maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2016

marathon moments

On yesterday's city marathon runners took over the streets of Frankfurt.
More than 10.000 sportspeople plus all the local supporters
occupied the sunny city center.

These guys look really sporty.
Seen at Alte Oper.

Look at the new building at the Fressgasse.

Runners' bar.

A lot of music all over.
Posted some videos in my Facebook account.

Check the Jumeira building, new architecture.

Nice row of towers in the banking center.

Afternoon shadows.

That's cute!

Duracell bunnies Ritz and Outz!

Check the winners and other stuff here:

After a long run you might be needy to try this speciality:
Leberwurst und Blutwurst mixed with Sauerkraut.
Seen in GASS, Äppler in Niederrad.
Their internet presence is pretty ... cool:

lauantai 29. lokakuuta 2016

Sun in the city in October

Sonniger Herbsttag in Frankfurt.

You visit the Konstablerwache market, it is a must.
So many funny looking mushrooms and pumpkins.

And you visit the market hall and find
gin made in Frankfurt.
Made of seven herbs like the green sauce.

Als erstes stellte sich bei der Verwirklichung der Idee zu 
Gin Sieben 
die Frage, ob das Rezept der Grünen Soße tatsächlich 
als Grundlage für einen Gin geeignet sein kann. 
Erst nach aufwendigen Versuchsreihen manifestierte sich 
ein Mischungsverhältnis, das allen Kriterien genügte: 
Die sieben Kräuter konnten, fein abgestimmt gut in Gin Sieben 
eingebettet werden. Die Erwartung auf einen ausgewogenen Gin 
Geschmack wurde erfüllt, wenn nicht sogar positiv übertroffen!

More mushrooms.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KANTTARELLI = Pfifferling / chanterelle
SIENI = Pilz / mushroom

In front of the market hall people enjoy the warm afternoon.
Yes, also here they do sell wine.

Our local pond in Ostend:  
What a word!

Der Rechneigrabenweiher (4.150 m²) wurde vor mehr als 200 Jahren 
aus Überbleibseln der Befestigungsgräben als Löschwasserbecken genutzt. 

This building you already know, dear fans:
European Central Bank.

On such a sunny afternoon the riverbanks are full of people.
Well, it's not crowded but kind of full.

And now some boring nature pics, yellow and red.


Perfect day for perfect views, all over Frankfurt.

Der Kran wiedermal.

River Main.

A boat on the river Main.

The same boat.

The restaurant at the river Main: Oosten.

The Bank and the birds.

The birds and the crane.

Afternoon sun in Weseler Werft.

Filter: impressiv.


No filter, just light.

This must be the back wall of the music school,
Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium.
Kind of Ikea colours but no really.

perjantai 28. lokakuuta 2016

Räätälin viinit - SCHNEIDER WEINGUT




This is Weingut Markus Schneider in Ellerstadt.
Above some of the names of his wines.
I always wanted to visit the vinery.
Been there.
Must admit, the tasting area was so cool
that it was too cool, too modern, too metallic.
I hope our neighbourhood Edeka-store keeps on selling 
my favourite German red wine BLACK PRINT.

Probably for those bigger bottles you have to
contact the winery again.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

RÄÄTÄLI = Schneider / tailor / KAITUI (maori)


Click here to see the cool internet pages of Schneider, 
excellent photos, informative texts and the cool etiquettes:

Was touring the Pfalz area with Jutti and Hannu,
friends who love travelling and house sitting.

Had lunch in cosy Bad Dürkheim.

RUSKA also in Germany.

Finnisch für Anfänger:
RUSKA =  Laubfärbung / Indian summer

Eiswein ...?

Some cleaner design would not harm
Mümling-Grumbach station area.
Or is this art?

Bruce Nauman in Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt.
Well, when is an art work finished?

torstai 27. lokakuuta 2016

Schirmisch: Nauman and Giacometti

The new exhibition in Frankfurt in the Schirn.
Official opening tonight.
Runs until 22.1.2017

Well done again, Schirn,
putting together two so different artists.
With Giacometti you lure the elderly generations to see the show,
they have to walk through the mixed objects:
classic Giacomettis with extrem body orientated installations 
of Nauman, showing balls and hairy arm pits.

American standard outfit. Seen from the back.
By American artist Bruce Nauman.

Jean = Jean Sibelius and others carry this first name.
By Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti.

Did you know that Giacometti made these, too?
The background video shows Nauman holding his balls.


Reflexion of Nauman's neon light object 
on Giacometti showcase of glass.

See the object inside,
this close Nauman came to Giacometti.

Always a theme.

Media moments with the curator, Mrs. Ester Schlicht.

I just had to take this pic!

This Nauman installation pleased me with its colours.

Shadow play.

Even with a tv-camera: shadow play.

This is a pic from the catalogue.
Oderazzi recommends:
see the originals in the exhibition and enjoy the shadows!

Like here, the cage study.

No, I did not take black and white photos,
check the upper right corner of this photo.

Yes, indeed. Video installations. Either you like them or not.

As always, also the sketches of the artists are shown.
Framed = art.

Do not miss the mirror installation in the beginning!

Only camera lens can get inside it.

Also Giacometti, be surprised!

I like the layout of the catalogue, with partly colored pages.

Get all info online - DIGITORIAL:

PS: do not forget to check the building site of the new old town next to Schirn.
This is how it looks like today:

35 houses are being constructed on the historical city layout 
with a loving attention to detail. 15 reconstructions and 20 new buildings, 
incorporating typical style elements of Frankfurt's old town, 
together create a residential area that is typical of an old city centre 
with a successful mixture of old and new. Around 200 people will make 
this their new home. As in the past, the quarter will also house little shops, 
restaurants, premises for local craftsmen and picturesque squares. 
The new DomRömer Quarter will be a lively residential area 
and a meeting place for both residents of the city and visitors.