keskiviikko 26. joulukuuta 2018

Boring xmas garden pics

As promised ... now some flowers ... you know, boring.

But really, on 25th of December the first almond flower!

I knew which tree to check.

Well, anybody: would we empty the trees of all those almonds now?

The almond trees look pretty, don't they?

Ida thinks all is fine as long as this weather continues.

A few winterly roses.

Looking winterly.

And hibiscus.

Aloe guys.

And these ones, have to check the names.
Yes, after three years still nameless!

The blue ones, some late bloomers.
Plumbaginaceae - Bleiwurzgewächse.

And here, oh dear!

Boring garden, indeed, so sorry.
Always some work ahead.
Like it.

This chrismassy enough?

tiistai 25. joulukuuta 2018

Joulu - fishy Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Yes, the very first almond flower - weather in Majorca 
has been fantastic, sunny.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

JOULUKUKKA = Weihnachtsblume / Christmas flower
JOULU = Weihnachten / Christmas
KUKKA = Blume / flower

JOULUTÄHTI = Weihnachtsstern / poinsettia

And now to the xmas food porn business.

ON the 23rd we were invited to an outdoor brunch to friends.
Such a cool, secret location in the middle o f the island.

Neighbours, as usual, same, same but different.

The food served was absolutely classy:
brunch started with oysters!
White bread for me ...

Then some barbecued mussels!
Cheese and white bread for me.
Well, and soma dates in bacon.

Main course: FISH!

Second main course: salmon.

For Oderazzi: chicken wings.

And as it happens ... nobody could eat the meat anymore,
after four hours feasting those fishy things
people just got full.

But we have some of this meat now in our fridge.
Maybe tomorrow we can try it.
Yesterday we were invited to a Finnish
Christmas dinner in Palma.

They call it "lasimesttarin silli" in Finland.
Fish in the glas.

My kind of tradition. Ham. 

Potatos, carrots, "lanttus".
Mushed veggies.

More fish. Siika and salmon.

My main course: kinkku, three veggie thingies and
self made mustard (by Risto) from Finland.

Yes, this is Christmas time, meeting friends,
eating too much, drinking too much.

Must admit, in Mallorca Christmas hysteria is not so obvious.
Lucky us.

I'll post today's boring garden pics tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

lauantai 22. joulukuuta 2018

Who needs snow?

Yes, we do enjoy the sunny days in Majorca.

Walking along the Canyamel beach, no jacket needed.

Last week in Cala Mesquida, surfers in the water.

Every now and then a wave was ridden.

Here you can also see the damage after the autumn storms.

One of the nicest beaches in the East of Majorca.

In Canyamel, our closest beach was full of garbage
after the stormy weathers. Now all is gone, the beach is clean.

And empty.

This pretty bird was walking there as well.

Check the neck, once long and straight.

And then like this.

Yes, it did catch a fish!


A couple of times cleaning the fish in the water.

And then swallowing.


Finnisch für Anfänger:

SILKKIHAIKARA = Seidenreiher / little egret
SILKKI = Seide / silk
HAIKARA = Storch, Reiher / heron

Torrent de Canyamel.
This river is now so mellow.
In October the storm brought this river to flood,
many private homes and hotels were badly damaged.

Super moon is rising, yesterday ...

... and today.

Same, same and not really different.


Today was the big lottery day in Spain: el Gordo.
No, we did not win as we did not buy any ticket.

The lottery draw, which can last up to six hours, is followed live 
by millions of people on television, radio and online, and unofficially 
marks the beginning of the festive season. But seeing as there are dozens 
of lotteries and betting games that take place throughout the year and 
are booming online, why does this lottery – which began in 1811 – 
continue to be so popular?

Read the whole article here to find out what el Gordo is:

And here some local news:

torstai 20. joulukuuta 2018


One of those colorful winter sunsets in Mallorca.
When I managed to take some pics.

Actually only a cloud thing.
But it is the light.

Always in the picture. Electricity.
Without electricity no action, like ... no mobile phones.,
no internet, no ... fridge!

Make the best of it.

Find the top.

And here they come: talventörröttäjät.

Finnisch für Anfänger;

TALVI = Winter / winter
TÖRRÖTTÄÄ =  herausragen / protrude 

Talventörröttäjät eli ruohovartiset talvensiementäjät 

ovat jäykkävartisia kasveja, jotka kuivuttuaan varsinaisen kasvukauden 
jälkeen jäävät pystyyn ja varistavat siemenensä jäälle tai lumihangelle, 
mistä tuuli, linnut tai muut eläimet kuljettavat ne uusille kasvupaikoille 
tai siemenet kulkeutuvat tehokkaasti lumen sulamisvesien avulla eri puolille.

Bathroom törröttäjä.
Well, roses from our garden in the bathroom.