lauantai 30. tammikuuta 2016

O-AiWeiWei in HEL-HAM


Oh so January weather in Helsinki.
Seen in Oulunkylä.

They had the chilly, bright weather last week.
This week is more watery.

Visited my mum, next month 93 years.

 Mum taking a nap, me checking the family backgrounds,
from my dad's side.
Where does the name KYYTSÖNEN come from?
From Carelia. Today part of Russia.


Yes, the books go back until 1635. 

Catharina's child number 5 is one of my ancestors.
Was quite interesting going through those lists.
Had I had children I might have chosen their names out of this book.

Perjantai on pelipäivä.
On Fridays in the old people's home it's sports day!
I tell you, everything is possible.

Streets in Helsinki.

Beyond visits to my mum
had some time for movies and a museum.
Note those Russian translations on the plates.
Is Helsinki counting on Russian tourism or ... what?

Liked both movies very much.
"Miekkailija"(Fencer/Swordsman) (in Estonian language) more serious,
"Nuotin vierestä" (Finnish) actually quite funny.
But e13 for a (one) movie ticket? Hello!

An airliner always remembers the three-letter-codes.
HAM equals Hamburg.
But here we are talking about a museum:
Helsinki Art Museum.
Also, please, do forget any hints for any food, like ... ham.

Quite an impressing show with Ai Weiwei's art.

traditional Chinese: 鄂爾多斯市; pinyin: È'ěrduōsī) 
is one of the twelve major subdivisions 
of Inner Mongolia, People's Republic of China. 
It lies within the Ordos Loop of the Yellow River.

Ordos in Inner Mongolia, north China is synonymous 
with the phrase ‘Ghost Town’, 
a term used to describe cities that are apparently 
built on a whim, with no one to occupy them.

Read more here:

This city model.

Unmistakenly Ai Weiwei.

As well.

Chairs and shadows.

Sorry, no Finnish landscapes.

perjantai 22. tammikuuta 2016

Eastend winter tales

Winter days, winter tales.

Winter has arrived in Frankfurt.
The daffodils in the middle of the street
probably are used to some unexpected occurrence.
Looks like a car tried to ride over the daffodils.

Griesheim is a much discussed suburban area west of the city center.
No, not the Westend.
Rather the Oriental End. Arabic end.
Which is proven here.

Griesheim galt lange Zeit als einer der größten sozialen Brennpunkte der Stadt. 
Durch die zum Teil hochproblematische Wohnsituation in einigen Siedlungen 
(zum Beispiel westliche Ahornstraße) kam es in den 1990er Jahren zu Vorkommnissen, 
die Griesheim den Namen Frankfurter Bronx einbrachten.  (Wikipedia)

I tell you, take the A-train, no, no, the S-Bahn, 
and discover your townships.
You do not have to go far in order to find exotic areas.
Streets like Münchener and Kaiserstrasse close to the main station
in Frankfurt are really worth a visit, or two.

In our neighbourhood houses are growing
in the romantic winter sun.

Am soooooo jealous.
My neighbor's money tree blossomed again.
I probably took my plants indoors too early.
Not a single flower appeared.

Love my gluegun.
I guess I should use it more often in order to remember that 
But hubby's belt is fixed.

We gave it a try. New Indian restaurant in Ostend.
We told the brother of the owner
that we'll come again in a month's time
and give it another try.
Today I only can recommend the new Indian eateries 
close to the main station!

Psssst: ALDI has some pretty good wines again. 
This Spanish wine is rated with 89 Parker points.
And you know, the price is "reasonable".

Parker-Punkte werden entsprechend 
dem amerikanischen Schulnoten-System vergeben, 
zwischen 50 und 100 Punkten. 
Die einzelnen Wertungen besagen:

50 bis 69 Punkte: schlecht bis unterdurchschnittlich
70 bis 79 Punkte: durchschnittlich
80 bis 89 Punkte: überdurchschnittlich bis sehr gut
90 bis 95 Punkte: hervorragend
96 bis 100 Punkte: außerordentlich

tiistai 19. tammikuuta 2016

Learning by doing

Learning by doing, languages.
Post from Spain.

Almost 23 years ago I got my very first speeding ticket 
just a day after I had moved from Luxembourg to Frankfurt.
Well, a week ago I received my very first Spanish speeding ticket ...
Driving the rental car a bit careless, maybe.
The interesting thing is, in Spain you pay only the half of the fine
if you pay in 20 days after you receive the fine.
How cool is that then.

La mierda pasa.

Learning by doing: ice skating.
Teaching Miss A the secrets of figure skating.
Or something similar.

Miss A's mother shows a perfect figure on the ice,
she is taking (morning) lessons.
Would love to join her for the classes BUT
who the heck organizes skating lessons at 8 in the morning???

"You can leave your hat on ..."
Elegant skating ladies.

Star of the day.

Typical sky over Frankfurt: Kondenzstreifen.

(Learning by googling)

Contrails (short for "condensation trails") 
or vapor trails are line-shaped clouds 
sometimes produced by aircraft engine exhaust, 
typically at aircraft cruise altitudes several miles 
above the Earth’s surface. 
Contrails are composed primarily of water, in the form of ice crystals. 

What else.

And why is skating so important?
Well, i.e. to burn all the calories you gain when ...

... making chocolate!

Here the master Michi showing and explaining
the secrets of making chocolate.
It was a birthday present to our friend,
such a brilliant idea spend tasty time together.

Participants creating their own chocolate designs.
PS the chilis are really hot.

Everybody could try one praline.

Some history of cacao plant was also part of the seminar.

Nice event, nice shop, nice chocolate in Sandweg, Frankfurt:

Thank you Terttu again for your "Insider-Tipp".

lauantai 16. tammikuuta 2016

Confusing winter weather

Getting to know your neighbours ...
... Sorry pal, you were hiding behind the sunscreen in the cellar.

Scorpion, yes, this is country life.

Last red berries.

Artá market square in a late afternoon.

Sunny days for walks on the beach.
Cala Agulla.
Horse back riding is also popular on the beaches.

Panorama of the quite empty beach.

These signs rather are meant for summer season.
On this Sunday there were at least ten dogs running around.
And swimming, of course.

Very informative.

Well, not quite empty ... Nordic Walkers along the water side.

Entrance to the caves of Artá.

See our new car!

The landscape is quite impressive.

Cala Millor.


Winter beach.

Almond tree in our garden.

Almond trees of our neighbour.

View towards Artá.

Almond blossom.

Daily check check ... counting the sheep.

Another boring sunset.

One of the most traditional celebrations in the Balearic Islands, 
the Saints Day or Fiesta de Sant Antoni, 
takes place every year on 17th January. 

Deeply rooted in local customs, 
its origin dates back to the old 
agricultural way of life of the Island inhabitants, 
when they looked to the saint, 
patron saint of domesticated animals, 
o protect the animals that were so essential 
to them in their work in the fields. 

Die Festa popular de Sant Antoni (katalanisch, kastilisch: Fiesta popular de San Antonio) 
ist ein Volksfest zu Ehren des heiligen Antonius 
und wird auf den gesamten Balearischen Inseln 
jedes Jahr am 17. Januar gefeiert. 
Am Vorabend des Tages, am 16. Januar, 
werden große Feuer (foguerons) in den Städten und Dörfern entzündet,
in deren Schein die maskierten Menschen tanzen 
und als Sieg über den bösen Teufel (dimoni) Teufelspuppen verbrennen. 
Begleitet von Musik, Gesang und anzüglichen Sprüchen 
wird dieses Spiel bis in die Morgenstunden fortgesetzt.

In Ostend the construction works are going on.