieces possibly belonged to merchants 
and navigators originally from the Middle East and are not thought to have 
been produced in the region at that time. In the 8th century, filigree began 
being produced in Portugal. It happened with the arrival of the Arab population, 
who also brought new patterns. With time, the peninsula began to produce different
 filigree patterns, but while in Spain the filigree jewelry-making tradition became 
less relevant, in Portugal it was perfected. After the 18th century, the Portuguese 
Filigree already had its own distinctive imaginary, motives and shapes.


Portuguese jewellery has a strong religious inspiration, and 
the Heart of Viana is no exception. This design, which is currently used 
as a symbol of the city of Viana do Castelo, arose in Portugal with the cult 
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the end of the century. XVIII. 
The cornucopias at the top of the Heart are a stylisation of the flames 
that spring from this sacred symbol.

The Heart of Viana soon became an icon and emotional heritage 
of Portugal and of the Portuguese art of filigree. For those who own it, 
the Heart Of Viana is a symbol of honesty and generosity.
Check for more jewelry info here:


Pretty amazing, the works of 
Joanna Vasconcelos 
in the Fundação de Serralves.

More pics to follow.
Until then, click for further info here:

maanantai 29. huhtikuuta 2019

Travel plans

New plans, new destinations.

Danke Tartaruga für deine exzellente Reisetipps.
Next trip takes the girls to the port wine area.

Hyvin suunniteltu on puoliksi tehty.
A Finnish proverb: Well planned is half done.

Frankfurt? Yes, Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Berkersheim.
How many horses can you find in the pic?

My friends were on Canary Islands in March,
the postcard was stamped on the 21st of March.
It arrived to us on the 24th of April.
Really? Really.

I definitely have to test how long postcards
need from Portugal to some European countries.
Basically I have already lost my confidence in the 
traditional post, in all countries, parcels take ages, 
European postcards are detoured to Philippines,
do not want to know how many standard letters
never reach their destination.

Well, let's think positive.
The rain and hails came down in Frankfurt already on Saturday.
Let's hope that tomorrow, on the Finnish spring carnival
the weather will be fine.

maanantai 22. huhtikuuta 2019

Sunshine Easter


Lucky us! 
Easter in Frankfurt, what a perfect choice.
The weather is perfect, sunny, warm.

This year the olive tree was the place to hang the Easter eggs.
The old ones.

European Central Bank. Reflexion view.

Behind the ECB there is a large sports area.
That is where you do your "Spaziergang".

Watch the youngster do their jumps.

Jumps and whatever.

Some girls can do it!

Artistic view.

People sunbathing at the river Main.
Good Friday 2019.

Easter Saturday walking and shopping tour in Frankfurt,
including the "Stolpersteine" in Ostend.

A Stolperstein 
( literally "stumbling stone", metaphorically a "stumbling block")
 is a sett-size, 10 by 10 centimetres (3.9 in × 3.9 in) concrete cube 
bearing a brass plate inscribed with the name and life dates of victims 
of Nazi extermination or persecution.

Read more in Wikipedia:

Saturday was the Family Day.
Hubby's bros from HAM and SCN with families
came to us and we had some quality time together.

And please note the bare feet: we do have summer right now

I tell you: SUMMER!

Our artistic Sunday challenge was the Pouring.

Well, we mixed the acrylic colors and the oils and ... well ...

Very nice experiment.

Quite a messy experiment!

Partly we could get the real pouring effect.

Of course, there was a very "formal" vernissage as well.

Also very artsy. 
Supporters of the screens.

Easter Sunday evening in Eastend.

Frankfurt am Main April 2019.

perjantai 19. huhtikuuta 2019

Oh happy day!


Sorry my English speaking fans, but this has to be published:

Und es hat geholfen, Eintracht siegte 2-0!

Die Eintracht steht nach einem 2:0 (1:0)-Erfolg über Benfica Lissabon 
im Halbfinale der Europa League.

Eintracht Frankfurt steht im Halbfinale der Europa League: 
Die Hessen setzten sich trotz der Hinspiel-Pleite im Viertelfinale 
gegen Benfica Lissabon durch und dürfen sich nun auf zwei Feiertage 
im Duell mit dem FC Chelsea freuen.

Well, just a soccer match ...?
Not really, the following matches effect our travel plans.
Or travel plans of my hubby.
Next matches on 2.5. in London and on 9.5. in Frankfurt.
That is a note for me.

keskiviikko 17. huhtikuuta 2019



And now this is Christmas ... NO NO NO!

This is our Acacia dealbata (known also as silver wattle, blue wattle or mimosa)
In German Silber-Akazie.
Unfortunately taken over by some sucking family.

Our garden shop lady said it is cochinilla.
Well, it really is Icerya purchasi, common name: cottony cushion scale.
Wollschildlaus in German.

This scale infests twigs and branches. The mature hermaphrodite is oval in shape, reddish-brown 
with black hairs, 5 mm long. When mature, the insect remains stationary, attaches itself to the 
plant by waxy secretions, and produces a white egg sac in grooves, by extrusion, in the body 

encases hundreds of red eggs. The egg sac will grow to be two to three times as long as 
the body.
 Newly hatched nymphs are the primary dispersal stage, with dispersion known to occur by 
wind and by crawling. Early stage nymphs feed from the midrib veins of leaves and small twigs, and 
do the bulk of the damage. At each molt, they leave at the old feeding point the former skin and the waxy
 secretions in which they had covered themselves and from which their common name is derived. Unlike 
many other scale insects, they retain legs and a limited mobility in all life stages. Older nymphs migrate 
to larger twigs and eventually as adults to branches and the trunk. Their life cycle is highly temperature 
dependent, as the length of time in each stage of life is longer in cold temperatures than high temperatures.

OMG, nymphs and stuff killing our tree!

Well, first I cut off all the badly conquered branches,
and then sprayed almost a full bottle of poison.
Let's see if that was of any help.

BTW Did you that you can get the red colour Karmin
out of "Schildläuse"?

Karminsäure kommt in der Natur in verschiedenen Schildläusen, 
wie z. B. der Cochenilleschildlaus (Dactylopius coccus C.) vor und dient 
dem Insekt der Abwehr von Fressfeinden. 
Aus 1 kg getrockneten Cochenilleschildläusen erhält man etwa 50 g Karmin.
(Wikipedia, what else)

Let's hope we'll have a beautifully flourishing tree
next springtime again.

And those bad leaves and braches, as well from the orange tree,
you just have to burn.

Also in the evenings you can enjoy the garden,
like here the three first strelizias.

perjantai 12. huhtikuuta 2019


Remember folks when I reported of a huge hotel 
 in Canyamel in August 2018:

Well, yesterday the artist, Gustavo, turned 80 years old.
Today there was the vernissage in Cala Ratjada to honour his work.
Of course, Oderazzi was on spot.

Born 11.4.1939 in Cartagena, Spain.

The birthday cake!

Very colourful.

Jedes Bild erzählt eine oft witzige Geschichte. Wie hier:

Gruppe von Anwälten aus guter Familie und von 
Phantastischer Demut ist entspannt bevor sie einen 
schwarzen Reis auf dem Grundstück eines Politikers zubereitet.

Yes, sculptures as well.

GUSTAVO sculptures
along the promenade in between Son Moll and Cala Ratjada.

Yes, yes, you've seen already one of them!

In the exhibition also many drawings.

And posters, from his Berlin times.

And there he is, the artist, the second male from the left, 
wearing a reddish jacket.

Go and see the exhibition, with an interesting film, too.

Running until 30.9.2019
Mon-Fri 10:30-13:00 / 18:00-20:00
Sat, Sun, holidays 11:00-13:00 (wow, two hours ...)

... or click click click: