maanantai 31. elokuuta 2015

Datura art

Thank you summer for being here!

This is from my friend's garden in Odenwald.
These guys stay indoor over the winter months,
in summertime get lot's of water, fertilizer and love.

Amazing flowers.

In other main languages these flowers are called trumpets,
but in Finnish language they are called trombones!

Brugmansia is a genus of seven species of flowering plants 

in the family Solanaceae. Their large, fragrant flowers 

give them their common name of angel's trumpets
a name sometimes used for the closely related genus Datura.

Die Engelstrompeten (Brugmansia) sind eine Pflanzengattung 
aus der Familie der Nachtschattengewächse
Durch den hohen Anteil an Alkaloiden sind alle Pflanzenteile giftig.

Son conocidas como "Trompetas de Ángel
debido a sus enormes flores y comparten dicho nombre 
con los toloaches del género Datura con el cual está estrechamente emparentado.

Brugmansia és un gènere de plantes solanàcies amb 7 espècies. 
Tenen les flors grosses i flairoses, 
per això reben el nom comú de trompetes dels àngels.

Änglatrumpetsläktet (Brugmansia) är ett växtsläkte 
inom familjen potatisväxter med sex arter. 
Änglatrumpeter ingår i familjen potatisväxter.

Pasuunat (Brugmansia) on koisokasvien heimoon kuuluva kasvisuku. 
Siihen kuuluu seitsemän pitkäikäistä lajia, 
joista osa on pienikokoisia puita, osa suuria pensaita. 
Lajeille yhteistä ovat roikkuvat kukat ja piikittömät siemenet. 
Kaikki myös sisältävät myrkyllisiä antikolinergisiä tropaanialkaloideja.


iPhone  art.

I did not really want to take any plastic bags with me,
but this was given me in the press center of the Frankfurt Fair.
Finnish greeting almost on the top, 
how cool is that then.

sunnuntai 30. elokuuta 2015

One of those days


The set-up by our janitor against the rabbits.

Looks pretty inviting, if I liked carrots.

What a mess. 
Am afraid to go out and check if ... 

Instead, went to the Tendence fair in Frankfurt.
A Finnish company is selling quite succesfully
kitchen towels (?).
The designer confessed that she never had in mind
the pretty actual discussion of equal sexes ...
This is kind of cute, isn't it.
KUITUKUU - more joy.

These chairs are made of wood and rope only.
Pretty cool.

So I prepared my radio show for Sunday,
had 8 interviews, had music, had other stuff.
What happens?

The previous show masters had pulled some cables off,
so ... SISU had problems coming on air.
Shit, that was frustrating.

But lucky us, the weather in Frankfurt is fantastic!
Hot, hotter, Frankfurt.
Museumsuferfest is on.

lauantai 29. elokuuta 2015

Herr Glück


Gerhard Glück, born July 13, 1944 in Bad Vilbel, 
was raised and educated in Frankfurt, 
where his artistic talent was noticed from an early age on. 
He studied Art Education and Design in Kassel, 
where he worked as an art teacher from 1976 to 2003 
and where he lives to this very day.

Funny exhibition in Caricatura Museum Frankfurt!

NY is always beautiful,
this time I visited Guggenheim and Whitney museums,
tomorrow am going over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Is this Glück guy making fun of me?
Just the things I did in NY in June!

This guy understands art:
Mr K named his kind of dead plant Giacometti.
Glück has several brilliant further variations of classic art.

In Mediathek von ZDF:

This is Frankfurt, indeed, with Mr Glück himself!

This pic touched my biker soul.

Exhibition lasts until 13.9. in Caricatura Museum Frankfurt.

Check for more pics:

Well, it is the big Museumsufer weekend.
Action at river Main, action in museums,
drillions of people coming to party.
Such a shitty weather, though.

Radio-X stage is, as always, in front of Städel, 
underneath the Holbeinsteg bridge,
at the level of the river.
On stage local bands, loud music.
At the info stand also SISU girlies.
No interest in radio?
What about tv?
Local open tv, in German Bürgerfernsehsender "Offener Kanal"
is also present just next to radio-X stage:

Back to Glück:
The man on the stairs showing a sign:
Kehrt um, die Ausstellung ist scheisse.
(turn back, the exhibition is crap). 
Every Städel visitor regocnizes the location!
Yes, it is the Holbeinsteg pedestrian bridge in the background.

Have a happy Museumsuferweekend:

keskiviikko 26. elokuuta 2015



Add a hibiscus flower in a glass of sparkling wine!
So pretty and such a pleasant taste, too.

Such a cool dessert, with hibiscus.
Quark creme topping some "Müsli".
Thank you my Swiss friend Barbara again for these decorative pleasures!

And this is how it looks like in a glass,
this eatable hibiscus.

Wikipedia knows more:

Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) 
is a species of Hibiscus native to West Africa,
used for the production of bast fibre and as an infusion, 
in which it may also be known as carcade. 

The flowers are 8–10 cm in diameter, white to pale yellow 
with a dark red spot at the base of each petal, 
and have a stout fleshy calyx at the base, 
fleshy and bright red as the fruit matures. 
It takes about six months to mature.

The red calyces of the plant are increasingly exported 
to the United States and Europe, 
where they are used as food colourings. 
Germany is the main importer. 
It can also be found in markets (as flowers or syrup) 
in some places such as France.

So the common garden hibiscus hardly can used.

And look at this huge variation,
would you put this in your champagne glass?

lauantai 22. elokuuta 2015


Our new neighbor in Ostend:
You remember, Sudfass had to go, 
a new apartment building will come.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

NOSTOKURKI = Baukran / crane
NOSTAA = aufheben / to lift
KURKI = Kranich / crane

Today, not yet ready, it resembled the Tour Eiffel!

But let's look back,
during the week Oderazzi visited Michelstadt.

Not being aware of the Jewish past of this town 
in the middle of Odenwald.

Jerusalem Boutique in Michelstadt? Yes, indeed.

And almost next to the shop the synagogue.
Also kind of museum.

Not only Jewish history but also a-lot-of-ivory.
And I mean a lot.

There is a private ivory museum close to the market square.

Another ivory museum is to be found in Eberbach:

This extraordinary piece of art can be found in Mümling-Grumbach.
The artist prefers to stay unknown.
Ha ha ha.
Well, there are ways to store stuff.
Leave it hanging all over  ...
Organize it in neat piles.
Or use your creativity and build an architectural wonder.
For mice or other garden guys.

Getting back to real building sites.
On Ostend they are putting up a stage for a one night concert.
First they brought the toilets. the blue ones: Dixi Klos.

Frankfurt radio symphony is playing on Wednesday.
Quite a cool way to set up an orchestra in a pic!

The stage will be at the riverside 
and they'll play towards Oosten restaurant.
The concert is free.

And now we get to the Baukranbaustelle.
Before noon only the half was set up.

Exact manpower needed.

That must be the driver's cabin waiting for the final lift.
Or is it the crane operator's cabin?
In German they call him/her Kranführer.

Kind of artistic wall next door.

And here it stands, our new neighbor.

Must the driver climb up every morning all these tiny steps?


Artistic view.

Hello neighbor, staying there for the next ... 2 years?

And to the end:
yes, my strawberries survived the rabbit attack.
Unfortunately those stupid animals keep on attacking
my garden further on, they seem to find new tasty plants 
every day, night, morning, evening.
I thought I rescued these when lifting them onto the table.
But already noticed, rabbits can jump.

tiistai 18. elokuuta 2015


Okay fans.
I hold a museum card,
it entitles for free entrance to all museums in Frankfurt.
As mine is a family card, I can also take 
two kids (up to 18 yrs) with me, free of charge.

There is this great exhibition in Kindermuseum

Schrift:stellen & Zeichen:setzen

It's all about letters and lettering and books and printing,
from the very beginning until today.
The best thing about it: it's all interactive.
You can test your skills in calligraphy (pretty good)
you can create art with magnetic and wooden etc. letters (fun)
making animated movies (challenging)
you can play with letters (for smaller kids)
you can create letter art on computer screen (pretty easy).

Educating, of course.

Interactive, I told you.


How were the books made before computers?

Lettered curtain.

This typo game was soon cool.
I tried the possibilities with letter O.

You may also visit the Kindermuseum without me.
It's in the center of the city, behind the Hauptwache coffee place.
But honestly, if you have a kid and no time to join,
contact me!