torstai 31. elokuuta 2017

Rain in Spain?

Finally: rain in Spain!

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain.

Rainy days and Mondays ...

Raindrops on flowers ...

Our dates. In the palm tree. In the rain.

Probably only a thunder storm just for a day, the last day in August.

Wanderung where this guy disappeared from our herbal garden ...

I'll give the ants another day to clean our toaster ...
to take care of the cheese that I managed to burn in there.
Well, it is only a toaster.

tiistai 29. elokuuta 2017

Cala - Cap -Can ... all Majorca and kitchen duties


Let's start with the kitchen duties: fig pie made by my sister.
This truly is the time for figs.

Oh yes, I#ve become a kitchen wonder:
cooking marmalades or similar ... this time with figs and ginger!

Finnisch für Anfänger:

VIIKUNA = Feige / fig


A cloudy day but people enjoy swimming in the sea.

Well, same day, different beach: Cala Aguilla, at Cala Ratjada.
Longer beach, more people. 
But our visitors tested the sea water: good, warm, salty.

This bar was funny, like a bingo hall.
But cool location, a bit off the beach. And nice beach food.

Unfortunately we did not have time to stay and listen to live music.
Tanny Mas was scheduled!

Visitors' obligation: the guest book.

Capdepera old town offers cosy lanes and narrow paths.
A perfect walk after heavy dinner.

lauantai 26. elokuuta 2017

Beach life in Cala Millor


Beach life in Majorca?

Let's see what's up in Cala Millor.

High season, I would say.

This I would call a fun beach.


Wanna escape? Fly away!

Or move towards Costa del Pins. 
Less people, less action, great bar and restaurant: Mauri.

Or even more quiet: Betlem.

In Colonia Sant Pere there is a chance to see the sunset
on this side of the island.

Two fotography students, mother who likes to takes photos,
and, of course, my hubby, who nowadays only takes pics by his iPhone.
How many cameras do you normally carry with you?

Proven by my hubby:
even iPhone pics can turn out brilliant!

My phone pics of the yellow butterfly.

And another one.

And let's let's check what the Majorcan nature is offering this time.
Some housing projects at our entrance door.

Vispas, says our dear Cati.
And then cleans it all away.

keskiviikko 23. elokuuta 2017

Matala muurahaismaja


It truly is very nice to have some wine
 growing next to your kitchen wall.

It truly is not so nice to have those ants everywhere.
Especially around the kitchen corner.


Actually the ants can be very useful, they take care of
dead insects, everywhere.

Today my task was to cut off all the grapes
hanging in front of the kitchen wall.
Unfortunately those grapes are not eatable, since a couple of years 
there is some kind of fungus causing the grapes to become
very hard and of grey colour. 

Poisonous? Do not know!
At least the ants truly love them.
That is why there are all of those ant-highways up the walls.

I tell you, after getting one ant into my eye 
and thousands running along my arms and legs ... 
I had to give the ants a powerful shower
before I could approach the cutting area.
And afterwards a shower and a swim made me feel better.

This yea no homw made wine, let's see who's got the answer 
how to get this plant healthy again?  
Or do we just have to throw it away and start with a new one?
Comments welcome!

tiistai 22. elokuuta 2017

August greetings from Llevant!

What's up in Llevant?

Llevant (Catalan for "East") is a comarca 

on the east side of the Balearic island of Majorca. (Wiki) 

Very international Sunday meeting in Dar Ahlam.
We spoke all languages: Finnish, of course, Spanish, Mallorquín.
And must say, we did learn some new words: UEP.
Yes, that is Mallorquín and can be used very often: hi, bye bye ... etc.
Kiitos Tiina and enlarged family for your visit!

From our garden. Figs! And even more to come.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

VIIKUNA = Feige / fig

Paint job done. Now you cannot miss the crossing!

The summer in Majorca has been and still is: hot and dry.

One of our olive trees before.

The same tree after. Am testing some cutting methods.

And now we get to the fauna part.
This guy kept me company whilst repotting some aloe vera plants.

This bored frog could not care more about anything.
Iron made.
Actually: since when do frogs have noses?
Looks a bit like a mouse, indeed.

Here we have the dead mouse from the pool.
Yes, we live in the country side. In the middle of the nature.
At least the bees were happy, giving him kisses ...

At night time Artá town looks so pretty.
No, we have not yet moved down here.
Just imagining how it would be to live here permanently.
Hot? Humid? Boring? Just make the best of it. If.
Elämä on.

lauantai 19. elokuuta 2017

Nitx de l'art Felanitx - taiteiden yö


Finnisch für Anfänger:

TAITEIDEN YÖ = Nacht der Künste / night of the arts
TAIDE = Kunst / art
= Nacht / nigth

or in Majorca: Nitx de l'art

This nitx was celebrated in Felanitx.

You can find Felanitx between Manacor and Campos. 
48 km east of Palma.

Our quick pitstop before entering the busy art happening in Felanitx.

There is this stunning church in the middle of the town,
as in most of the Spanish towns.

Doors were open, classical music was playing in the background.
This sleeping beauty was welcoming all the visitors.


This huge church we have to visit another time, indeed.

Nice church stairs.

1822 there were 414 people killed in Felanitx:

The imposing church of San Miguel 
has it’s main entrance at the head of a long flight of white 
stone steps which take some climbing on a hot day! 
The building was also the scene of tragedy, when on 
Palm Sunday 1844, one of the walls of the church collapsed 
on top of the traditional procession. Out of the 600 people 
that were buried, 414 were killed and there is a plaque 
on one of the walls within the church in their memory. 

Absolutely cool jazz played at one square.

One of the objects of this art night:
kind of "himmeli" disco ball turning around,
lasered by bright green light,
very loud modern music hitting your ears.

Mieko just loves animals, all kinds of animals,
live or artistic made of iron and stone!

Batman around?

Galleries and streets full of art sellers and maybe buyers, too.

My hubby was looking for a toothpick earlier the day.
Well, here is a whole collection, in very cool colours!

Town center was blocked for cars, so people enjoyed
the warm night, restaurants occupying all space
on the squares and cosy corners.