keskiviikko 28. marraskuuta 2018

Berlin Biogas Bryggeri

There are always millions of reasons to visit Berlin.
One of the reasons: the Finish Beer restaurant

Situated in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg.

Serving beer, of course, but also some odd things like ...
... Finnish wine!!!
Next time I'll have to taste it.

Innovative ideas.

Website still under construction but facebook functions:

tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2018

Open doors at radio x

Once a year you can visit the studios of radio x in Frankfurt.
That is the radio station where we Finns do our SISU show
every Sunday from 11 to 12 hours.

On this Saturday the red light was on
but everybody could pop in to the studio where live 
program was going on.

Meeting and greeting and cake eating.

Kleine Spende für das Radio mit grossen Programmen.

Interviews with audience.

Ein Moderator, drei Programme.

Finnish sweets!

radio x - Das Stadtradio in Frankfurt am Main
werbefrei, unabhängig, eigenständig, leidenschaftlich!

Seit 1997 ist radio x täglich 24 Stunden on air. 
Eine Radiostation ohne Chefredakteure, ohne Einschaltquoten und ohne Werbung. 
Der Betrieb läuft, und läuft und läuft...

Rund 400 Bürger/innen aus Frankfurt, Offenbach und Umgebung, 
zusammengeschlossen in rund 90 unabhängigen Redaktionen
gestalten ein abwechslungsreiches Programm 
abseits des Mainstream.

Das Spektrum der Beiträge reicht von Musiksendungen unterschiedlichster 
Genres, Live Musik und DJ- Sessions bis hin zu experimentellen 
Klangcollagen. Dazu bietet radio x täglich aktuelle, lokale Veranstaltungshinweise, 
medienpädagogische Sendungen von und für Kinder, Stadtteilradio, 
fremdsprachige Sendungen, Magazine zu Themen aus Kunst, Kultur, 
Politik, Wissenschaft, Literatur, Theater, Kino und vielem mehr.

torstai 22. marraskuuta 2018

Unfinished church in Son Servera


Once a year a real party place, during the night of the arts.
Otherwise a tourist attraction.
Sometimes a scenery for a wedding.

There is an indoor chapel, as well.

The most important dates.

Charming, kind of.

The Esglesia Nova (New Church), on the street of Carrer de les Creus, 
is an unfinished work in the neo-Gothic style that was designed by a student 
of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Construction began in 1906, with 
the whole village helping out; however, a lack of resources brought this 
ambitious project to a halt and, in 1931, works were stopped, leaving the building 
in its current state. It is now used for cultural events.

Der Bau der Kirche begann im Jahr 1905. 
Als Architekt war Joan Rubió, ein Schüler Antoni Gaudís tätig. 
Die Kirche entstand im neogotischen Stil. Wegen Finanzierungsproblemen 
blieb die Kirche unvollendet. Die Bauarbeiten wurden in den 1930er Jahren 
eingestellt. Es entstanden zu einem großen Teil die Außenmauern inklusive 
der Fenster und Rosetten. Insbesondere das Dach wurde jedoch nicht fertiggestellt.

View from the senior citizens' center.
What did I do there?
Admired the view tot he church, on the way back to our car.

Strelizien in Cala Ratjada.

maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2018

The rain in Spain falls mainly ... on Mallorca

In October Mallorca's North was hit by a heavy storm.
Today we agin had hours of rainfall.

The field of our neighbour was again becoming a lake!
He was not amused.

We just had a little lake after the rain.

But some roads were cut again. And the local police 
gave instructions to have your mobile loaded
and have y lot of petrol in your car, if on the road.
And do avoid bridges, do not park under trees,
or next to billboards etc.

Let's cherish the rainy days with some garden products!

And some gourmet dining!
HK Bleu its best!

Rakkaalla lapsella on monta nimeä. HK:n sininen tunnetaan 
myös esimerkiksi HK:n Blöönä ja Suomen suosituimpana kasviksena. 
Se on ollut suomalaisten suosikki jo pitkään. Onhan lenkki jo yli viisikymppinen.

sunnuntai 18. marraskuuta 2018

Sunday school for dogs

Today I missed the live SISU-radio broadcast
as I followed my friend Shizu and his lady to the school.
Training for dogs in Porto Cristo.

Sounds like Sisu.
And here some further pals getting training.
All sizes, all ages, all characters.

Training in groups, getting to know new dogs?
No, learning to ignore other dogs. Or similar.

Drinks afterwards.

Owners needed cigarets.

Click for further info here:

BTW, my neighbours look happy, maybe because 
their feet are not bound together! 

lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2018

Canyamel beach

Time for some boring beach pics from Canyamel, Mallorca.

The ugliest hotel ever getting a face lift.
November, the ultimate building/renovating month.

Sunny morning.

After the storm in October the beach is still pretty full of drift wood.

Makes the boring beach-waves-cliffs pics a bit more interesting.

Sun reflecting water has its charm.

And the shadows.

That was some power of nature that hit Canyamel in October.

Could be an abstract painting.

My favorite pic today.

As promised by the weather report the rain came from the East.

More abstract painting ideas.

Mediterranean view. Even with the clouds.

November colours.

Der Strand liegt im Gemeindegebiet von Capdepera in einem Naturschutzgebiet.
 Er ist 300 Meter lang und im Mittel 80 Meter breit, dabei flach abfallend und 
somit auch sehr gut für Kleinkinder geeignet. Während der Hauptsaison 
findet der Strand nicht zuletzt wegen der guten Erreichbarkeit über die 
ausgebauten Straße von Artà bzw. Capdepera aus regen Besuch, ohne 
dass der Strand übervoll wirkt. Mallorcas größte Tropfsteinhöhlen, 
die Coves d’Artà, sind innerhalb von zehn Minuten zu Fuß gut erreichbar.

Catch of the day.
Waiting for the fantastic ideas of my DIY projects.

torstai 15. marraskuuta 2018

Alt oder zu alt? Age matters


Another year older but not necessarily wiser.
Thanks S for this nice gift.

The question is: when are you too old?
 Like this fig, definitely too old, but still hanging ...

Back to Artá, Mallorca.
Street closed due to forestry works.

Old point trees have to go, got too dangerous.

I wonder if they'll plant new ones.

Or if they just make this parking lot a bit bigger.

OMG, so much wood ... if I only could get one of those trunks.
I did ask one of the workers, he said all the wood
will probably be burned at the st Antoni fiesta.

Another one hits the dust ...
There is a guy operating the chain saw and little by little
the tree is gone.

Bye bye pine trees!

But hello!
Another visitor in our garden, what a cool colouring.

Camouflage okay.

Size? BIG!

And the ants. Yes, they seem to love our wifi connection gadget.

November greetings from Mallorca!
Strawberry tree going on strong.
Arbutus unedo.