sunnuntai 28. joulukuuta 2014

Winterlichter in Palmengarten


An den langen Winterabenden verwandelt täglich sich der Palmengarten 
wieder zu einem zauberhaften Garten winterlicher Träume. 
Hunderte von Lichtern beleuchten in den Abendstunden 
die einzigartige Pflanzenwelt und tauchen den Garten 
in eine phantasievolle Atmosphäre. 
Die Wege werden durch kunstvolle Lichtobjekte, harmonische 
Klanginstallationen und bewegte Bilder einer Videoinstallation 
zu einem Erlebnispfad durch den Winter. 

Pretty awesome light show in Palmengarten,
in Frankfurt Westend.

Just lights.

Well, some every day objects set in light.

Magic moments.

The moon ...?

The Buddha?



Now that we have snow in Frankfurt
the light show in the park looks extremely good.

Just ... light.

Every day objects in new light.

Light bulbs.

Now that we have snow ...

... these objects get new dimensions.





Another detail.

Until January 25, 2015.
Happy New Year!

lauantai 27. joulukuuta 2014

Awesome snow in Frankfurt

Sorry folks, boring nature pics ...




November Rose und Lavendel.

Why is the first flag lower?
Welcome to Ostend, European Central Bank.
Feel the Eastern winds!

Entrance area of ECB.

The snow was coming from the East.

Making the whole city kind of black and white.

I told you, the snow came from the East.

And the city has this black and white coloring.

And it's all so pretty!

Told you, the snow came from the East!

Wintery sceneries.

Not so pretty but still.

perjantai 26. joulukuuta 2014

Post xmas posting

Winner takes it all.
Also when you have no snow!

 My facebook friends recognize this photo already.
Danke Anke!

Anke's hubby Wolfgang had more pixel,
texts on the poster are readable:
Team Finnland WM 1987 ...!

And here my hubby's snapshots: 

Heavy duty ... nooo, heavy camera!

Thanks guys, was great to be the star 
in the middle of the flash lights ... for two minutes!

Good luck for January.

From the wellness area of Mattlihüs Bio-Hotel
there was a splendid view over Oberjoch.

No skiers spoiling the scenery.

Well, well, well, let's drive home.

All in all it was a nice trip with nice people
and enough of program.

At home the November rose cannot stop blooming.

And the spring flowers are coming.
 Hopefully they'll stand up the coming freezing winter,
which should start soon in Central Europe.
I do NOT mind if it never reached Mainhattan.

Happy holidays!


Looks much better today!
Have fun you skiers!

sunnuntai 21. joulukuuta 2014

Snowless impressions

and now this is Christmas ...

 ... and it's pretty green, at least in Allgäu, Southern-Germany.

Even without snow the sceneries are pretty.

Skylight is amazing.

So let's do some touring,
as skiing is not possible.
World famous Castle Neuschwanstein!

Some photo impressions in between.

This yellow palace seen only from outside.

Very, very organized, every five minutes there is entrance
for a new group of visitors.

Also outside there are plenty of curiosities to be seen.

And splendid landscapes!

Love locks have reached this place as well.

The Marienbrücke bridge is in the  middle of this pic.
Quite a walk behind the main castle.

The view from the bridge is awesome.
And we were soon lucky with the weather!

Neuschwanstein is worth visiting in every month.

Remember to check the clouds and the sun.

Major party starting the skiing (!) season in Oberjoch
with Tim-Toupet ... straight from Mallorca.

Tim Toupet (* 1971 in Köln; bürgerlich: Tim Bibelhausen) 
ist ein deutscher Friseurmeister und Sänger. (Wiki)

Mit "Du hast die Haare schön" hatte er 2005 seinen ersten Hit. 

2009 legte er mit "...So ein schöner Tag (Fliegerlied)" 

noch einen Ballermann-Hit in die Charts. 
Seitdem ist er eine feste Größe in der Ballermann- 
und Après-Ski-Szene. Absolute Party-Garantie!

Actually, it was quite funny to watch the young crowd partying!

Fire works.

More fire works!

And SNOW, one centimeter during the night.

Busy car cleaning session in the morning.

Yes, some snow.

I told you, snowless postings ...

Village Oberstdorf, famous for ski jumping.

Nature nature nature.

Two Finns have  made it to the wall:
Matti Nykänen and Janne Ahonen.

The views from the top were cool.

Besucher können täglich von 10.00 - 17.00 Uhr mit dem Schräg- und Panoramaaufzug 
bis auf den Turm der Großschanze fahren und einen tollen Blick über Oberstdorf genießen.

All kids in the pic!

Nature nature nature.

Foto spot.

December 21st 2014 in Allgäu.

Soon it's over, Christmas.