sunnuntai 31. joulukuuta 2017

Bye bye 2017


Posting by iPhone ... not a good idea.

Guten Rutsch!
Happy New Year!
Feliz Año Nuevo!

Ei mitään uuden vuoden lupauksia,
aion jatkaa possunlihan syöntiä tulevanakin vuonna.

Seen in supermarket in Tenerife.

tiistai 26. joulukuuta 2017

So that was Christmas


And how was it?

Quite sunny.

And we got new "friends".
Tinto and his very shy dinner friend.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

JOULUKAKTUS = Weihnachtskaktus /Xmas cactus

Finnisch für Anfänger:

JOULUTÄHTI / Weihnachtsstern / poinsettia

Blue skies.

Empty beaches.

Catch of the day.

Moments in the sun.

Tiny moon and flying objects.

And thanks to Palma-Tiina even Finnish Xmas ham!

In Palma City Xmas lights keep on shining until January 7th or so,
until the three kings come and end the season's festivities.

Not only Christmas is over but also the celebration year
of Finland, 100 years ago my home country became independent.
Remember this logo

So many products and parties were marketed with this logo.
Quite many products were chosen as Suomi100 products.

Today I had the chance to taste the Suomi100 liquor.

It tastes good, it's strong but ... has NOTHING to do
with Finland.
As if Finland did not have any own liqueurs?
Actually ... yes, a lot of discussion ...
Sorry, in Finnish.

Neues Jahr, neues Glück ...
also with the potatoes.

perjantai 22. joulukuuta 2017

Himmel über Cala Millor

So schön ruhig kann Malle sein.
Peaceful beach.
Cala Millor.

Average temperature 14°.

Let's see what Wikipedia knows:

Cala Millor is a tourist destination on the Spanish Balearic Island of Mallorca. 

With 5,667 inhabitants, it is the largest tourist development on the east coast of the island.
The area is within an hour's drive of the capital Palma de Mallorca. 
Cala Millor means "Better Bay". 

The first tourist accommodation, the Hotel Eureka was built in 1933. 
At present the town has 61 hotels and about 65 self-catering apartments.

The beach at Cala Millor is 1.8 kilometres long.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

HIEKKARANTA = Sandstrand / beach
HIEKKA = Sand / sand
RANTA = Strand / beach

torstai 21. joulukuuta 2017

Dezember Himmel über Dar Ahlam

iPhone pics with clouds.
How boring can this be?

I tell you, Mallorca can be empty and peaceful and

keskiviikko 20. joulukuuta 2017

Winterly beaches

Same, same but different.
In winter the beaches offer a totally different scenery.

Windy storms with high and loud waves.

Interesting sandlife.

Pretty objects.

Nature's art.

How cool is this then. When dead. Alive too hot to handle.

Beach of Canyamel in winter.
Too much plastic, even a plastic chair.

Canyamel collecting trash.

SISU-radio had this photo thing, people sent their pics
of the Suomi100 Gala Dinnerparty to SISU-radio's gallery.
Mr Myllynen won!
He was presented some Finnish chocolate by SISU-Ode.

So funny!

Click here to see all the pics:

perjantai 15. joulukuuta 2017

Black cat crosses your path


I guess you all have heard this saying:
when a black cat crosses your path 
you have to spit three times over your left shoulder
and then turn around and make a wish.
Otherwise it's bad luck.
Well, did some surfing, after Tinttarella, 
the black cat appeared in our holiday home.

When a black cat crosses- bad omen
When a black cat crosses our path, it is an omen. 
Black represents planet Saturn. This planet causes failures 
and delays in our tasks and ventures. 
When a black cat crosses the path, it means that the particular task 
at hand would not be fruitful or would get delayed. 
It means that planet Saturn is not working favorably for him or her.
When one happens to experience such an omen, 
then one can sincerely offer prayers to God and 
light a lamp for Lord Ganesha to ward off 
the ill effects of planet Saturn.

It is good omen to see a cow, cow with calf, horse, elephant, 
before setting on a journey but a bad omen when a black cat 
comes across the path, according to saguna sastra.

Well, stormy weather took over Europe.
In Majorca the waves were high, the wind was heavy.
In Frankfurt snow took over the airport,
causing cancellation of my return flight.

Seeing a black cat is –depending on the country you are in at the time
-- considered bordering on unlucky times, but having a black cat cross your path 
is considered by many to be an omen of doom; 
not only is it bad luck, it is VERY bad luck.

But thanks to my wonderful ex-colleague
I got rebooked quite well:
took a flight on Monday night to Munich via Zürich.

My friend Tuija was singing in Ismaning,
well, due to black cat crossing my path ...
I only arrived to the concert at the very end,
both flights had slight delays,
and only could hear the last 2,5 songs.

These guys make great music!

Now, before Christmas, it's time for Christmas melodies,
and Tuija absolutely also take care of the proper show!
And thank you so much for the bed for a "black cat traveller".

Check for more in: 

Finally getting home was awarded by more bday presents!
Osmo Rauhala is one of the most magic Finnish painters.
Unfortunately I missed his exhibition in Helsinki,
but my friend Murtsi sent me this catalogue.

Guys, if you are in Helsinki or plan to travel there, check:

Osmo Rauhala (1957–) is one of the pioneers of the current international 

movement in Finnish contemporary art. 
His 60 year jubilee exhibition at the Didrichsen Art Museum 
shows his most recent work.

Check these stamps!
thanks girls for sending me cards.
Thinking of me on your travels, how nice.

Did some shopping at local EDEKA supermarket in Ostend.
That store has almost everything, like these napkins,
as if they knew that I did do my girls' nite!

Party Garderobe!

And again sooooo many presents!
Partly birthday presents, partly party presents.
And I tell you, now we also have quite a fantastic
collection of great wines!

Was a good gathering of girls' groups.
Girls? Well, ladies with loud voices.
group is born!

Thank you girls for your good company.
Due to "Datenschutz" we'll keep the pics private.

Back to the black cat business:

Ryanair-Piloten streiken am 20. Dezember

Yes, we do have a booking for the 20th with Ryanair.

Ryanair writes:

We apologise sincerely to our customers for any worry or concern 
that this threatened action, during Christmas week 
by a small number of very well paid pilots, may cause them. 
Rest assured that we will do everything we can 
to minimise disruption for our customers. 

Sorry Ryanair, am not willing to wait until Monday 
when you maybe know what your plan will B.
My plan B is to fly off already on Tuesday.
With another airline,
off we go to Dar Ahlam - where a little black cat might be waiting for us!

Muinaisessa Egyptissä mustaa kissaa arvostettiin ja kohdeltiin 
kuin kuninkaallista, sillä kissajumalatar Bastet'in uskottiin suosivan 
mustia kissoja ja näin ollen mustan kissan omistajia. 
Bastet kissapäisenä hahmona oli raskaana olevien naisten suojelija 
sekä musiikin, tanssin ja nautintojen jumalatar. Bastet myös suojeli 
ihmisiä demoneilta. Mustan kissan hengen riistäjä 
tuomittiin kuolemanrangaistukseen.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

MUSTA KISSA = schwarze Katze / black cat

Kuvakaappaus: Wikipedia

Cats in ancient Egypt were revered highly, partly due to their ability 
to combat vermin such as mice, rats (which threatened key food supplies), 
and snakes—especially cobras. Cats of royalty were, in some instances, 
known to be dressed in golden jewelry and were allowed to eat from their owners' plates. 

Bastet ist die in der ägyptischen Mythologie als Katzengöttin 
dargestellte Tochter des Sonnengottes Re. (Wikipedia)

maanantai 11. joulukuuta 2017

The mystic karjalanpiirakka

Size matters.

Karjalanpiirakka is one of the most favourite traditional specialities in Finland.
It is a small pie, thin rye bread filled with rice and topped with egg-butter.
Small, traditionally small, never bigger than an adult hand.

On Saturday a big Finland100 gala dinner party
was organized in Frankfurt. In a big hotel.
Maybe too big as they also served the biggest ever
karjanlanpiirakka this human race has seen!
With bacon topping ...?

How clever to place a sign next to this "karjalanpiirakka",
otherwise the party people might have not recognized it.
BTW, rypytys is totally missing.
This is absolutely hilarious!

Or maybe a world record, let's check the Guinness book!
Nope ... the record pirogue was baken in Savo/FIN 2013,
they made it 2,36 m long and 50 cm of width.

Kirsi sent me a pic of her karjalanpiirakkas (on the left).
Well, maybe they are from the Finnish company Fazer, but anyway.
(The Finnish mustard stands there only for the meatballs.)
On the right hand side you can admire joulutorttus,
a Christmas speciality pastry with plum jam.

Joulutorttu on voitaikinasta valmistettu leivonnainen, 
joka on perinteisesti muotoiltu tähdeksi ja täytetty luumuhillolla.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

JOULUTORTTU = Weihnachtsstern / Christmas star
JOULU = Weihnachten / Christmas
TORTTU = Torte / tart

Kuvakaappaus Wikipedia/Jarno Elonen

Here you can see very neat RYPYTYS:

Wikipedia's short cut:

Karelian pasties, Karelian pies or Karelian pirogs 

The oldest traditional pasties usually had a rye crust, 
but the North Karelian and Ladoga Karelian variants also contained wheat 
to improve the baking characteristics. The common fillings of this were 
barley and talkkuna.  In the 19th century, first potato and buckwheat were 
introduced as fillings, and later also rice and millet.

Today, the most familiar and common version has a thin rye crust 
with a filling of rice. Butter, often mixed with chopped-up boiled egg 
(egg butter or munavoi), is spread over the hot pasties before eating. 
Mashed potato and rice-and-carrot fillings are also commonly available.

Check for SUOMI100Finland party pics here: