keskiviikko 30. syyskuuta 2015

Pre X-mas creativity


Do not throw away your old books!

Use your creativity.

My everlasting project, getting on ...

But in-between the creative hours
I have to check what is going on in our garden.
Read: what damage the city rabbits have done again.

This is how it looks like when a city rabbit 
has been sitting on my new planted flower.
Eating neighboring leaves.
grrrrrrr ..... grrrrr .....

Our garden soon looks like a prison.

Additionally to these "art works" I left some garlic cloves around,
maybe that horrible smell will scare those stupid rabbits away.

Found this:

Deter rabbits with commercially-available deer repellents 
that contain a mixture of
dried bovine blood, sulfured eggs and garlic.

Bloody hell, wonder if our neighbors would smell it, too.

sunnuntai 27. syyskuuta 2015

Outi's Uotinens


This quite extraordinary evening was the reason
for my September trip to Berlin.

Happy to be in Berlin, Jorma Uotinen and Trio Avec:

Petri Ikkelä, accordion

Jari Hakkarainen, piano

Jorma Uotinen, singer

Helena Plathán (Paavola), cello

Berlin, shabby chick.

Art in the Forum Factory.

Yes, partly by recycled materials.

He used to be THE dancer in Finland,
here rehearsing for the show.

Interview for SISU-radio.
Came out today.
Replay on Monday, 28.9. at 15 hrs German time.
live stream:

Finnisch für Anfänger:

UUSINTA = Wiederholung / replay

Back stage picture.

SISU-Kirsi with Jorma before the show.

Show to start, Jorma Uotinen waiting
for  Trio Avec to warm up.

Very many melancholy moments,
well, it was all about love - Chansons.

Just a quick one from the stage.

He's been singing since the beginning of the 2000.

Ladies from Frankfurt in the front.

Performance in English, French, Finnish,
songs even in German.

Yes, performance.
BTW, the band was excellent.

Drama queen.

Celebrating after the show.
No, it's not Oliver Kahn but a Finnish guy called Bo.
Mikko Roiha, theatre director congratulating Jari, the pianist.

Girls just wanna have fun ...
Taina, Hannele, Eppu happy after the concert.

Bye bye Berlin, hope to return here soon.
Says Jorma.
Me, too!

Further famous people caught at the concert night:
autor, actor, etc. Eppu Nuotio
with her husband, theater maker Kurt Nuotio.
This Finnish couple lives now in Berlin.

SISU-radio is pushing Eppu to visit Frankfurt soon.

And here some hints for your Berlin trip:

In Kreuzberg.

Just chicken, but crispy chicken.

Close to Anhalter Bahnhof.
Just a Kneipe.


New shop in Berlin:
Beatrice von Tresckow in the Leibnizstrasse!
Colours, colors, colors in style.

keskiviikko 23. syyskuuta 2015

Luxury Pashminas

Autumn has started.
First we have a look at nature's wonders:

These things grow on wood.

All forms.

Fungy colors.

Rekha's luxury Pashminas were presented again in Langen
at the Fürstliche Gartenfest last weekend.
This piece is one of the unique hand made luxury pashminas.

Nice surroundings.
Normally opened for public twice a year,
in September one weekend for this garden show
and in May you can stroll along the park and admire the rhodos.
But there seems to be more going on:

Such a funny band!

This year at Rekha's stand also saree show.

If you missed last weekend
here the next stations where you can buy a luxury pashmina.

Or click here:

I have to go to Uferkunst again to get this stone finished.

But first I'll travel to Berlin ... more to follow!

tiistai 15. syyskuuta 2015

Virsikirjoista himmeli


Finnisch für Anfänger:

ASKARRELLA = basteln / crafting

To make a HIMMELI out of religious song book?
Why not?
Let's see.

sunnuntai 13. syyskuuta 2015

Lange Tafel time

The Annual Get-together: Lange Tafel.

Table is set, neighbours can arrive.

The same scenery 2 years ago,
ECB still being built.

Three years ago.

2011: If you look very carefully 
you can see the yellow tips of the cranes
behind the red building in the middle.

Now we have these red cranes 
at the next door busy building site.

As you can see, again we were lucky 
with the weather when getting together.

Fantastic desserts.

Pretty and tasty salmon snacks.

Vegetable quiche.

And finally the sausages ...
Was too busy eating, 
no time to make pics of the non-burn Bratwurst.
As always, people brought plenty of tasty stuff to the buffet.

September evenings get dark quite early.

This artistic masterpiece is called "Fussball".
Tried to catch the soccer playing kids,
12 of them, and some adults, too.
So many children living in our building, yes!

Finnisch für Anfänger:

LAPSI = Kind / child
JALKAPALLO / Fussball / football

And here again a reminder:

Den roten Faden der Installation SONG 1 
bildet der für das Filmmusical Dames (1934) 
geschriebene Song "I Only Have Eyes for You"

With that installation you can kind of celebrate
your delayed wedding anniversary, too.

SONG 1 dauert 35 Minuten,
eine gefühlsame Mischung von Musik und Bilder.

Kunsthalle Schirn
Nur bis 27.9.2015.