lauantai 25. helmikuuta 2017

Mallorca fauna and ... shells?

Oderazzi is back on the island.

Our neighbour Pedro has a new lawnmower,
or to be precise: 10 of them.
Or yesterday it looked like 10, today maybe 12?

Checking out the beaches, this one is in S'allot.
Yes, yes, this is not THE beach, these are the awesome
cliffs next to the beach.

Here we are: the beach.
Don't tell anybody but there were loads of shells on the beach!
Hotels are still closed, the season only starts after Easter.

Beach. What else?

This view you must slowly but surely recognize already:
This afternoon I experienced extrem low tide. How cool is that then!
Unfortunately was too lazy to carry my bigger camera with me,
therefore, here a iPhone gallery.

As the tide was low, I could see new perspectives.

Der heutige Gezeitenkoeffizient beträgt 76. Mit diesem großen Koeffizienten 
wird es große Gezeiten geben, auch werden die Ströme spürbar sein. 
Die Höhen der Gezeiten sind heute -0,1 m, 0,1 m, -0,1 m und 0,1 m. 
Wir können diese Levels mit der größten in den Gezeitenkalendern registrierten 
Hochwasser von Palma de Mallorca vergleichen, welche 0,1 m war, 
und mit der Kleinsten, welche -0,1 m betrug.

Like hello, those shells are still alive. Mussels. Clams.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

SIMPUKANKUORI = Muschelschale / shell
SIMPUKKA = Muschel / mussel
KUORI = Schale / shell

Pretty amazing views with shells and other underwater stuff.

Are these all shells???

Or some other underwater living thing?
Need time to check this out, so sorry folks.

Look at this beauty.
It's pretty difficult to figure out if it's
going down or up. I know: up.

Both shell types here.

And again, got a bit carried away again.
These are only a few examples of my photo collection.

Low tide can be interesting.

And check these stones!
Would not like to walk here barefoot.

Another nature wonder pic.
By my mobile.

Päivän saalis.
Catch of today.

Cool enough pic for a guest room poster?

In Canyamel the storm tore down some trees, completely.
Now they've been taken care half way already.
Mañana the reset. We are in Spain, aren't we.

Well, well, getting closer to my new shoes, or was the handbag?
although, this tiny thing (20cm left) would not be enough
even for my tiny toes.

Dead for two days, according to my source,
an the eye still shiny ... is it dead ... really ...?
Well, now it lies on the side of our driveway. 

Hello, let me introduce to you my newborn neighbours!
Yes, two babies today.

Here we come, world!

These two were born a week ago,
guess which one is a boy ... 

She still wants a kiss from him.

Kitchy as kitch can be, this the finca life on the island.
More to follow, for sure!
Let's get the next visitors to the house, first.

tiistai 21. helmikuuta 2017

Kaksoiskansalaisuus = doppelte Staatsbürgerschaft

Hankin Saksan passin,
allekirjoitin hakupaperit Suomen itsenäisyyspäivänä viime vuonna
ja Suomen 100-vuotisjuhlavuonna sain kaksoinkansalaisuuden.
Enkä todellakaan tunne itseäni maanpetturiksi.

Posted this pic in facebook and 
it became one of the most liked pics ever!
Or did folks just like my text:
my hubby is married to a German?
So many fb friends congratulated.

I must say this whole procedure is pretty well organized,
you get all needed information from the Einbürgerungsamt.

They also tell you which steps to follow
after you have received the certificate of your new (double) nationality.

Jos Saksan kansalaisuus kiinnostaa niin Frankussa voit ottaa yhteyttä tänne:

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KANSALAISUUDEN MYÖNTÄMINEN = Einbürgerung / naturalization
KANSALAISUUS = Nationalität / natinality

German ID card is valid for 10 years.
Jos haet Berliinin Suomen suurlähetystöstä henkkarin 
mikä on voimassa viisi vuotta, saat maksaa siitä 90€.

Kaksoiskansalaisuus on puhuttu aihe juuri nyt Suomessa,
kuten "Suomen suurin uutismedia" kertoo.
Voin siis unohtaa sotilasuran.
Eikä mitään feikkiuutisia.

Had I applied for American citizenship 
I might have used this kind of orange pic,
it's possible by Prisma pic converter!
Let's make Ode GREAT again.

sunnuntai 19. helmikuuta 2017

Goldene Bulle in Frankfurt

On Saturday I participated a walking tour in Frankfurt city.

Have you ever noticed this?

What about this pic?
And what is the story behind it?

We were shown the "Golden Bulle".

No, this is not in Rome, it is in Frankfurt.

And this sign, ever noticed this?

Yes, Mr. Luther did stay overnight in Frankfurt.

Hello, this cloister, been here already?

Seen the longest wall painting North of the Alps?

Hm ... Jesus ... lex circumcidi !

Pretty cool digital guide.

You can so easily learn all about the "Golden Bulle".

Just visit Frankfurt!

Need a guided tour?
Everything is possible, even in Finnish:

maanantai 13. helmikuuta 2017

Shelling and surfing


Winterly beaches in Majorca are absolutely fascinating.
Empty. But still things to be discovered.

Like the surfers. Look carefully.

Am still chasing for the best surfer pics.
This is not bad.

This is badder ... well, not so good but shows the waves.

I guess he noticed my camera.

Surfer footprints 1.
People, it's cold and windy out there,
these guys go into the water barefoot. 

Cala Agulla.

And this is the beach in Canyamel.
After the stormy weather last week
a lot of crap on the beach.

The waves were not so big as in Cala Agulla.

More surfers, more possibilities to shoot some pics.

But you need to be patient,
this is the position that the guys normally have,
waiting fo the big wave.

Actually looks like fun!

And girls can learn it as well!

Surfer footprints 2.

Bay of Canyamel.

Yes, shelling, yes, found many nice ones this time!