tiistai 31. lokakuuta 2017

Majorcan colours in October

Time flies. Days fly. 
Today we already have the last day of October!

Mid-October found this lonely almond blossom.

Decorative hibiscus going strong towards the winter.

Told you, decorative.

Hi guys, what are you staring at?
I am mantis, European mantis or just praying mantis,
in Germany they call me Gottesanbieterin.

Insects can be decorative as well.

But scary looking!

Question: which fruit is this?

Not yet ripe, I presume, after testing.

Good old neighbours.

In October the acorns of the Quercus ilex, the evergreen oak (Steineiche)
start falling ... and those trees do produce acorns.

These lucky neighbours are free, meaning,
their legs are not tied together as very often in Majorca.

So it is possible to combine exercise with eating.

Holiday makers exercise in the pool.
Yes, in October, and the water is heated only by the sun.

Earlier evenings.

Sunset at Artá.

Cosy street of Artá.

Meanwhile in Germany my friends are house-sitting
a friend's house and garden.

On a cloudy day a walk on a beach is also nice.

October in Majorca.

Catch of the day! Collectors on their way.

Still more Majorcan pics to follow in the next posting.

torstai 19. lokakuuta 2017

Das neue historische Museum in Frankfurt


Das Historische Museum!

Many of my visitors had to see this already,
this is how Frankfurt looked like ca 200 years ago.

After the Second World War nothing much was left over.

The "new" museum shows different perspectives.
Refreshing, indeed.

And a lot of stuff. A lot.
My first visit was just a quick glimpse,
but I definitely shall return, many times.
That museum has soooooo much stuff,
you need many visits. 

And don not tell anybody: there is also a cute looking coffee place.

The re-opening of this museum was only in the beginning of October.
Read more in all kinds of publications,
like ArtKaleidoskop.

And this is a real iPhone pic.
October can be so gentle to us.

Let's hope that the banks will stay gentle as well!

tiistai 17. lokakuuta 2017

Time to say goodbye

Hyvästi äiti, nyt pääsit ikuiseen lepoon.

Thank you cousin Liisa for this picture.
Espoonlanden kirkko - church of Espoonlahti.
My mother was an active member in the missionary work.
Here I also would like to say thanks to all our cousins
and other relatives and friends 
who came to honor the memory of our mother.

On Sunday we had time for a walk, as it did NOT rain in Helsinki.
Finally checking up the famous LÖYLY.
It is a public sauna in Hernesaari area,
from this distant quite ... modest ...
considering how much it has been praised as an architectural jewel
in international publications.

(kuvakaappaus internetistä)

The project started from the city of Helsinki initiative. 
Hernesaari is a former industrial area on the Helsinki seashore 
that is being developed into a residential area. New uses are being 
developed for the area, while waiting for future changes to come. 
There is a cruise ship harbor in Hernesaari and the city wanted to 
activate the area with new functions and to serve visitors with new attractions.

Yes, it is a sauna and is situated at the seashore,
so people DO go swimming! Also in October.

The architectural idea is simple: there is a rectangular black box 
containing the warm spaces that is covered with a free form wooden “cloak”. 
Instead of being mere decoration, the sculptural structure made of 
heat treated pine has several functions. It provides people with visual privacy. 
However, the lamellas don’t limit the sea view from inside it, rather 
they function like venetian blinds and blocking the views from outside. 
There are sheltered outside spaces between the warm mass 
and cloak to cool down in between sauna bathing.

Very relaxing.

Very cool.

Helvi's nameday afternoon turned out to be 
a fantastic sunny autumn day.

Our mother in her self made national dress.

Hesingin Sanomat 15.10.2017

perjantai 13. lokakuuta 2017

Quick Book Fair visit

This year I only had one afternoon for the Frankfurt Book Fair.
It is on from Wednesday to Sunday.

This year's Guest of Honour: France and French literature.

Frankreich ist Ehrengast auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse 
vom 11. bis 15. Oktober 2017. Für die französische Sprache 
ist das eine historische Gelegenheit, ihre Weltoffenheit 
zu demonstrieren sowie all jene Talente und Innovationen zu fördern, 
die sie so lebendig machen.

En ce début de XXIème siècle, l’invitation d’honneur de la France
 à la Foire du livre de Francfort est une occasion historique pour 
la langue française de montrer son ouverture au monde, de promouvoir 
les talents qui la font vivre, de présenter les innovations 
qui font d’elle leur moteur pour l’avenir. 

De nombreux partenaires francophones vont être réunis autour 
de cette invitation exceptionnelle pour construire de nouvelles bases 
de coopération dans les domaines de l’Ecrit, de l’innovation et 
de la promotion de la langue française.

There is a comic exhibition in the agora, outside.
This was my favourite. For all map lovers.

A short visit you have to try to coordinate ...
I walked through the hall 4, where art books were shown.
But not only books, all kinds of innovations around art.
Like the wall with pics of folded photographed paper.

Guss my age!

In the French pavilion I most liked the alphabet exhibition.
ABC seen by artists.

O can be very boring artistically.

Each letter had a selection of words.


Oh la la, managed to get a good pic of the Belgian Queen Mathilde!

There she is visiting the French pavilion.

I wonder if Mathilde would allow her kids to do some reading
on top of the bookshelf!

Of course, as a Finn you focus on Finnish items.
Why so little French books in Finnish?
Must be a decoration scheme.

In my opinion these wooden shelves were not 
the greatest way to present books in th ebook fair.
Like here, the valuable art books somehow disappear
behind those wooden sticks. As if this was a warehouse.

Now we get to the shape reader.
Artist Ilan Manouach work can be seen here.

His books have received support on different occasions from 
the Centre National du Livre in France and the French Community of Belgium. 
He is a Fellow and an alumnus of the Koneen Säätiö in Finland. (!)

Shapereader is a community-specific tactile conlang (constructed language). 
It was initially designed for the purposes of visually impaired users 
in regards to tactile textual production. It consists of an expanding repertoire 
of free-floating tactile ideograms (tactigrams) intended to provide haptic 
equivalents for all the semantic features, the conceptual functions 
and textual attributes. Shapereader is unbound by the particularities of ethnic 
and native alphabets and Braille code. Its design, based on criteria 
of simplicity, easiness of memorization and distinguishability, addresses 
all users, regardless of their nationality, language, educational level, 
or subsistence under any visual handicap.



Window of the French pavilion.


Yes, even Luxembourg was included in the French exhibition.

Let's get back to the ABC.
Nice to have those words in three languages.

Y seen by the artist.

J seen by the artist.

B seen by the artist.

Letters seen by Oderazzi.

Traditionally Thursdays are party days for the Nordic exhibitors.
After you grab a cool beer at the Islandic stand
you move on to the neighboring Finnish stand.
Very generous, very nice, and traditionally with Kossu.

Meeting old and new friends, such a nice party!
Thanks Finland.

Books? Literature? Autors?
Next year, my friends, next year.