tiistai 29. joulukuuta 2015

Winter colors of Mallorca


Recycling trial number one:
Curlings of grapevines remodeled.

Material for recycling: mini granatas.

This weed even attracts my hubby.
Not really for recycling but we are curious to see how it will bloom.

Xmas burning ... quick and efficient way 
of getting rid of garden garbage.
But only in wintertime.

Yes, December!

Detail of an almond tree.

Wondering which plat this is, blossoming in December?

Beige art. Hm ...

Actually an aged parasol,
the bees have occupied it as it has been closed.

Winter sky. Either red or ...

... blue.
Yes, how weird is this then!
Almond flower. In December. Helllloooooo!!!

With temperatures over 20 degrees no wonder.

And yes, almond trees also have leaves.

Well, it is the middle one that has started to bloom.
Hopefully gets more spectacular later on.

Also yellow color in December.

Remember the pomegranate?
Still hanging!

Not to forget the orange color,
this pretty lonesome fungus has diameter of ca. 10 cm.

Spanish for beginners:

NARANJA = orange / orange / oranssi
AMARILLO = gelb / yellow / keltainen
ROJO = rot / red / punainen
AZUL = blau / blue / sininen
VERDE = grün / green / vihreä
MARRÓN = braun / brown / ruskea

torstai 24. joulukuuta 2015

So this is Christmas


Afternoon sun moments on 24.12.15 in Artá, Baleares.

Where to hang the decoration? Lemon tree?

Some other yellow stuff?

Well, amaryllis brings some Christmas feeling for indoors.

Ant the candles, of course.

Learning to make the fire.

Home made Xmas dinner!

Club Sandwich a la hubby!

The full moon. Amazing.

The best my camera could do.


perjantai 18. joulukuuta 2015

Mallorca views in December

I did not dare to name this blog just boring garden pics.
But that's what it is, basically.

Morning garden view. Boring? A bit.

Bird views are never boring.
Tuesday market in Artà.

Boring sweeties.

There was this fabulous sunset when I was driving towards Palma.
Darn, the sun was setting too fast.
And I only had my mobile phone to use.

The weather has been so warm that even turtles 
wake up from their winter sleep.
Seen at Tinchen's Zoo in Palma.

BTW. This is IKEA Christmas decoration in Palma.

Morning boring boring back terrace.

Like I told you already in the facebook:
getting to know the neighbours.

Utmost boring: visited a garden center!!!
We should find this plant which produces eatable
(only the Turks like them) green "Erics".
Plum looking but bitter tasting thingies.

What a splendid gardening shop:
with its own zoo ... birds, birds, birds, goats, even a horse.

Every house in Mallorca has a summer kitchen.
Oh what a wonderful set up for gardening work,
especially in the afternoon sun. In December, no coat needed.

Bring boring boring. Garden.

Local beaches do not get cleaned off season.

They smell like Japanese restaurants.

Boring boring boring. In our garden.

Seen in Campos, holiday greetings in the local language.

Boring boring boring. Blossoming in my garden.

Here the total setting.

Neighbours getting to know me, too,
not running away in panic anymore.

Shopping successfully: teatable for the terrace.

Bring ... brng ... big ... yes, boring garden view again, so sorry!

Basic view in this part of the island.

torstai 17. joulukuuta 2015

Saarbrücken Xmas Fun


Saarbrücken is famous for its flying Father Christmas.
How hard it is to get a decent pic of this fenomen?

You know what I mean.

Sparking action!

Otherwise, Saarbrücken ...?

Lucky us, our sister inlay took us to this Christmas reading.
Fairy tails for kids but not uninteresting for adults either.

PS. I kind of very much like the idea of those reading consoles.
Such a brilliant combo of a school desk and a pilar.
We need something similar for our summer house for the guest book.

During the reading there was an artist who painted a pic
figuring on e of the fairy tale figures.
Afterwards an auction took place,
this pic was sold for ... 2000 euros ...
and the money, of course, if given for a special humanitarian purpose.
It's Christmas time, folks.

Another highlight:

home made Spätzle!

Looks kind on unspectacular,
but makes a great deal with sauce,
like goulash sauce.

Perfect food for every generation.

Little sparrows:

Another highlight:
our niece has started to play saxofon!
Good luck with her studies.