keskiviikko 31. toukokuuta 2017

Dream catchers in Manacor


Manacor, the second biggest city in Majorca.
Had to spend a few hours down town
as our car was in inspection.

Luckily detected this installation,
got carried away taking pics.
Well, nothing else to do in a Spanish town
during the siesta hours 13-17.

Wikipedia knows:

In some Native American cultures, a dreamcatcher or dream catcher
 is a handmade willow hoop, on which is woven a net or web. 
The dreamcatcher may also include sacred items such as certain feathers or beads.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

UNISIEPPARI = Traumfänger / dreamcatcher

Yes, there are a few balconies decorated by summer flowers.

maanantai 29. toukokuuta 2017

Without wlan?

How do spend your spare time when your internet lets you down?
Making photos and playing with a photo app.
Tonight the picture show.
Titles ... well ...


Innenleben der Rose.

Jacaranda tale.

The snake baby who definitely wanted to become a spider.

Ruiskukkien riverdance.

The mighty blue pool. With water.

Nisperos naughty ideas.

Hammock hideaway.

The roe mouse - double.

The chair is the chair is the chair.


Another jacaranda lace.

Mariposa the siamese butterfly.

HK bleu, so simple.

It's called "layout" app.
Do not ask how I found it.
Lovin' it.

torstai 25. toukokuuta 2017


Wet wet wet.
No rain but other stories.

Got some magazines from Finland, and as usual, 
not burn after reading but recycle to my Finnish friend in Palma.
Well, forgot them overnight in the garden, and the irrigation was on.

The main problem was that the pages glued to each other,
so I carefully separated each page. 
After drying pressed all five magazines with a flower pot.

Patina we call it, patina. So fashionable.

Also very interesting effects,
check the removed face!
BTW, found it interesting how many articles there were
in the ladies' magazine introducing men and their ideas of life

Hello, SISU as facial treatment?
Well yes, the Finnish company LUMENE has now created SISU products.
We SISU-radio freelancers would love to test some of those products.
Posted a Facebook hint but who will read it?

And why should radio people look pretty?
Anybody professional in marketing with LUMENE, hellloooo?
Send SISU to SISU, pleeeez.

Greetings from the sunny island of Majorca!

keskiviikko 24. toukokuuta 2017


The internet connection still is slow.
So many pics waiting to be posted.

Cala Rajada in Majorca,
this year artsy figures by an artist from Artá.

Wer demnächst nach Cala Ratjada findet, wird auf Skulpturen stoßen, 
die ihm irgendwie bekannt vorkommen. Es handelt sich um 
kubistisch anmutende Figuren, die unter anderem Frauen, 
Musikinstrumente oder Pferde zeigen. Die 33 Kunstwerke aus Eisen 
und rostfreiem Stahl, die dort an der Uferpromenade stehen, 
stammen vom Bildhauer Miguel Sarasate. 

Es ist derselbe Künstler, der auf dem Kreisverkehr am Kult-Restaurant 
Es Bruce bei Manacor schon vor Jahren einige drei Meter hohe 
Figuren aufgestellt hatte, die nackte Ball-de-Bot-Tänzer darstellen. 
An anderen Kreisverkehren stehen ebenfalls Sarasate-Figuren. 
Und an der Straße von Artà nach Canyamel befindet sich 
auch noch der „Wächter von Canyamel".

Inviting to party!

Das Motto heißt „Ballant amb les ones" – „Mit den Wellen tanzen". 

Cala Gat is such a NICE beach during winter.
In summer ... you can rest your eyes on German bodies.

Country life pure: when will the little ones pop out?

Who tells you need water in order to celebrate a pool party?

Let's party!

Do not look over the wall to the neighbours.

Do not mind the little visitors, they are pretty harmless.

Enjoy the Majorcan weather.

lauantai 20. toukokuuta 2017

Mañana country

Testing posting via iPhone
as the house has no internet connection.
Posting pics seems to be a challenge impossoble.
Let's hope Monday is a better day.

maanantai 15. toukokuuta 2017

In Ostend was Buntes

Creative solutions!

This is so cool. Another building site in Ostend.
The building is being renovated, scaffolding everywhere.

You can decorate even a scaffolded house!
Well done Wirtshaus im Ostend.