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Travellers in India


Travellers in India often find themselves in the middle of curious kids.

This mausoleum on Humayun is the pre-thing of Taj Mahal.

Travellers in India tend to find all kinds of interesting photo targets,
like playing school kids.

Travellers in India should check the birds in Lodi Park.

Or the great ornaments.

Local ladies club in Lodi Park.

Early morning drive from Delhi to Agra.

There is this metro construction work going on,
in ten years time you can travel by train from Delhi to Agra.
Now the 200 km take 4 hours by car.

Fellow travelers on the highway.

BTW. We watched a Hindu movie in (ODEon cinema) 
called "Highway"
Got the point even without English subtitles.

The director Imtiaz Ali says:
"The film is about discovery of yourself while traveling." 

Commuting time.

Also here we have people on board.

Sikandra, another moghul monument close to Agra.

The Mughal emperors 
were Central Asian Turko-Mongols from modern-day Uzbekistan, 
who claimed direct descent from both Genghis Khan and Timur.

Read more i.e. in Wikipedia:

Main building surrounded by a fantastic clean garden.

Awesome ornaments here as well.

Travelers in India have to try all kinds of transportation.

Travelers to India often have some local outfits made ...
Check the outfits of the Asian ladies!

Always popular.
All travelers in India come here.
Yes, Taj Mahal.

During the Mughal Empire, 
the extent varied according to the prevailing political climate; 
scant with Babur, extensively with Akbar, but they ruled a land 
dominated by non-muslims and most buildings were built 
with Hindu craftsmen and labour 
under the direction of Muslim artists and architects. 
The vegetative tracery, inlay work and most obviously the lotus dome 
and finial of the Taj Mahal are all testament to this synthesis.

Nowadays more Indian tourists visit Taj Mahal.
Their entrance tickets are also much cheaper 
than the ones for the foreign tourists.

Am not yet used to seeing camels on the streets.
In Rajasthan they are a common sight, told me our guide.

This is how Taj Mahal can be seen from our hotel.

The hotel is located 600 meters from the Taj Mahal 
and all rooms, suites, lobby, bar and lounge offer breathtaking views of the monument.

Hotel crew getting trained.

Pool area. Not bad.

In the evenings Taj Mahal, the real one, is not lighted.
But our hotel knows how to get the feeling.
And candle light as at the same time.

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Experiencing India


In Delhi, you will discover that the city is sprinkled with dazzling gems: 
captivating ancient monuments, fascinating museums and art galleries, 
architectural wonders, a vivacious performing-arts scene, 
fabulous eating places and bustling markets.

Our hotel is decorated in colonial style.
Pretty nice, although our wiev is to the parking lot of the hotel.

… exclusive linen from Porthault, France …

Checking the sights: Qutb Minar complex.
Check for this and other sights the internet pages of Delhi Tourism:

How cool can it get?

This is THE photo point to catch the tower.

Yes the kids are cute BUT check the people behind them.
All busy with their phones!

Hauz Khas: hip shopping and clubbing area.

Love the drama down on the right!

Check more in here:

The largest mosque in India: Jama Masjid in old Delhi.
Built by Shah Jahan, whose Taj Mahal we'll be visiting later this week.

Okay ladies, you all have to wear these flowered gowns.

At least all the tourist ladies.

Old Delhi is full of … people … vehicles … and dust.


Shahjahan, the great Mughal builder 
who in 1648 built Shahjahanabad, the seventh city of Delhi.

Incredible electric cables.

Got kind of carried away with those cabel collections.

Window shopping in old Delhi.

No, we did not try his cooking.

Told you, got carried away.

No, did not try this either.

Carried away with electric cables … yes indeed.

With decoration.

Most famous Indian poet Mirza Ghalib (1797 - 1869) in his haweli.

Rush hour in old Delhi.

Still some bike rickshaws available.

Hubby making movies.

No tea time in old Delhi, just looking.

Well, there are lanes, also,
but basically you drive where you find space.

Delhi is also quite a green city.

Liquid lunch at the pool.

Hotel pigeons must be the cleanest one in the city.
The water in the swimming pool as well, I presume.

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PS: Kind of like the water how it is caught by the camera.