tiistai 25. huhtikuuta 2017

Sudfass finally becoming Oskar

Remember the Sudfass corner in Ostend?
The traditional whore house?
The Sauna Club?

2014 the houses had to go.

Total turn down.

And everybody started to wait for the new glamour in Ostend.

In November 2015 at least the red cranes arrived.

In April 2016 the red cranes were still there.
A year ago from today.

In November 2016 still one red crane standing.

The view a couple of days ago. No cranes.
Nobody's moved in, but they are getting there.
New neighbours.

Zusammen mit dem gegenüberliegenden, revitalisierten Gebäude 
der ehemaligen Arbeitsagentur soll der entstehende rote Klinkerbau 
als Tor zum Ostend fungieren. „DieArchitektursprache 
des bewusst reduziert gehaltenen, klarartikulierten Baukörpers 
erinnert an (Wohn-)Typologien der1920er-Jahre und nimmt Bezüge 
auf die Industriegeschichte desOstends auf.“ Im Zuge des Neubaus 
wird auch der öffentlicheRaum an der Flößerbrücke neu 
gestaltet und der Zugang zumMainufer erleichtert. 

Die Fertigstellung ist Ende März 2017 geplant. (Written in August 2016 !!!)

What I really do like in this plan are the trees,
especially the trees along the street.
Let's see if that ever happens.

Picture from:

In the neighborhood we are just waiting that the street 
will be free again for pedestrians and bikers. Please.

But listen, isn't this a bit scary, they have a web cam
showing the building site but can they see me 
going shopping to Aldi, or getting some burgers, too?

These guys on the other side of our street have started
their own little renovation.
You are getting prettier every year.
Or so.

maanantai 24. huhtikuuta 2017

Join the zoo at Main

Frankfurt, city of bankers and ... birds!

Meet the young ones at the river.


Check check.

Afternoon walk.

Leader of the gang.

Baby swimming.

Mother drying her wings.

Family tour.

This I call relaxing.

Relaxed, too.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

SINISORSA = Stockente  / mallard

What's up guys?

Let's bathe!

Blue eyes!

Close up.

Birds? Where? Let's check.

Die Nutria (Myocastor coypus), auch Biberratte 
oder seltener Sumpfbiber, Schweifbiber, Schweifratte oder Coypu genannt, 
ist eine aus Südamerika stammende und in Mitteleuropa eingebürgerte Nagetierart.

Well, I'll just enjoy the sun.

Two names are commonly used in English for Myocastor coypus. 
The name "nutria" is generally used in North America, Asia, 
and throughout countries of the former Soviet Union; 
however, in Spanish-speaking countries, the word "nutria" refers to the otter. 
To avoid this ambiguity, the name "coypu" (derived from the Mapudungun language) 
is used in Latin America and Europe. In France, the coypu is known as a ragondin. 
In Dutch, it is known as beverrat (beaver rat). (Wikipedia)

And swim away!

In Deutschland ist die Nutria an etlichen Gewässern in allen Bundesländern zu finden. 
Größere und weitgehend beständige Populationen gibt es unter anderem 
an den Flüssen Niers, Schwalm und Cloer am Niederrhein und an Spree 
und Saale im Osten Deutschlands, insbesondere im Spreewald. 
Meistens sind die Tiere, insbesondere in Parkanlagen oder auf Golfplätzen, 
an den Besuch von Spaziergängern gewöhnt und lassen sich ohne viel Scheu 
mit Gemüse füttern. (Wikipedia)

Check the clan.

So many different birds at the river Main.

Enjoy your walk at the river!

The Main (German pronun­cia­tion: is a river in Germany. 
With a length of 527 kilometres (327 mi), including the White Main as 574 km (357 mi), 
it is the longest right tributary of the Rhine. It is also the longest river 
lying entirely in Germany (if the Weser and the Werra are considered 
as two separate rivers; together they are longer). The largest cities along the Main 
are Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg. (Wiki)

sunnuntai 23. huhtikuuta 2017

Coolest April

Leaving Mallorca.
Window seat, I love window seats!

Bye bye sunny weather!

Alcudia and Pollenca.

Bye bye sun.

Good night.

iPhone quality.

Back to Frankfurt, back to winter,
but look at this, wisteria in full bloom!

And the strawberries!

And the lilies!

And the alliums coming.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

LEMMIKKI = Vergissmeinnicht / folget-me-not

By the way, it is very much possible to celebrate private parties
at the Finnish Church in Dornbusch. Only reasonable fee is required.
Seating for 60 persons, technical equipment for music and slide shows, 
even a piano stands there. You just have to organize the catering and cleaning.
Find further info and contacts:

Today's SISU-radio was very cool and funny,
we had family Mäkilaakso as guests.
Mr. Marko Mäkilaakso is a Finnish movie director
living since eight years in Germany, in Hesse.
For action movies, music videos, ads, 
whatever you need, contact:

More pics also in the photo gallery of SISU:

lauantai 15. huhtikuuta 2017

Country colours at Eastertime

Flowers everywhere, April seems to be one of the most
colorful months in Majorca.

Even the weeds look so pretty.

And the scents!
Here the jasmine, the air around it is full of sweet fragrance.

The scent of the orange flowers is even stronger,
it's absolutely mesmerizing!


Uups, sex scene ... is it group sex including the ants?

Unfortunately all our citrus trees are hit with this disease,
some kind of fungus/mold whatever, hard to fight against.
But funny enough, the trees still produce oranges and lemons.
Hopefully next year also some grapefruit.

Growing strong every year: quince, known as Quitte in German.
Here still a baby.

Growing strong as well ... artistic ideas!

Bougainvillea starting to spread around.

In one corner we have all these wild bloomers,
one following another, amazing colours and combinations.

Well, this bugger is mixing something up:
it's Easter, not Christmas, dear amaryllis!
Never mind, looks good.