sunnuntai 29. kesäkuuta 2014

Flagge hissen


Finnisch für Anfänger:

LIPUNNOSTO = Flagge hissen / raise a flag
LIPPU = Flagge, Ticket, Eintrittskarte, Fahrschein / flag, ticket

Achtung Musik!
Flag raising ceremony on a house boat starts.

Ready to go.
Note: the white gloves.

Here it hangs.

A bit more wind would be nice.


Michael and Senise did a good job, Oliver and Astrid are happy.

Well, BBQing can be tricky under a plastic cover ...

…let's move!

Oderazzi moved to another happening:

Sound Poet Dirk celebrated his 50th bday.

In the coolest location in Frankfurt-Rödelheim:
Fritz Deutschland e.V.

torstai 26. kesäkuuta 2014

FINNLAND.COOL Press conference

Frankfurt Literaturhaus.

Finnish students' decoration idea.

It is a nice idea but personally I think
this space in the Literaturhaus is decorative enough
without any reflected crap.

Somehow nostalgic.
Am sure will work out perfectly in some other space,
in a boring, simply white surrounding.

Getting ready for the press conference.

SISU-reporter Kidelius ready!

Mr Bookfair: Jürgen Boos.

O told you, the decoration was attracting the audience
to wrong direction! 

The long kept secret was revealed:
this is how the Finnish pavilion 
at the book fair 2014 will look like.

Three students of Aalto University are in charge of the cool area.

Finnish author from Lapland introduced her book.
Katja Kettu: KÄTILÖ. 
Wildauge auf Deutsch.

Der Roman erzählt von einer Liebesgeschichte zwischen einer finnischen Hebamme 
mit einem deutschen Offizier während des Lapplandkrieges 1944­–45.

Full house.

Tiina Rajamäki from Helsingin Sanomat
interviewing Jürgen Boos.

Anna-Maija Mertens and Sofie Backmann 
from Berlin, Finnland Institut.

Finnish students becoming famous.

Jutta Gonder, Geschäftsführerin, Private Yoga Institute Frankfurt
explaining her ideas to 
Kirsti Pärssinen, FILI Frankfurt and Iris Schwank, FILI Helsinki.

How come did Iris get such a matching bag,
all others were carrying yellow ones.
All important press material was in those bags.

Professional photos can be found also here:

Für meine deutsche Leser:

keskiviikko 25. kesäkuuta 2014

Sceneries from Hanko and Espoo

Hanko is the most southern city in Finland.
It's also very sunny.

My lucky friend lives in this charming Villa d'Angleterre
in the famous Appelgren street.

Hangon kulttuurihistoriallisten huviloiden alue syntyi, 
kun Hangon kaupunki perusti valtion tuella merikylpylän 1878 
ja palstoitti sen yhteyteen suuren joukon huvilatontteja. 
Kylpylään kuului jo alun alkaen laaja puistoalue, 
johon liittyy Appelgrenintien pohjoispuolella Puistolampi. 
Hangon laajan huvila-alueen vanhimmat, 
1880- ja 1890-luvuilla rakennetut huvilat sijaitsevat Vartiovuoren ympäristöön 
sekä Mannerheimintien ja Appelgrenintien varsille. (Wikipedia)

For tourists there are couple of villas renting out rooms,
like this Villa Maija.

A modern villa, built in the kind of old look.

Right at the beach there are two new monster houses. 
Not nice, not pretty, such a shame, actually.

Hanko library.

In Hanko there are good historical sights and happenings,
like a regatta to commemorate the battle of Gangut.

The Battle of Gangut 
(Russian: Гангутское сражение, 
Finnish: Riilahden taistelu, 
Finland Swedish:Slaget vid Rilax, Swedish:Sjöslaget vid Hangöudd) 
took place on 27 July/ 7 August 1714 during the Great Northern War (1700–21), 
in the waters of Riilahti Bay, north of the Hanko Peninsula, 
near the site of the modern-day city of Hanko, Finland, 
between the Swedish Navy and Imperial Russian Navy. 
It was the first important victory of the Russian fleet in its history. (Wikipedia)

Very typical beach line in Hanko.

JOPO bikes ready to be rented at Hanko harbor.

Did you know that JOPOs are made in Hanko by Helkama?

Casino, party place in summer time.

Carousel beach.

This carousel is really so much fun, what a pity that the water was
so cold - only small kids went into water ….

Nice pond in the city.

Very pretty.

Especially those water lilies.

More war history.
1918 German army arrived to Hanko,
"helping to defend our country for our freedom"
this memorial showing German soldier was first put up 1921,
then torn down again, then put up again, torn down again …
Now there is a stone without the soldier,
just a text: For our freedom.


These frames seen in Cafe Virtaska in Hanko.

Check more here:

My camouflage jacket in the lupine field.
From now on I call that color "lupiini"

Finnisch für Anfänger:
LUPIINI = Lupine / lupine
Lupinus polyphyllus

Sailing boat regatta seen from my friends' balcony in Espoo.

Some "Wanderschuhe" hanging in the HALTI nature exhibition hall.
In Espoo - Nuuksio nature park.

Nice exhibition showing very many stuffed animals.

Also a slide show showing difference seasons. And northern lights.

Not only stuffed animals.

View from the restaurant.

o o o o o o

There is a cool photo exhibition also showing cameras
used along the years by the Finnish nature photographer
Hannu Hautala.

Oderazzi got carried away with the lenses.

Many different cameras along a career.
And his pics are brilliant! Go and see them.

Our little walk in the park was quite wet.

You can do nice hiking tours … if you … like … hiking.

This is such a typical landscape 
somewhere between Espoo and Kirkkonummi,
like 25 km westwards from Helsinki.
so country side!

Not stuffed but a real squirrel on a beach.

The squirrel beach in Kirkkonummi, 
but the houses back of the pic are already in Espoo.

Thanks Riitta and Jutti for your hospitality!