perjantai 31. heinäkuuta 2015

Sommer in Hessen


This picture pretty much describes this summer in central Europe:

Colorful drinks, group gatherings,
weather warm enough for swimming,
and very many aggressive wasps around!

torstai 30. heinäkuuta 2015

saaracalle rengastettiin

Romantic wedding in Helsinki mid July.

The ceremony was held in the
Temppelinaukion kirkko / Rock church,
maybe sometimes rocking church, too:

Saara and Calle so happy!

We all felt like filmstars in front of those tourists.

Useful: change your high heels to walking shoes.

This boat took us to the wedding party celebration place.

The trip took almost an hour.
And how any bottles of bubbly ... ?

Heavy traffic in front of Helsinki.

Bungee jumping!

Helsinki seen from the sea.

Yes, Helsinki.

Of course the bride's mobile phone is matching white.

Busy instagramming: #saaracalle

New postings?

No, no, no it's not a boring
but an interactive wedding party!

Fish, fish, fish ... and a steak for Ode!

Summer 2015 in Finland.
Weatherwize unfortunately like this. 

Cool hairdo.

Busy moviemakers.

Not only live music performances but 
also some traditional wedding games,
throwing not only the bouquet but the suspender!
Quite tricky, find the suspender and get it off without hands.


Happy couple leaving the party ...

The sky is the limit!

Onnea SaCa ja kiitos että saimme olla mukana 
todistamassa yhteisen taipaleenne alkua!

perjantai 24. heinäkuuta 2015

Raindrops in Joroinen

Some macro testing on Marja's flowers in Joroinen (FIN).


Finnisch für Anfänger:

PÄIVÄNKAKKARA = Margerite / daisy
PÄIVÄ = Tag / day
KAKKA = Scheisse / shit
KAKKARA = kleines Brotstück / tiny bread
(MAKKARA = Wurst / sausage)

Murresana "kakkara" muuten tarkoittaa pieniä leipiä, 
joita tehdään taikinan lopusta, kun se ei enää riitä isomman leivän tekemiseen. 

No drops, just a bee at work.

Yes, this summer has been and still is rainy,
in Finland.

perjantai 17. heinäkuuta 2015

Blue Helsinki


Summer scenery over Helsinki.

This Dome can take any weather.

From any side.

The Cathedral rising on the northern side of the Senate Square 
is the stage of national and academic festive services 
and one of the most popular tourist sights. 
The church is part of Helsinki"s Empire era centre 
and a landmark for those arriving by sea. 
It has become the symbol of the whole of Helsinki.

Meeting point for the gymnasts this week.

One of the performing groups.

Finnair Skywheel.
PS. With Finnair customer card you get 25% discount.

Finnair wants us to experience the world in blue.

Four rounds.

Wow, the renovation of the Presidential Palace has finished.
It's the yellow building, even in the blue photo.

The Presidential Palace in Helsinki 
(Finnish: Presidentinlinna, Swedish: Presidentens slott), 
is one of the official residences in Helsinki of the President of the Republic of Finland. 
It is situated on the north side of Esplanadi, overlooking Market Square.

A new perspective from the wheel.
Uspenski Cathedral, the famous Orthodox church.

The Uspenski Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox cathedral 
on the Katajanokka peninsula in Helsinki. 
It is the largest Orthodox church in western Europe.

Boats returning to the harbour.
Blue hour at 21 hrs.
Finnair wheel blue ...

The real blue hour at 22:30 hrs.
Thunder storm approaching.

keskiviikko 15. heinäkuuta 2015

HEL design


Vanha kleptomaani muistelee.

Yes, scissors!

1967 - Fiskars manufactures the world's first plastic-handled scissors

The orange-handled scissors are one of Fiskars' best known products. 
But how was it decided to make the handles of the scissors orange? 
In 1967 when the first basic models were about to be manufactured 
the designer wanted the scissors to be black, red or green. 
As the prototype went into production, the machinist decided to 
finish off the orange color he had in his machine. 
This meant prototypes were made in four different colors, 
of which the orange and black were most popular. 
A choice had to be made. An internal vote was taken at Fiskars, 
and the result gave birth to Fiskars orange-handled scissors. 

The color, Fiskars Orange®, was officially registered 
as a trademark in Finland in 2003 and in the US 2007.

The Design Museum in Helsinki
is introducing Finnish fashion from ... earlier days.
Hi guys, you remember wearing these outfits?
No? Me neither.
But those neon colors are in just now as well, aren't they!

Shoe designer Minna Parikka does not only
produce rabbit ear shoes but PEACE!

Shoes by 3D printer.

Fishy ceramics.

Tapio Wirkkala was one of the most famous designers,
retrospective with his work also in the Design Museum:
Wirkkala Revisited.

Tapio Wirkkala was an exceptionally versatile designer and artist 
whose work was of very broad scope. 
He was not limited by the size, materials or 
professional boundaries of his projects. 
For Wirkkala, form was not just 
an aesthetic aim or intellectual insight. 
It was the result of a sensitive dialogue of thought, hand, eye and material.

Yes, we do have pigeons at the railway station.
Yes, there are people feeding these birds.