sunnuntai 31. maaliskuuta 2019

Hamburger Harmonie

Finally we visited the famous
Elphilharmonie in Hamburg.
Amazing building.

Here just a glimpse.

The Elbphilharmonie is a total work of art: 
it combines innovative architecture with an exceptional location, 
outstanding acoustics and a visionary concert programme.

Check more in here:

Westin Hotel has cool views over the harbor of Hamburg.

Through interesting window design.

Surprising curves.

Nüchtern, sehr nüchtern, sehr deutsch. Hamburg. Hafencity.
But only one view, Hafencity has also very charming sides.

"Elbie's" shadows are tall.

The yellow building on the other side of Elbe
is the musical theatre for "Lion King".
In German language: König der Löwen.

The concert hall is pretty amazing as well.

During the intermission we climbed as his up as we could.
Amazing again, the views, the height.
And the acoustics, of course, very good.

BTW, the orchestra was big, even with two harps!

BEJUN MEHTA - Countertenor
NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester
Damen des NDR CHORES

Strawinsky - Debussy - Sir Benjamin - Skrjabin

If you have chance, visit Elbie.

Ja tässä matkalukemiseni, nopealukuinen,
monisäikeinen, ajankohtainen ja takautuva.
Perhekohtaloita Pohjanmaalta, Peräseinäjoelta ...

Tykkäsin tyylistä. 
Silti lopussa tuli niin sekava olo,
että piti aloittaa heti alusta ja monta juttua 
loksahti vasta sitten paikalleen.

Tämä etuotsalohkoteoria on myös mielenkiintoinen.

Kirja on taas pian lainattavissa Frankun
suomalaisen seurakunnan kirjastosta, 
koitan ehtiä palauttamaan sen nyt heti keskiviikkona.

keskiviikko 27. maaliskuuta 2019

Flea market and other boring joys of life

On Majorca there is a flea market every Sunday in the little town of Consell.

The selection is quite large, from real antique sold in solid buildings
most of the sellers spread their stuff on the earth.

I did make a very good deal, found a mariskooli for only 8€.
It was so dusty that it was obvious that the previous owner
never used it, so it was time to go.
Hello, those bowls cost at least 25€ when on special sale,
normal price is nowadays ca. 45€.

By now dear friends you must know the Finnish company marimekko.
Known by their colorful prints from the 70s and some ageless design
objects they also keep up with modern fashion.
One of the most loved objects still is the mariskooli,
a glass bowl, in many colours.

The vibrant Marskooli bowls have been in production since the 1960s 
but it was only after Marimekko founder, Armi Ratia used them at one of her 
famous garden parties that the bowls became much sought after. 
Suitable for serving or display, 

These boring objects were not for sale in the flee market,
and definitely have nothing to do with Finnish design,
they are my first trials with the chainsaw.
My guru said: oh, you have changed your style.
Well, have to get used to that fast rotating chain!

Chain break in Canyamel.

A dead crab underwater on the beach.

Actually so.

Another one.

And what is this? Do not know, but took it with me.

Slightly bigger than an egg. Very hard.
Wonder how loud my female visitors would scream
if I glued it next to the bathroom mirror, or so!

And now to the boring garden pics.

Quittenbaum ready to bloom.

These charming flowers cover two trees in the garden,
but which tree is it? Tell me if you know the name.
Late in the autumn the tree is full of red berries.

One of my favourite spring bloomers.

And the first strelizia! 
Guess what is called in Spanish: estrelitzia.
Like: Spain - España, special - especial, style - estilo, stupid - estúpido
and many more!

Finnisch für Anfänger:

IKÄVYSTYTTÄVÄ = langweilig / boring
TYLSÄ = langweilig + unscharf / boring + dull 

And have you hear this:


Der Poetry-Slammer Henrik Szanto hat den Preis für den 
"Ungewöhnlichsten Buchtitel des Jahres" gewonnen. Er wurde auf 
der Leipziger Buchmesse für seine Textsammlung "Es hat 18 Buchstaben 
und neun davon sind Ypsilons" ausgezeichnet.

"Ich bin halb Finne und halb Ungar", erklärte Szanto den Hang zu Ypsilons. 
Das Wort mit den vielen Ypsilons gebe es wirklich. "Hyppytyynytyydytys" 
sei ein Kunstwort, das im Finnischen die Freude bezeichnet, die man empfindet, 
wenn man auf Kissen herumspringt.

Kiitos Kirsi vinkistä.

That long word might seem impossible in other languages but
in the Finnish language Y is a vowel, 
so no problem by pronunciation.

like a in father

like e in get

like ee in flee

like o in order

like oo in moon

like German ü; similar to ew in few but with lips rounded (transcribed uu)

like a in cat

like German ö; similar to e in her (transcribed eu)

And yes, the last alphabet is Ö.

maanantai 25. maaliskuuta 2019

Palms in Palma

Spent a day in Palma with my friend from Luxembourg.

View from our hotel towards Molinar.

Hm, the view towards down town ...
that is the roof of the new administrative building,
very modern architecture ... hm, I did not make a pic, so sorry.
Just the roof.

There is a sandy beach almost on the opposite side of the hotel.

From the beach bar you can admire big boats.

And smaller ones, some kind of regatta going on.

Thanks Helena, it was such a nice day in Palma.
What did we see ... well, a couple of nice shops,
interior decoration etc.

But of course we could not miss the touristy thingies ...
... kind of like this pic!

Never noticed this lady around the corner.
Means: next to the cathedral.

Calder. Really? YES!

Dating from 1931, Calder's sculptures of discrete movable parts powered 
by motors were christened "mobiles" by Marcel Duchamp, a French pun 
meaning both "motion" and "motive". However, Calder found that the motorized 
works sometimes became monotonous in their prescribed movements. His 
solution, arrived at by 1932, was hanging sculptures that derived their motion 
from touch or air currents. They were followed in 1934 by outdoor pieces which 
were set in motion by the open air. (Wikipedia)

This is not a good pic but it is Oderazzi's "Geheimtipp".
Afternoon drinks in the sunny bar of the museum of modern art.

Check the beautiful buildings in Palma.

Check the side streets in the old town.

Check the balconies.

Yes, check also the palm trees in Palma.

Sometimes it is totally interesting to walk.
New perspectives.

Another "Geheimtipp"!
This newly opened restaurant in Molinar
is run by a trio where one owner is half Finnish.
Do you really need any better recommendation ...?!
Well, the food was also excellent.


After the long weekend with visitors
it was time to take care of our garden.

torstai 21. maaliskuuta 2019

Cool spring on the island

Never mind the wind and rain.
It is March in Majorca.

Friends are arriving by early flight, so coffee is ready.
Welcome to DAR AHLAM!

Amazing shopping tour in Artá, not just bags and shoes,
but also a folding walking strick!

Windy touristy moments at Sant Salvador.

Charming views at Cala Cat.

Stormy sea!

Gustavo's sculpture decorating the promenade of Cala Ratjada.

Time for ... for .., 

No holiday on Majora with our sangria!
And the driver got an alcohol free Caipirinha.

Summer is coming ... soon!