perjantai 28. marraskuuta 2014

B wie Berlin


Blau wie Gedächtniskirche.

Berliner wie Morgenpost ...
Weihnachtsmärkte sind geöffnet!

Blau wie Weihnachtsbeleuchtung.

Banal wie der Arm!

Neue Bekanntschaft: Arminiushalle!

Bistrobeef mit Berühmheiten.

wie Balkone in MoaBit


Besonders wie Bankdesign

Bunt wie Blumen in Prenzlauer Berg

Besonders wie die Wandbemalung in der Mitte.

Blick wie die Fotoausstellung.

Bunt wie das Treppenhaus zur Fotoausstellung.

Bewundernswerte Ideen.

Bis wann noch Berliner Charme?
Rosenthaler Strasse 39.

Bücher Bücher Bücher
Gestalten, netter Buchladen in der Sophienstrasse.

Berühmte Leute in der Finnischen Botschaft.

Beste Grüsse aus Berlin!

BINGO: Samu Haber 
(Sunrise Avenue vocalist plus Voice of Germany coach)
Merja Sundström, Botschaftsrätin.

tiistai 25. marraskuuta 2014

SISU am Finnkiosk


It's again THE time of the year, 
when everybody is gathering under a tree,
or in a tent ... and sipping GLÖGI.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

GLÖGI = Glühwein / mulled wine

Glögg, gløgg, and similar words are the terms used for mulled wine 
in the Nordic countries (sometimes misspelled as glog or glug). 
It is spelled gløgg in Norwegian and Danish, 
glögg in Swedish and Icelandic 
and glögi in Finnish and Estonian.

Juha invited people to the traditional
at FinnKiosk.
Yes, there is a place in Frankfurt 
where you can purchase Finnish products:

Rumor says it is hard to find it in the woods,
but that is rubbish!
Finnkiosk is just next to the Luisa train and tram station.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

HELPPO = einfach / easy

And there some awesome chicks in the garden. 

SISU is supporting all local FINNISH companies!

Young and dynamic!
Hello Esa, you were supposed to jump, too!

Hello Esa, now we can see you, but you are still standing.

Dynamic again, Amelie too fast and Esa ... 
feet steadily on the ground.

Scarves maybe mellowing the noise!

Dynamic again, even with Esa!

And now: let's run!
The future is calling ...

This is fun!
Are we laughing or screaming or what ....!
No black holes during this session.

Close to the airport, yes. Frankfurt is.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is SISU team 2014:
Esa, Martin, Vaula, Suvi, Kirsi, Päivi, Ode, Amelie.

Together we are strong.
Every Sunday live show in radio-X.

In the evening Oderazzi was lucky enough 
to enjoy this delicious turkey.
Thanks so much Marie, was a great evening with great people.

Vegetables in the oven looked fantastic.
Why so many onions in between ....?

This tasty bird vanished fast in 15 hungry mouths.

Looking forward to the next Thanksgiving dinner next Saturday.

maanantai 24. marraskuuta 2014

Sudfass still there

got carried away again,
watching this demolition work.

But here only a few impressions.
PS. David Garret coming to town again ... see the yellow poster.

Falling stones.


Yellow and grey.

Just a boat.

Here you can see the situation on Friday afternoon.

The girl is still hanging.
Probably until the new building site starts.

tiistai 18. marraskuuta 2014

15.11. ravintolapäivä plus radio-X


Could this be the new beginning?
Could this bring Finnish food to Germany?
Could this become a tradition in Frankfurt?
It could. And should.

Jyrki Tsutsunen, the King of the Kitchen.
Concentrating on natural food, natural products.

Flexibility is on of the most important attributes when cooking.
Here preparing for Saturday in Lindenberg

because the show arena on Saturday
only has a mini kitchen.

Marit Hohtokari paid a visit to Frankfurt, too,
she is the AGMA lady who imported Jyrki to Frankfurt 
for the very first time at the end of August
when Cultural Kitchen was performing at Station Finnland
in the Westhafenpier.

Marit did a great job, too, on Thursday
consulting the Finnish group of entrepreneurs.
Thank you soon much for coming, Marit.

Flexibility and good connections,
with Pia's networking the cooks found the biggest pots!

Tasty fish soup for lunch.

Alternative soup with mushrooms.
And if you do not eat fish and mushrooms?

You get your bones to the radio-X!
Open doors the whole afternoon,
with self-made cakes (kites Kirsi) and coffee.

T-shirts with radio X for sale.

SISU-radio was on air for 15 minutes
for introduction, studio was crowded by curious visitors.

Thanks so much Rosebud/LIKE/Into for leaving
those book fair Hurricanes-beer cans here,
we were able to collect some euros for our radio work.

You see: all those red cans! 
Ausverkauft! Sold out in an hour.

Ausverkauft - sold out
was also the evening in Sachsenhausen:
the Finnish Ravintolapäivä Dinner.

Serving the food on those wooden "päre" is Jyrki's trademark.
Ecological = just burn them or throw to the bio-carbage.

Sorry, no pic of the soup with which we started the feast.
Fish, elk, berries, dessert.
Decorative and TASTY.

Cool location.
This used to be an Irish Pub 30 years (!) ago,
we used to hang around there very often,
meeting other Finns, listening to lice Irish music.
Those were the days ... in the meantime the building burned down.

DJane Ode did her best
but the acoustic ... was-not-favorable-for-any-music.
Too bad, otherwise the evening was very COOL
and the bar downstairs cosy.