tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2016


No boring garden pics but ...
some shots from our walking tour.

Hello Oskari!

A mule is the offspring of a male donkey (jack) and a female horse (mare).

Mules and hinnies have 63 chromosomes, 
a mixture of the horse's 64 and the donkey's 62. 
The different structure and number usually prevents 
the chromosomes from pairing up properly and 
creating successful embryos, rendering most mules infertile.

Mules are "more patient, sure-footed, hardy and long-lived than horses, 
and they are considered less obstinate, faster, and more intelligent than donkeys.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

MUULI = Maultier / Mule

Oskari definitely liked the wander girls.

After the rain - yes, we did have some thunder and lighting,
snails came out.

Etana, etana näytä sarves
onko huomenna pouta.

Finnish proverb:
So if the snail shows its horns then the weather will be fine tomorrow.

Sun came out as well.

It is already pretty dry and brown in Mallorca,
every raindrop is welcome.

Look at this: horns!

Sheep in their early summer look - shaved.

Very well trained dogs, no leach.

Yes please, tell me what these things are.

Really? Poolnudeln?

What's up in Dar Ahlam?

Flowers are up.

Trees are up.

Even the "Windnelken" are up: flowers.

Honeysuckle up.

This cactus graffiti seen in Capdepera, up in the castle.

Nice linings up in Capdepera.

View up from the castle.

Up and down at lunch time.

What's up in the area?

Up in Can Picafort Friday street market.

Up in the air: Spanish hand fan.


Finnisch für Anfänger:

VIUHKA = Fächer / hand fan

Very much up are the tattoos.

Also up among the tourists: selfie sticks.

Up towards the skies: poppy flowers!

Up in the Palma Cathedral this hanging Jesus.

All sails up.

Wow, up in Cala Agulla beach season has started.

Up and down jumps the water scooter, definitely without me.

Up at the lighthouse in Cala Ratjada shiny flying objects.

Up here the easternmost location in Mallorca.


A pool noodle (also known as a water log or woggle in the UK) 
is a cylindrical piece of polyethylene foam, sometimes hollow. (Wiki)

Artistic impression by Sirpa.

We are going to have some UPscale fun in our pool!

Well, I never heard this name before, pool noodle.
Now our pool is slowly but surely filling up 
with those versatile objects.

sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2016

Sunny regards from mökki

Flying over the Alps, time for "kesämökki".
Yes, I definitely do prefer a window seat. Always.

Cactus, fruit, name?

Almost missed the sterilizia blossom.

The genus is named after the duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 
birthplace of Queen Charlotte of the United Kingdom. 
A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower / plant, 
because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise.
Wikipedia knows.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KOLIBRIKUKKA  = Sterlizie / sterlizia
KOLIBRI = Kolibri / humming bird
KUKKA = Blume / flower

Love these blue beauties, have to collect the seeds.

Yes, even if the pool color is not the prettiest
the water is clean and almost warm enough.

Olive trees blossoming and loosing this white decoration.
Very symmetric.

Watch out: ice coffee is coffee with ice cubes.
Spain, it is.

This posting includes only iPhone pics.

tiistai 24. toukokuuta 2016

Haggis Holz


Hallo ihr alle Cowgirls, Cowboys und sonstige kunstinteressierte:

Noch am kommenden Sonntag 29.5.16 könnt ihr 
die farbenfrohen und erzählerischen Holzskulpturen
von Hagga Bühler anschauen.

In China haben Elster einen Sonderstatus:

Elster (鹊 qué) = Freude, Eheglück

Blickwinkel ist manchmal wichtig,
das obere Bild wäre vermutlich zu "offen" für die Amis.

Das wunderbare Material Holz mit Maserungen.

Hundenasen können was.

Auch Hängebrüste können attraktiv sein ...!

Über diese Dame habe ich keine Geschichte gehört.
Walküre mit Hase?


Die Geschichte von diesem Mädchen hat der Künstler erzählt,
hoffentlich tut er dies auch am kommenden Sonntag 15-18 Uhr 
in der Galerie Klosterpresse in Sachsenhausen, Paradiesgasse 10.

Hagga Bühler kombiniert Hermes-Attribute in beiden Skulpturen.
Bei den Griechen wurde Hermes meist jugendlich und bartlos, 
mit einem breitkrempigen Hut (Petasos), 
später einem geflügelten Helm, geflügelten Schuhen oder geflügelten Schultern 
und dem zaubermächtigen goldenen Hermesstab 
(griechisch Kerykeion, lateinisch Caduceus) dargestellt. 
Er wird auch manchmal mit einer Schildkröte 
oder mit einem Widder dargestellt.

maanantai 23. toukokuuta 2016

DFB-Pokal - Fussballfieber in Berlin

Quick trip to Berlin!

This time no museums, no galleries.

Just a boat tour on the river Spree.

Checking the new architecture.

It is pretty cool.

But what's up here???

Yes, the Dortmund fan club was in Berlin, too!

In the evening there was the DFB-Cup Final:
Bayern München - BVB

And that is  why we were there, too.
Friend of ours was celebrating his round birthday,
and his brother cancelled in last minute,
so we jumped in. Well, flew in, and took a train back.

This cute boat was our vehicle on the water.

Check this, fans talking to each other, 
in a beach club at the river Spree.

Of course, my seat number 11.

Great seats.
My pics mostly concentrate on atmosphere,
the action pics you have to google.

There they are, the yellow ones from the boats, busses, beach clubs.

These are the fans from Dortmund.

Bavaria traditionally in red.
These red devils were pre-celebrating at Alexanderplatz, we heard.

I guess a scarf is a must.

Celebrity chasing: 
actress Maria Furtwängler, 
Also known as Kriminalhauptkommissarin Lindholm in Hannover-Tatort,
of course supporting Bayern München.
PS. Her round bday will be soon: 13.9.

Celebrities also take selfies ... singer Lena Meyer-Landrut,
two rows behind us.
She won ESC a few years ago.
OMG, it's her half round birthday exactly today!

Let me introduce to you: football fans.
And check those conductors in the front!

Well, well, well, beauties and the beasts, or what?

I'm always amazed how organized and well equipped those fan clubs are.

Also the Bayern fans have guys in the front managing the "songs".

Hands up, baby, hands up ... !

German colours. Oh, what a show this football can be.

Red versus yellow.

I told you, look at that organized management.


This is not allowed but still happens.

This really not allowed, to os dangerous,
and the smoke is real, really annoying.

Pep Guardiola's last dance.
Trainer of Bayern München is leaving Germany.

This camera was gliding over the field taking the best shots.

Full moon rising.
The match started at 20 hours.
We were at the stadium area after 17 hrs, had some dinner,
then entered the stadium more than an hour before the start.
And it was a long night ... 90 minutes match, 2 x 15 minutes extra time.
The goals were only hit at the penalty kick round: 4-3.

Bye bye Dortmund!

Well, red was the winning color but really,
what was the meaning of this Turkish flag in the VIP auditorium???

The winners 2016.

Bayern Munich won the final against Borussia Dortmund 4–3 
on penalties, as the match finished 0–0 after extra time, to win their eighteenth title.
Wikipedia already updated.

I tell you, it really was a great show!

Golden rain!

Even the hanging camera caught some gold.


Midnite Curry Wurst, what else in Berlin!

Party party party.

Thanks JK including us in your bday party celebrations.
The Pokal Final was worth experiencing.