keskiviikko 28. tammikuuta 2015

Kalevala by Kunnas and Gallen-Kallela

This year Kalevala, the Finnish national epic,
is going to be 180 years old.

Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931) is known as the national artist of Finland.
Mauri Kunnas I herewith nominate as the national comic artist of Finland.

Kunnas writes in his foreword for the Canine Kalevala:

As I listened over the years to the animated hubbub dogs make, 
it occurred to me that perhaps they were trying to say something. 
So I packed my knapsack and set out on a collecting trip 
among the neighborhood canine community. 
I recorded some two hundred hours of various types of howls 
and then, together with my dear friend Rekku the dog, 
transcribed the tapes. It is from these "songs" 
that this book is compiled.

So similar are these stories to those of the Finnish national epic, 
the Kalevala, that I decided to name this saga 
and its bold heroes and damsels in accordance with it.

Canine Version of AKG's painting "Lemminkäinen's Mother"

Canine version of AGK's "Aino" triptych.

Canine version of AKG's painting "The Forging of the Sampo"

Canine version of AKG's painting "Ilmarinen Ploughing the Field of Vipers"

Canine version of AKG's painting "Kullervo Goes Forth to Battle"

Canine version of AKG's painting "The Defense of the Sampo"

Made some prints for our 
on Thursday, 5th of February 2015

Laura and Katalin are singing Finnish-Hungarian folks songs
and Raúl is reading in German language
extracts from Kalevala and some Hungarian poems.

SISU-radio is organizing also some
traditional snacks and drinks.

Come to Galli and be amazed!

Yes, Raúl was our guest in SISU-radio  on last Sunday!

Music of KALLATON can be listened here:

Mieleni minun tekevi, aivoni ajattelevi
lähteäni laulamahan, saa'ani sanelemahan,
sukuvirttä suoltamahan, lajivirttä laulamahan.
Sanat suussani sulavat, puhe'et putoelevat,
kielelleni kerkiävät, hampahilleni hajoavat.

(Kalevala first lines)

tiistai 27. tammikuuta 2015



I have kind of fallen in this smoothie fashion.
Many friends of mine have praised the smoothie method.
You can mix everything together and it tastes good.
Well, so off we went on Saturday and bought a mixer.
Smoothie mixer, as you can see.
It's like the old mixer we used to have years ago,
but with this new function "smoothie".

Off we went and bought loads of fruit and some veggies.

Today's test was with some ananas, celery, carrot, nuts and almonds.
With cinnamon and some apple juice, also some olive oil.
Yes, it tastes nice. Must be pretty healthy as well.
Now surfing in internet and looking for some exciting recipes!

Saw this in the local kiosk when picking up some mail.
Helloooo ... insects for sale. Dead ones.
Who buys them? The lady behind the counter told me
that, indeed, there is even an elderly person 
in the neighborhood who orders these ...!

Probably you could smuggle this into a smoothie ...

Tulips I would not smootherize,
they are too pretty to be eaten!

Have a smooth week!

lauantai 24. tammikuuta 2015

Barcelona in January


One of the famous palaces constructed by Gaudi.
That guy did some funny and crazy work.

But here the Chinese have concurred a building,
at Ramblas.

Jamon Experience, everything you wanted to know about Iberian Jamón.
Museum and restaurant at Ramblas.

Unidentified objects in the market hall.

Identified objects ... some people do eat these, too.

Cute courtyard at the Cathedral.

Yes, with live animals.

Off Ramblas the oriental part of the old town.
With cinema centre.

Kaurismäki and von Bach in very good company!

Let's learn some Calatan ...
in winter time the opening hours should be checked.

These trees seen next to the Maritime Museum.
Who can tell me what they are?

My travel companion suggested the Hop on , hop off - tour.
It was very good, but quite ... fresh.

Blue skies!

In this old bullfight arena there today is a - guess what!
Shopping center.


One of Gaudi's balconies.

In the sun the roofs look cool.

This central square, Placa Catalana,
could look more inviting.

It also is a major pigeon gathering place.

Random street in Barcelon.

Ticket office of the music palace, Palau de la Musica.

iHead ...?
Apple artwork next to the Cathedral.

Tapas, tapas, tapas!

This is also Barcelona.

The fishy art work in the harbour.

Sagrada Familia seen from the bus.

Torre Agbar.
The highest building at the time being?

The newest museum in town: Museu del Disseny.

Among other things a great journey through fashion history. 

Hm, tram station and what is that funny thing behind?

Such a cool mirror construction!


And what do we have here? A flee market!!!
Mercat de fira Bellcaire.

This is how they sell books in Barcelona.

Oh those green birds! Cacatuidae? Kakadus?
That's what the lady sounding like Judy Dench 
explained in the hop-on-hop-off bus.

Very pretty birdies. And quite loud, can be heard all over the city.

Here we are, finally at the Sagrada Familia church.

And there is somebody hanging quite high up ...

The decoration can be ... challencing for he viewers.
I find it kind of scary sometimes.

The facade can be challenging, too.

In the afternoon the church gets fantastic sunlight 
through the decorated windows.

Please notice the tourists with their selfie antennas.

This church really is worth a visit, or two, or three.

Check the light.

Even the metallic organ becomes colored.

2030 the building site should be finished.


The old market hall in Born.

Now you can learn there a lot of Barcelona's history.

Santa Maria del Mar.
Something about the towers?

From the terrace you've got a great overview,
if you get to the terrace ... somehow. Next time.

Hm, in wintertime the level of noice is bearable, I would say.

Congrats FCB.

Congrats to me, found these tapas: frittata artichokes 
... you know what I mean. Lecker!

No friends, none of you is going to get 
a selfie antenna as a present from me. So sorry.
Airport shopping at BCN airport is pretty funny.

Vueling airlines flying me home over the mountains.
Not a bad experience at all, and not expensive either.