lauantai 24. helmikuuta 2018

Talven väriläikkiä

Welcome to the boring gardening photo session.
Majorca colours in February.

Green profile.

Hello neighbour!
Let's check the colours.

And let's play with the pics.

Kicking the mushrooms.

Luonto hoitaa omansa.
Nature takes care of everything.

And the colours of the sky.

February 2018 has been pretty chilly in Majorca.

And stormy.

perjantai 23. helmikuuta 2018

Flying high


Flying objects, yes, but not flying that high.
How high?

As high as a helicopter maybe?
Who is flying?

January's birthday boy, of course!

Many dangerous things, but ... 

... having a reliable teacher, Cedric, to join you all is fine.
Let's fly!

A few basic rules and regulations and off you go!

There they go.
In the meantime I did a little photo tour at this airport Son Bonet.

Wikipedia knows the history:

Son Bonet Aerodrome (Spanish: Aeródromo de Son Bonet)
was the first civil airfield on Mallorca. Originally built during the 1920s 
as an alternative to the military airport at Son Sant Joan, 
the first commercial flight was in 1927 and a flying school established in 1935.

The architecture is still quite amazing.

The buildings look a bit deserted, but there are some
offices of flying schools etc. in there.

So charming.


Some signs from the past times.



And the boys are back! Save.

Runaway allowance only for the flyers.

And how was the flight?

Am afraid he wants more ...
This was only a "Schnupperkurs" as a birthday present.

Got interested yourself? Check for Cedric and his helicopters here:

For further highlights and especially for the boring 
garden pics check my blog tomorrow.