perjantai 31. lokakuuta 2014


In the social media there was this proposal:
"fleischloser Oktober" - no meat in October.
Wander who stuck to it?

Today I visited the local butcher in Ostend.
It's kind of a ... very ... open ... space.
And clean, just today they had this "bin" in the front area.
Why all the rests did not land in the "bin" ... - who cares!
But the meat they is good.

Happy Halloween!

torstai 30. lokakuuta 2014

Creative paper


Timo K. Mukka was a famous Finnish author.
Died young.
Like Kalervo Palsa, artist from Lapland,
whose art was shown in Frankfurt until tonight.

Saasfee gallery is pretty cool, indeed.

Back to the books. Used to be books.
 Now in creative hands.

Hmmmm ... that took some time.

75 rolls or something.

The rests of the "The Earth is a Sinful Song".

Maa on syntinen laulu on Timo K. Mukan 1964 julkaistu romaani.
Teos kuvaa pienen lappilaisen kylän elämää 1940-luvun lopulla 
ja Lapin luontoa sekä seksuaalisuutta, uskontoa ja kuolemaa. 
Kirja on Mukan esikoisromaani, joka julkaistiin hänen ollessaan vain 19-vuotias. 
Teos on kirjoitettu balladimaiseen tyyliin. (Wiki)

Of course, you could add some pearls in between.
Or some other elements.
You still can, it's easy to remodel.

Looks pretty cool on a silk background.

All those sinful words hidden.

The wreath. The sinful one.
How cool is that as Xmas decoration.

maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2014

Im Osten nichts Neues


Nichts Neues auf Konsti.
Konstablerwache on Saturday, always the same sausage.
But lucky me, new people, not only Riitta from Hanko but
friends from Luxembourg came to see Eintracht! 
Boys went to the stadium.

Girls did some culture: POTRETTI photographies.

Kannus-Girls Helena and Ulla? 
Yes, many famous people origin from that
Central Ostrobothia region in Finland. Like my friend Helena.
And that photo talent Ulla Jokisalo.

A 14 yrs old is not really that keen on Finnish literature news
broadcasted in SISU-radio ...

But his little Luxembourgish lesson was totally COOL.

Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch) is a Moselle Franconian variety 
of West Central German that is spoken mainly in Luxembourg. (Wiki)

Here an example from the Lxembourgish newspaper Tageblatt.
It's pretty easy to understand if you can read German. (Nr 249 S. 18)

Heavy face booking in the studio during the SISU-radio-show.

One for the road: Döner in Sachsenhausen.

Hier schmeckt's einfach immer frisch und gut. 
Der Dönerspieß wird hier vom Chef selbst gesteckt, 
Knoblauch-, Joghurt- und Chilisoße stehen auf der Theke 
- so kann sich jeder nach eigenem Gusto seinen Döner würzen.
(Prinz Frankfurt)

Köylü Döner
Paradiesgasse 65, 60594 Frankfurt

Oderazzi's investment tip: CHAOS!

FAZ Sonntagszeitung 26.10.2014

Well, I'd rather invest my monies in travelling ...
Hm ... Mallorca ... let's celebrate New Years there!

sunnuntai 19. lokakuuta 2014

Bookfair in pics

Photos from the Frankfurt Bookfair 2014.

The Finnish Snow Queen.
Writer, activist Sofi Oksanen.
Huge poster at Otava/LIKE stand in the hall 5.

Made of pencils.
Fashion is not her profession, therefore,
she gets things as gifts.
Iris Schwank, Director, FILI.

City of Helsinki marketing itself at the book fair.

Recycling company from Finland.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

UUSI = neu / new

Recycled everything.

Writer, comic artist Mauri Kunnas
in the Finnish Underground Bar
holding beer can designed by himself.


Hurriganes is a Finnish rock band that was formed in the early 1970s. 
They were very popular in Finland in the 1970s and early 1980s; 
they were also a popular live act in Sweden during this time. (Wikipedia)

Pictured here the lead singer and drummer Remu Aaltonen.

Club nite in the Underground Bar:

"Maailmanlopun Tyttö ja Hyeenat"

Ottawa's Päivi, my childhood friend,
liked it too, the bar night with music.

Uwe, the local hero - organizing gigs.

Karola, the happy bar keeper, in-between Turkey and Lapland,
normally playing theatre in GALLI

Heavy dancing!

Comic day at the book fair.

The Finnish Pavilion somehow lost its magic
when the sun was shining outdoors. 

This huge egg is designed by the Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi.

COOL creatures.

Original Finnish LONKERO,
grape fruit lemonade with gin. 

Hmm, they must have served salmiakkikossu at this table.
Happy hour every afternoon in the Finnish Pavilion.

Alisa talking to one of the designers of the pavillon.

Magic drink Hissi: 
Salmiakkikossu underneath and vodka on the top.

Salmiakki Koskenkorva, (also Salmiakkikossu for short or generically as Salmari) 
is a pre-mixed liqueur popular in Finland during the 1990s.
Canonically salmiakkikossu consists of Koskenkorva Viina vodka 
and ground up Turkish Pepper brand salty licorice. (Wiki)

Autor Timo Parvela probably did not like the hissi-shot.
But Aino loves Timo's books.
Me too, especially the ELLA-series.

In addition to numerous children's books 
he has written television screenplays 
both for children's audiences and for adults, 
as well as scripts for Finnish radio. (Wiki)

Neighbors of the Finnish stand in the hall 5.
"Himmeli"  from Lithuania.
Xmas time is coming soon ...

Next year Indonesia is introducing its literature
and most probably different kind of fashion 
compared to this year's Marimekko style.

Welcome Indonesia!

FILI-team saying good-bye. 

It was also cool to see how the packing procedure went on.

What else? 

The President of the Republic of Finland, Sauli Niinistö
gave interviews, also to SISU-radio!

Niinistö was also the guest speaker 
in the Finnischer Wirtschaftsforum 
(kind of Finnish Economic Afternoon Assembly),
organized by the IHK Frankfurt.

Here the guest speakers entering the opening ceremony of the book fair.
Somewhere in the middle goes Sofi Oksanen in her white costume.

The last guest speaker, Mr. Pasi Sahlberg from Finland.
He knows the Finnish education system better than anybody.

Grand opening night in the Finnish Pavilion,
with music by Tango-orkesteri UNTO.

Mr. Soundbreaker, Kimmo Pohjonen
with his manager Gernod Stein.

Somehow Roman Schatz was too tall for that stool
and he should have had a table for his material.

German journalist and author Bernd Gieseking,
wearing a Finnish motorcycle club t-shirt,
has written a handy sized guide book for Finland.

The fire brigade ... not really, just the vehicle,
which has been built to a sauna!
Parking in Ostend, in the urban gardening area.

In the Film Museum there was a gala night for Finnish cinema,
in memory of Peter von Bagh.

He so much wanted to come to Frankfurt.

Manager of Sodankylä Midnight Sun Film Festival, Ari Lehtola,
welcomed the Finnish actress Elina Salo to Frankfurt.

Director Timo Malmi with Elina Salo talking about Finnish cinema.

Merja Sundström, Botschaftsrätin from Berlin,
our greatest support for SISU-interviews!

Surreal souvenirs in the museum shop.

The mixed film gang: Aino/Hannu/Iia - Rosebud, Helsinki, 
Mrs. & Mr. Yli-Tepsa - Sodankylä, 
Kaarina - Seligenstadt but originally from Sodankylä, 
Ari - Sodis.

Decorating the Finnish Underground Bar in Bockenheim.

One of the Finnish attraction at the book fair:
pencil your poem.

COOL Finnish pavilion.

Oh yeah, there were books as well!

Many, many books.

Great attraction in the pavilion: mind reading.

This gadget could read your mind
and out came a poem!

Mauri Antero Numminen does not need any gadgets.
His life is a poem, with the rhythm of tango.

Sänger, Komponist, Entertainer, Schriftsteller und Filmemacher. 

Sein Musikstil bewegt sich seit vielen Jahrzehnten 

zwischen finnischem Tango, Jazz, Rock und abstrakter Musik. (Wiki)

Hillevi, my earlier LH-colleague, danced Finnish tango with M.A.

My fellow photographers, Sabine and Mikko.

Finnish Design.

Lining up for taxi.

The weather during this year's book fair week was quite rainy.

Yes, I took many pics,
but only by one camera, here just looking cool
while holding Mikko's camera.

Next year's BIG BANG will be the
30th Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä!