torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2016

March garden pics

Warning: boring garden pics ahead!

This inherited plant blooms nicely.

Imported from Frankfurt: rahapuu.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

RAHA = Geld / money
PUU = Baum / tree

We have two orange trees going on like this!

Found these seed in a glass, let's see what will grow ...

As well as these seeds were supposed to be planted by 2012.
Well, now they are in the earth,
either they come or they don't. Let's see.

Garden products: the best bread in Arta.
Only for sale on Tuesdays during the market.

Morning sun scenery.

Through the garden road in Costa del Pinos runs this vehicle!

Amazing weather at the end of March.
Yes, people were swimming in the sea,
but too many naked kids playing on the beach,
did not want to make pics.

Let's hope that the suns keeps on shining!
Regards from Mallorca!

Still without my suitcase ... IBERIAAAAA,
please put your employers working on my case PLEASE!

keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2016


Birdwatching ...

Nightbird LIVE in Frankfurt
10. April 2016

with MÄKKELÄ feat. Isi

Kaiserstr. 39, Frankfurt

Danke an DFG

Wish I was a bird and could fly to into Madrid airport
where all lost bags are waiting for their owners.
My luggage now lost for 10 days.
IBERA - what's going on?

perjantai 25. maaliskuuta 2016

And how is Valencia?

Visiting Valencia during the FALLAS
is much fun, but really, 
from the real city you can see hardly anything.

The view over Valencia from our hotel.

Lovely trees around.

Yes, the weather was a bit rainy.

Charming signs.

No, not really my favourite type of food!

Some side street.

Yes, loads of fish!

But the huge market hall offers a lot of other things as well.

Quite nicely decorated ceiling.


Interesting ... normally these figures at church walls  
are showing dragons or dogs or other animals ...

Cute angel. In the cathedral of Valencia.

More angels painted.

Well, this hand used to belong to a builder.

I told you fish is everywhere,
even in the cathedral.

Click here for a really detailed page for the cathedral:

Our friends told us this is the prettiest building in the old town.

Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas

The beach was still pretty empty.
But there really is a very long beach in the city.

Geheimtipp as the Germans say:
THE paella restaurant in Valencia.

Starters before the meat paella.

You are allowed to have quick glimpse in the paella kitchen.

The meat paella definitely without onions and garlic.
Chicken, rabbit, some liver ... and ... snails!

Didn't we do a good job,
four persons almost finished the paella for three.
The wooden spoons are an essential part of paella eating,
you scratch the rice of the pan.

We just HAD TO buy this for Eva!
Thanks sooooo much for introducing the real paella.

Typical buildings in Valencia old town.

One of the old gates to the old town.

My favourite Spanish trees.
How are they called? How can I find that out? 
Google, girl, google.

Next to the main station there is the bull fight arena.

Such a charming sign, and note the blue, sunny sky!

Ma favourites in Valencia:
the street lamps and, of course, the orange trees.

Town hall.

Batman rules Valencia!

The heraldic use of the bat in Valencia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands 
has its origins in a winged dragon or Wyrm (vibra or víbria) 
that was crowning the helmet or cimera reial of the Kings of Aragon.


Enjoy the best pub food: Finnegans in Valencia!

Love these fishy creatures.

Time to say good bye to this colorful city this time.
Wouldn't mind to come again,
there also are good language schools around.

Bye bye Valencia.
But is it also bye bye to my suitcase?
It has now taken six days since I travelled
and my luggage cannot be traced.
Maybe in Madrid?
If Iberia cannot find it, who can?

Well, let's see what happens.
In the meanwhile, let's read further articles like this
"Ist Valencia das bessere Barcelona?

tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2016

Valencia FALLAS


Burning the stuff, earlier it was old furniture
and other extra old stuff.
Nowadays art works especially made for the Fallas week.

Here some examples of the art work in Valencia.
All, I tell you, all of them were burned down on Saturday night.

Of course, the virgin was NOT burned.

Graffiti stayed, of course.

This is no Fallas art, so this stayed as well.

Virgin's coat half done.

Fireworks every afternoon, yes indeed.

Party food!

On Sunday the party was over.

City got cleaned, reminded me of German efficiency.

And the sun came out, finally!

Cool guys ...

Next year FALLAS again!
Well, not for us, really, you can experience it once,
but that is enough.

Check also this video:

In my next posting more pics of Valencia.