keskiviikko 29. elokuuta 2018


Here some things which caught my eye in Finland.

Many toilets are shared.

Finns love candies, here one candy shop in Big Apple shopping center.

Candy selection in a cinema.
Finns, also adults love candy!

I do not think that these guys eat all the candies,
it is just the traditional dresses they wear that make them looks big.

When I was a kid we used to call them "mustalaiset",
today that is absolutely politically incorrect,
today they are called "romanit".

The Finnish Kale 

(Romani: Kàlo; Swedish: Kalé; Finnish: Kaale, 
also Suomen romanit "Finnish Romani") 
are a group of the Romani people who live primarily in Finland and Sweden.

Romaninaisen puku on saanut mallinsa valtaväestön naisen kansanpuvusta. 
Romaninaiset pukeutuivat puseroineen, hameineen ja esiliinoineen suunnilleen 
samalla lailla valtaväestön naisten kanssa 1800-luvun lopulle saakka. 
Romaninaisten pukeutuminen on aikojen saatossa ja vaurastumisen myötä 
muuttunut yhä koreammaksi. Nykyisin useimmat romaninaiset pukeutuvat paljetein 
ja kultanauhoin koristeltuun röyhelöiseen puseroon ja erityiseen romanihameeseen. 
Paksusta mustasta sametista valmistettava hame on varsin pitkä ja leveä, 
sekä nousee vyötäröllä varsin korkealle.

Ulla Jokisalo, artist.

The eye is very often present.

And the needle.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

SILMÄ = Auge / eye
SILMÄNEULA =  Nadel / needle 

Woven eye in Ulla Jokisalo's work.

This is not a retrospective exhibition, however, but a new kind of 
artistic configuration based on a dialogue between older 
collection works and recent ones produced specifically for this show. 
The exhibition includes about 60 works completed in 2018.

Näyttely jatkuu ensi vuoteen asti: 27.1.2019.

What also caught my eye: a wonderful Finnish stamp!
You  know, of course, that swan is the national bird of Finland.

Not only Ulla Jokisalo has the eye in her art,
the British artist Grayson Perry had some magic works with eyes.
His exhibition in Kiasma Art Gallery is worth seeing. 

The eye.

Yes, many eyes.

The artist has made those "pots" himself.
And decorated them as well - wonderful.
Pretty amazing. 

Kind of fancy those decorations of the pots.

Vain syyskuun toiseen päivään asti Kiasmassa,
jengit menkää ihmeessä ihmettelemään,
ja katsokaa se videohaastattelu kanssa.

Just a detail.

Storytelling ... who has woven these huge things?
Who could tell?

Yes, I also did visit the exhibition in Taidehalli
showing David Hockney, but no photos allowed.

tiistai 28. elokuuta 2018

Kotka Kotkasta Kotkaan


Finnisch für Anfänger:

KOTKA = Adler / eagle

Kotka is a city and municipality of Finland.

Kotka is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland at the mouth of Kymi River 
and it is part of the Kymenlaakso region in southern Finland. 
The city has a population of 53,730 (31 August 2017) and 
covers an area of 949.77 square kilometres (366.71 sq mi) 
of which 678.45 km2 (261.95 sq mi) is water. 
The population density is 198.05 inhabitants per square kilometre (512.9/sq mi). 
The city centre of Kotka is located at Kotkansaari island.

Yes, Oderazzi did a short visit to Kotka.
Because there was a concert in Pyhtää,
which is located 15 minutes from Kotka.

Oh my, Kairo was closed, they are renovating.
Why Kairo?
My dear friends spent 1,5 years in Cairo (Egypt) ages ago
and this was kind of a pilgrim tour ...
Well, closed is closed.

Banging, screaming and crying does not help.
Closed is closed.


No food, no drinks but culture:
Maritime Centre.
This was like BIG.
Awesome exhibition, you actually need two days to 
study all the stuff that is exhibited.

SISU and much more.

A very special and funny exhibition.

Like tits and nuts.

The meaning of the dogs.

Other sights in Kotka have to wait,
our plan was to get to Pyhtää on time
for a jazz concert where the grand maestro
Eero Koivistoinen played with his quartet.

The concert took place in this absolutely cosy upstairs
location of an old cow house ... Timo Teippi is the company downstairs.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

NAVETTA = Kuhstall / cowshed

The band.

The arm of the pianist.

The local Puro Quartet did the warm up and the finals.
And yes, the Finns danced!

Not really. My very inspiring, motivating and funny friend
Marit Hohtokari is involved in developing this area around Kotka.

Lue tästä linkistä lisätiedot projektista.
Lapinjärvi, Strömfors ja paljon muuta.
Kotkan seutua markkinoidaan nyt meiningillä.

Tai tsekkaa Maritin kotisivut.

"joskus voi olla liian aikaista, mutta koskaan ei ole 
liian myöhäistä aloittaa uutta ja kiinnostavaa"

lauantai 25. elokuuta 2018

Artsy HEL in August

Helsinki has sooooo much to offer,
if you are interested in arts.

Ulla Jokisalo.


Vuoden taiteilija Antrei Hartikainen.

New art museum to open 30.8.2018.

Grayson Perry ONLY until 2.9.2018!

More details and texts to follow.

perjantai 24. elokuuta 2018

Human Net


Helsingin juhlaviikot 2018

Night of the Arts peaks with the Spanish collective 
La Fura dels Baus’ Human Net, 
consisting of over 40 daredevils from Helsinki. 

The work is created by the flowing movement of people forming different 
shapes while hanging from a tall crane. The hypnotic aerial choreography, 
pulsating to live music and lights as darkness falls, is a joint effort by 
the people of Helsinki and La Fura dels Baus, which takes our thoughts 
deeper into humanity: one may see, for example, chromosome chains 
or neural networks carrying messages from cell to cell.