perjantai 23. maaliskuuta 2018



First a glimpse of the old times in the newly opened historical museum.

In 1848 or so ... so many pretty little houses.

After the WWII.

Total destruction.

After the war, before the post modern wave in Frankfurt
 the brutalist buildings from the 70es dominated the old town.

Historical Museum (on the right behind the small church) and 
the "Technisches Rathaus" (the three towers on the left)
are both gone today.
Come and see the new down town in Frankfurt!

is a light installation happening: 
Biennial for Light Art and Urban Design
 in Frankfurt and Offenbach every two years.

Showing light installations all over the city.
Unfortunately only over six evenings.
And this year the weather has been so bloody cold
that people hesitate to leave their warm homes.
You did read my posting about TAKATALVI, did you?


Finnisch für Anfänger:

LUMI = Schnee / snow

On Wed evening the air was clear.

Below some pics of Römer, Frankfurt City Hall building.

No wall needed for this image.

It was pretty funny, people getting pretty colorful as well.
And yes, there was background  music as well.

Check here for more information:

Similar light exhibition took place in Helsinki
in January under the name of LUX HELSINKI.

keskiviikko 21. maaliskuuta 2018

William who?

This evening there is a big opening night
in the Liebieghaus sculpture museum
presenting South African artist
William Kentridge.
Was lucky to participate the press opening this noon.

Dr. Demandt, Director of Liebieghaus (and Städel and Schirn) getting ready.

The artist, Mr. William Kentridge.

The Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung presents a very special guest: 
William Kentridge (b. 1955) brings his works into dialogue with 
the collection of the Frankfurt museum, which spans five thousand years. 
Conceived as a comprehensive exhibition showing over eighty works and installations, 
“William Kentridge. O Sentimental Machine” exemplifies the whole range 
of the South African artist’s oeuvre. Kentridge has made an international name 
for himself with his drawings, films, and theatre and opera productions.

And check in Wikipedia:

William Kentridge (born 28 April 1955) is a South African artist 
best known for his prints, drawings, and animated films. 

After the press conference there was the possibility
to take pics of the exhibition makers,
from the left Dr. Demandt, Mr. Kentridge, 
Kuratoren Mrs. Schrader and Prof. Dr. Brinkmann.

And the art?
Well, very interesting indeed.

The artist can be seen in most of the videos.

PS. Kentridge is using a lot of book pages for his art.

See the Singer machines moving in my Facebook account.

Two Swedish guys still fixing the coffee machine installation.

As you can see, it is a mixture of old and new.
Jeff Koons was shown in Liebieghaus as well.

The William Kentridge exhibition is all over the Liebieghaus,
please do walk up to the tower, the rooms there are charming
and the views all over Frankfurt fascinating.

These digitorials are excellent ways to prepare yourself:

Foto: oderazzi

tiistai 20. maaliskuuta 2018

Jil and Afganistan

People, MAK in Frankfurt is still showing

A very special show honoring the German designer

With her decision to exhibit her work at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt/Main, 
Jil Sander has turned her attention to the past. This
is quite a new experience for someone
 who has always preferred the up-and-coming. After an eighteen months long, intensive 
involvement of the designer, the exhibition opens as a multimedia spectacle, 
combining architecture, colour, light, film, sound, text, photography, fashion and art 
in dynamic spatial compositions. As such, the exhibition is less a retrospective 
overview than a fresh interpretation of the Jil Sander spirit and its aesthetics.

It is quite interesting that the company logo has remained
the same through all those years.
Perfect font decision: Futura No 2 ExtraBold.

Well, her original name is: Heidemarie Jilin Sander.
I am kind of a font follower, interested in fonts.
So, made a test: how would my name look like
when using this timeless font?
Honestly: stupid.

Even if I choose an abbreviation of my second name ...
it does not look right.
Does this mean that ... your parents can affect your career
by choosing a totally wrong name???
Well, philosophy never was my favourite subject. 

Searching for more similarities with Jil and me ...
all these collections of ... crap!!!
Helping her by colour combinations.

Which colour combinations?
We all know Jil Sander of her timeless elegant dark, grey, black clothes.
In the exhibition you can see a few colorful examples as well.
Also very, very cool.

I did visit the museum today with y group of Afghan women.
You know, this design was created together
with an Italian artist and Afghan women!
 The women were stichting some Afghan patterns
and this Italian artist made art and design out of it.
And can you see them: the clothes in this pic?!

View from the MAK over Frankfurt.
Yes, the reflexion is on purpose on the pic.

This post modern building at river Main still has something
that makes you wonder and admire.

Check JIL SANDER fashion exhibition,
running still until the 6th of May 2018.

I just have to post this pic,
Marja on the left made those "Anelmaiset" socks
for our Friend E and she really was, not only
surprised but also very happy!

Chen the facebook site:

ja suomalaiset voi lukea täältä tarinan Anelmaisten tarinasta:

If you want to get a pare of Anelmaiset in your favourite 
colour combination just contact me,
I can get you connected with Marja,
who really is a talented knitter, among other things.

maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2018



Never heard. Couldn't care less, we live in the cosy Zoo.

Takatalvi? Something to eat?

Takatalvi, new fashion or what?

Oderazzi visited Frankfurt Zoo last week
with a group of Afghan women learning German.
Part of the "Places to see" refugee program.

Not a sign of takatalvi last week in Uferkunst, Hanau-Steinheim.

You could see some snow on the Alps, but that is normal, no takatalvi.

"Die ersten Frühlingsboten" they say in Bavaria.
The first signs of spring. No takatalvi there, either.

Was so happy to help my friend Eppu in her huge garden at Wörthsee.

Check the lake view, spring is here, no takatalvi anywhere.


 And then it arrived, the TAKATALVI.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

(no direct German Translation, 
Oderazzi: Wenn der Winter im Frühling mit Schnee und Minusgrade zurückkehrt) 
Recurring wintry weather in spring

Not did it only snow in Bavaria,
the whole of Germany, whole central Europe was attacked
by a big snow storm.
 Hello ... in the middle of the month of March!!!

How "nice" that we cleaned the garden on Friday.

Gone fishing ... some guys don't mind the takatalvi.

Well, takatalvi or not, the white sausage breakfast made everybody happy.

Weisswurst by Wikipedia:

As they are very perishable, Weißwürste traditionally were manufactured 
early in the morning and prepared and eaten as a snack between breakfast 
and lunch; there is a saying that the sausages should not be allowed to hear 
the noon chime of the church bells.

Traditionally, Weißwürste may only be served until midday because 
preservatives are not used, the meat is not smoked, and hence the sausage 
is made fresh every day; indeed, they are sometimes called morning sausages. 
Before modern refrigeration technologies, in summertime the sausages would go bad 
before nightfall. Even today, most Bavarians eat Weißwürste before noon.

Takatalvi hit Frankfurt as well.
And this time the snow stays, still on Monday morning we have -1°.

Let's hope my "rahapuut" survive.
Was a bit too early with my spring feelings, moved some plants on the terrace 
last week, had to take them in again on Sunday.

Please keep your fingers crossed that this takatalvi will disappear soon!