keskiviikko 29. kesäkuuta 2016

Ein Fall für Blondinen

Sorry fans, no postings lately because have been
a bit busy with parties and visitors ...

But this pic definitely have to be posted immediately:
German actors Antoine Monot, Jr. and Wanja Mues,
the new guys from "Ein Fall für zwei" "Kahden keikka"
walking in Sachsenhausen. Just walking like normal people.
Trish just forged me to be in the picture!
Thanks Trish!

We only had this tiny jar of apple wine.
Before we met the actors.
Afterwards we had more drinks,
one at Martin-Elsaesser-Platz,
but that's another story, this new kiosk! 
Kind of private opening party happening tomorrow night , 
official opening on the 1st of July.

Finally some action at that boring square.

It's all design ... but soon also people and action!
Welcome Cocina Argentina Bar!

torstai 23. kesäkuuta 2016

Pioneers of comic.

SCHRIN exhibition hall in Frankfurt
is showing early comics from USA.

The SCHIRN presents the cultural history of the comic strip 
in an outstanding series of selected works, 
primarily by Amer­ican illus­tra­tors: 
Winsor McCay, Lyonel Feininger, Charles Forbell, 
George Herriman, Cliff Ster­rett and Frank King.

People always have been afraid of volcanos.

Oh those funny artists.

Some of those figures might be forbidden today.

Yes, German artist: Feininger.

Even houses get faces.

One of the rare pics without text. 

Feininger's figurines.

I guess pop was right. Naughty Pete's adventures.

Dr. Alexander Braun, curator of the exhibition. 

Interesting language.

Krazy Kat.

Gasoline Alley,
stories from the everyday life of the bachelor Uncle Wald 
and his foundling Skeezix in an American suburb. 

Uncle Wald, Skeezix and dog.

Life on the beach can be hard!

But let's enjoy the summer, finally Frankfurt has sunny weather.

The exhi­bi­tion “Pioneers of the Comic Strip” 
presents approx­i­mately 230 pages of rare comic strips 
from between 1905 and the 1940s, including very rare orig­inal draw­ings 
by comic strip artists being shown to the public for the first time. 
Corre­la­tions between comic strips and devel­op­ments 
in the fine arts of the day also become apparent. 

tiistai 21. kesäkuuta 2016

Wedding details

Such an emotional and happy wedding celebration!
Tuija and Klaus got married in Bavaria.
See some well-thought details here.

The rings.

Well, I did not really understand every word
as the lady who did the ceremony spoke this local dialect:

Little present from the township for the newly wed.
Nobody told her about Tuija's colour wish?

Even the bubbly bottles were chosen by the favourite colour
of the bride: turquoise.
You can find more of it in Jacques Weindepot.

Well, it's quite hard to decorate Finnish specialities turquoise,
here home made "karjalanpiirakka" with salmon.

Here again, bluish turquoise!

And look at the pretty table decoration.
Waldhaus at Deininger Weiher.
Such a perfect choice for a summer wedding.

Even in the collection of party gadget box
the right colour could be found.

And the ballooooooons! JUMP!

Hm ... the wedding party games ...
here the Bavarian "Wadenerkennung"
where the blinded bride has to find the groom
by touching all these optional calves.

Was geschieht beim Wadenraten ?
Dieses lustige Spiel eignet sich besonders für den späteren Abend, 
wenn die Stimmung der Hochzeitsgesellschaft bereits ausgelassen ist. 
Hier muss der Bräutigam seine geliebte Braut aus allen anwesenden Hochzeitsgästen 
bzw. denen, die sich bereit erklären am Spiel teilzunehmen, erkennen.

None of the guys had turquoise socks on.
Editor's comment.

The cake(s). And other sweets.
So much to eat.

Here we burn the calories with the Finnish LETKIS!

The steps of Letkajenkka are like the steps of Bunny Hop, 
a novelty dance from the 1950s. It has been proposed 
that exchange students returning from the United States to Finland 
would have imported the steps of the Bunny Hop to Finland, 
as they had seen them on the TV show Bandstand. (Wikipedia)

Wedding bingo.

Floating candles with matching colours.


Marja, the mother of the bride, had been creative,
such nice little packages with anecdotes and Finnish sweets.

"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been."
Mark Twain

"Amor con amor se paga"
.... from Portugal actually ...
(Love you pay with love, and everything else with money.)

I may post this pic as it was also published in the facebook.
In one day with more than 300 likes!

Thank you, KIITOS, Tuija and Klaus for the wonderful wedding.

After partying it was so cool to chill at the Wörthsee.

This dog race must be the most popular one at the time being,
we know at least four dog owners with waterdogs,
either Italian or Spanish ...

lagotto romagnolo

Lukekaas täältä toisen vesikoiran
 (Perro de Agua Español),seikkailuja:

Playing again with my Lumix.
Nice arrangement by Eppu.
Thanks to you, too, for letting us enjoy Bavarian country living.

keskiviikko 15. kesäkuuta 2016

Party season has started


Wiesbaden, the posh Capital of Hesse,
is once a year celebrating this Wilhelmstrassenfest.
One of those typical German street parties,
where one street is packed with food stables, bars, found music  
and in the parks there are stages where talented 
and sometimes not so talented dance school students 
perform on stage. All very family friendly, in the afternoon.

We celebrated 125th birthday in Museum Wiesbaden,
a very cool location for parties, too.

This combo exists since the 70es.
Lead singer is the b-bay-boy.
Wow, thanks Mani & Titu for your great b-day party.

This creative chef, Mr. Christoph Brand 
did a great job with the dinner.

„Hessisch-asiatisch-mediterran“ sei sein Stil, 
beschreibt es der Chef. Und nennt ein Koch-Beispiel: 
„Ahle Worscht-Frühlingsrolle mit Basilikum-Pesto.“

Wilhelmstrassenfest was almost done at 1:30.

I told you, it was a party weekend,
next celebration took place close to Koblenz.

Such a cosy location, 
especially as we were lucky with the weather.

Nice crowd.

All guests behaved, nobody was locked in that gadget to the left.

And then the rains started, since Sunday afternoon
we have "enjoyed" heavy thunderstorms with heavy rainfalls,
including hails.

Only this evening the sun came out.
How lucky for all those 70.000 runners who
participated the JPMorgan charity run in Frankfurt.
These tents are not for any refugees,
these are for the runners for after-run-party.

Central Bank shines on us!

I tell you, the SUN came out!

My olive tree seems to like this weather with rain,
olive oil production in Ostend will start in autumn.

Or should I concentrate on products with lavender?

Whatever, next weekend is going to be romantic,
we'll celebrate wedding in Bavaria!



Tommy Tabermann