perjantai 30. lokakuuta 2015

STURM Frauen in Frankfurt



Well, well, and behind all these women was a man.
Herwarth Walden.

Herwarth Walden (actual name Georg Lewin, 
16 September 1879 in Berlin – 31 October 1941 in Saratov, Russia) 
was a German Expressionist artist and art expert in many disciplines. 
He is broadly acknowledged as one of the most important 
discoverers and promoters of German avant-garde art 
in the early twentieth century 
(Expressionism, Futurism, Dadaism, Magic Realism).

This painting you probably recognize from the ads.

Women artists were versatile,
they painted, draw, designed costumes!


Natalja Gontscharowa
is one of the names that I recognize.
Gabriele Münter and Sonja Delaney as well,
but all the other 15 artists need to be checked.

Did Keith Haring get to see this pic too ...?

 (Pic borrowed from internet.)

My recycle-crafting heart loves this!

STURM was everything,
also a magazine.

marked the emer­gence into modern art 
and an attempt to unite the inter­na­tional avant-garde. 
Orig­i­nally founded in 1910 as a maga­zine for the promo­tion of Expres­sionist art, 
the name STURM quickly became a trade­mark: 
its editor, the writer and gallery owner Herwarth Walden, 
estab­lished the STURM Academy, STURM soirées, 
a STURM stage, and the STURM Gallery,

It is always very cool to wander around the exhibitions
when only the press people are invited.

Check here how you can book online tickets
to avoid long lines at the entrance.

torstai 29. lokakuuta 2015

In and around Palma


It's almost end of October,
time to set the Christmas lights? Yes!

Hm. Lego-houses? In Palma.

Windmills everywhere.

I guess they have to be under protection.
Somehow cute.

Look carefully, find many.

Oh  my cute room mate, the nameless cat.

Soon to become yellow lemons.

BTW, Tiina's birthday is today,
the party was celebrated beforehand.


Such a creative present.

Finnish party beauties.
Lettu, Hettu, Tittu, Uttu, Quttu.

Morning view towards the city of Palma.

The seashore can be inspiring, too.

Random tree at the street.

Not random but very fine salts!

The salt mountains of Mallorca.

What happens to the darker part ...?

BBQ preparation for the evening.

This restaurant is huge and the meat is good,
we were a bit unlucky this time,
but shall try again.

If you need a break from the touristy streets of Palma,
pop into this oasis.

Formal garden, awesome.

This used to be the bath house.

Another curiosity:
the hidden garbage tanks!

Yes, Christmas is coming every year.
Oderazzi will take pics when the lights are on.

tiistai 27. lokakuuta 2015

Party paella in Mallorca

Sea food paella foto project.

I was so lucky to be invited to a birthday party 
on Saturday on the island of Mallorca.
For us Northern Europeans it is very exciting indeed
to see how an original paella is been prepared.
This paella was kind of sea food thing, just missing mussels.
Here my photo report.

First the paella pan has to be cleaned.

The cook started with chapping the onions.

Then he prepared the two sorts of fish.

And the sepia. 
What a slippery business.

In the meantime assistant Carlos was preparing the tomatoes.

The shrimps got to the pan first.

Only after the shrimps were fried and taken off,
the onions were sautéed.

Fish and sepia added, as well as red pepper powder.

After that the rice was poured in.

I promised to the cook not to tell which secret liquid was added!

Very important: let the "soup" boil, do not stir. 
Sounds like the James Bond cocktails.

These guys were added at the very end.

The liquid almost gone, time for the shrimps.

Systematically placed.

Finally the slices of lemon were added.
Voilà! The party paella is ready to be eaten!

It did not take long and the paella pan was empty again.

And what did I eat ... ?
Well, the buffet was fantastic:
starting with those funny octopus looking sausages 
there were plenty of choices: roast beef, home made meat balls, ham ...

Tortilla, tombet, spinach pie, salmon, more shrimps ...

Finnish home made kaalikääryle!

It seems that the party people love desserts!
These three types of profiteroles were brilliant.

The sweet winner was the home made pavlova.

Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert 
named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.

My favourite was this carrot cake with Philadelphia cheese topping.
All home made, of course.

Interesting was that the bubbly 
was only served with the dessert, after the dinner.
That's when the birthday songs were sang
in all languages ... Spanisch, Finnish, English, Swedish ...

The birthday girl Tiina 
has been living on the island more than 40 years.
Thank you so much for your invitation!
Loved the party, the people, the location and, of course, the weather!

The party location was this charming finca
not far away from the capital Palma.

My second party photo project was observing the "ashtrays".

More Mallorca impressions in my next posting.