keskiviikko 27. marraskuuta 2013



Always learning something new, 
like how the moviemaking really goes.
The real actors just do the real acting, like speaking.
All the rest is done by dupes, and stunts, of course.
Today I spent 7 hours as driving dupe, "Fahrdouble".
That was kind of funny.

I really do not look like this German actress
Ulrike Krumbiegel.

But we are almost same size, same age.
With a wig, funny hat and some lipstick you can do wonders.
Especially if you are filmed driving car.
Yes, I wore this outfit also for lunch 
in the new shopping paradise Skyline Plaza. 

Here are the routes that we,
me and Romeo (a wanna-be actor, 23 yrs old Indian-Afgan)
 did today in Frankfurt City. 
Please DO note that I was the person driving
(do not tell anybody I was driving without my glasses),
and the male dupe was "just" taking orders 
form the camera team by walkie talkie.

Never in my life have I done so many U-turns in the city.
Hello Vatanen, Häkkinen, Räikkönen and all the rest of the "flying" Finns!

Our Jetta (this pics borrowed from internet)
was almost Ferrari red … ha haaa!

It's gonna be a German tv-movie and will be broadcasted in ARD sometimes … next year.
I'll keep you informed!

"Komparsen" are not allowed to take any photos on the film set,
so I had to crate this posting by copy and paste.

maanantai 25. marraskuuta 2013

Fake or what?


In Venice we saw these "posters".

FAKE is a big thing in Venice,
black (really) markets are flourishing.

Somehow you can tell the difference between real and fake.

Venice police/customs had stands in the city to inform people,
mainly in Italian … 

Well, European community is trying to get involved.
Next time in Turkey I'll have to check.
Hm. Turkey does not belong to EU yet. YET.
But Turkey is in this project:

lauantai 23. marraskuuta 2013

Frankfurt Adventaction


Okay, get this.
Last Friday we had this "Fuchsschwanz" in the party in Vienna.
This Wednesday I shared my way to the tram stop with this guy,
a FOX!!!
In the middle of the City of Frankfurt,
well, in the middle of the Eastern City, in Ostend.

Passing the hospital
(He must have noticed it is not for animals,
poor guy, looked pretty crappy …).

So, no hospital, but towards the radio,
yes, Radio X is just round the corner.
Ever heard fox singing …? Me neither ...

I told you, Christmas is coming faster than you can think.
Let's start with the decoration!

These old fashioned ones, and many more ...

… we did try out with "girls"…
Such a nice afternoon, get together and craft!

Outcome: reindeers.

Even more reindeers!

Ahaaaa, TONTTU!

Finnish für Anfänger:

TONTTU = Wichtel / elf

Many, many reindeer getting ready for the Christmas Eve!
Or maybe at the Finnischer Weihnachtsbasar 
am 30.11. & 1.12. der Finnischen Gemeinde in Frankfurt Dornbusch.

Busy guys at the Main.

Kind of cool job!

But this guy has the coolest job ever!
Welcome Christmas time!

keskiviikko 20. marraskuuta 2013

Immer wieder Wien

Oderazzi's recommendations.

Light show in front of Stefansdom,

Christmas markets, soon to start.
Loved the Christmas bazars in Vienna last year.

Hohlmann Beletage is the place to stay,
but only if you can live with orange color!
Happy hour bar in the pic, 
free snacks, drinks … amazing. 

You really cannot eat Schnitzel every single day,
so pop into LEVANTE and enjoy the best Turkish food in Austria.

"Fleisch und Gemüse vom Holzkohlengrill, vor den Gästen zubereitet. 
Pita und Fladenbrot werden täglich frisch gebacken. Eine einzigartige mittelöstlische Pizza, 
die jeden begeistert. Mit Liebe zubereitete Speisen, die in modernem, 
ungezwungenem Ambiente serviert werden. All dies trägt zu einer einzigartigen 
Restauranterfahrung bei, mit einer Menge Traditon, Geschichte und Stimmung.

Leichte Speisen, vegetarische Gerichte, ausgefallene Fleisch- und Fischgerichte vom Grill. 
Bei Levante werden die Zutaten geschmackvoll ine einem Kühlbehälter zu Schau gestellt, 
sodaß sich die Gäste von der Qualität und Frische unserer Speisen Überzeugen können. 
Die Authentität, die kombiniert mit Geschmack und Gewürzen den Gaumen verwöhnt."

Nothing to add. Just enjoy.

This you can forget, tram tour around the city center:
too expensive and if you are unlucky 
there is a tourist bus next to the tram blocking your view.
And I tell you, there are a lot of tourist buses along the Ring!

Cute beer restaurants all over the city. LIKE LIKE LIKE.

The MUST book shop where they also serve lunch.

Yes, am into this book art, 
this was seen in the window of a shoe shop.

The Austrians love sweets, cakes, sugary stuff.
Here a funny window decoration of Demel Hofzuckerbäcker.

Vienna trip was first of all business for my hubby,
but we also were invited to a 50th birthday party.

Our little pressie for the birthday boy Martin,
something for his car.

Besonders in den 1980er Jahren war es verbreitet, 
Fuchsschwänze an Rückspiegeln sowie Antennen von Autos zu befestigen. (Wikip)

Here the happiest birthday boy Martin
with his dream singer Jeff Cascaro!

"Tausend Dank für die Erfüllung meines Herzenswunsches, 
Jeff Cascaro live zu hören!! 
Wie ihr alle sehen und hören konntet, 
hat es mich buchstäblich aus den Socken gehauen, 
als er plötzlich vor mir gestanden ist 
und„Let´s stay together“ gesungen hat." (Martin)

Thanks Martin for inviting us, was a great party.

tiistai 19. marraskuuta 2013


Jetzt geht's los mit dem Weihnachtswahnsinn:

am Samstag, 23.11. ab 14 Uhr
Finnischer Glögi-Basar von Suomi-Shop in Sachsenhausen

Weiter am verkaufsoffenen Sonntag 24.11.:

Kreative Damen im Gartencenter in Sachsenhausen:

Kerstin ist meine Klavierlehrerin
aber auch eine talentierte Malerin & Zeichnerin.

Nix wie hin!

Weitere weihnachtliche Termine: - Tapahtumat/Veranstaltungen

* * *
Finnisch für Anfänger:

JOULU = Weihnachten / Christmas

maanantai 18. marraskuuta 2013

Last Venice posting

You have to read this (sorry, it's in German)
English readers at least look at the great pics!

Foto : FAZ Sonntagszeitung


The taxi boats are much cuter.
And so much fun to travel from/to the airport!

lauantai 16. marraskuuta 2013

Venice openings

Venice through doors, windows and other openings.

Arrivederci NOVECENTO,
our humble home in Venice.