maanantai 29. heinäkuuta 2013



Schmuuuuuseeeen ....
Foto taken 18:55:59

Okay honey, kleine "Massage" fällig?
Foto taken 18:56:14

...  ACTION ...
Foto taken 18:56:20

"Zigarette danach".
Foto taken 18:56:27

Honey, schmuuuuseeeeen ....
Foto taken 18:57:03

Seen in Ostend today, between the rain storms.

Die Turteltaube gilt als Symbol des Glücks.
Die Türkentaube gehört zur Gattung der Turteltauben. 
„Genug geflirtet, ihr zwei Turteltauben!“

perjantai 26. heinäkuuta 2013

Finally rain.


Yes, this Sahara heat wave got a short break last night.
 Thunder storm with heavy rainfall refreshed Frankfurt. 
Yesterday morning we had like plus 25°, now it's nice and cool.

But tomorrow the Sahara times are back again!

BTW, the good old WEINKONTOR still exists.
And "alle Achtung", they serve really nice snacks in the cosy garden.

keskiviikko 24. heinäkuuta 2013

JOPO kotiin!


I won a bicycle. Lucky me!
It is a very special one: Finnish JOPO.

jopo story begins from the 1960’s when Eero Helkama had a dream. 
He wanted to create a bicycle that all people could use, 
no matter what age, size, sex or financial status. 
Almost 50 years later the same dream is a crucial part of Finnish cycling culture. 
Three generations of jopo bicycles live in perfect harmony, 
and do not care about fashion trends.

hmmm ... blondie tried. blondie managed to fix all parts together.

Made in Finland.
But sent to me from Switzerland.
Check for Swiss JOPO stuff:

H for Helkama.
It is the Finnish company producing Jopos.

Jopo is a classic! 
In 1965, the ’Jokaisen Polkupyörä’ 
(universal bike) 
entered the market and left its impression on many generations of young people; 
and its legend shows no sign of fading. 
On the contrary, the popularity of this relaxed design 
seems to be growing from one year to the next!

Pretty well equipped this JOPO.
But I do really miss the lights.
Probably in Finland it is not needed,
in the summer the nights are so bright
and in winter nobody rides a bike.
Even not a JOPO.

Here we go, ready for a ride!
Thank you

"Maailmalla is a new network for Finnish professionals abroad."
Finns support each other – in Finland and abroad!

...and now you may start thinking how professional I am ...
Think further. Think.

"Mikä laulaen tulee se viheltäen menee ..."

A Finnish songs says:
what comes singing goes whistling ...
last time I won a bike I lost it in only three months,
it was simply stolen.

Hopefully this JOPO will stay with me a bit longer.

Kuuntele Irwiniä:

tiistai 23. heinäkuuta 2013

More graffiti at Main


Even if it soooooo hot in Frankfurt at the time being,
you have to be careful when opening the terrace doors in the morning.

Yes, had to make another series of 
those wonderful graffitis at the ECB building site.
A few months ago the main color was red.
Check these art works.
Pretty amazing.

Yes, the IN-place in summer: Oosten restaurant.
Seen from the backside.

This actually does not belong to the sponsored graffiti's,
I guess, because it is underneath the railway bridge.
Pretty amazing, too.

THE CaiPi Bar, the Brasilian feeling at river Main.

sunnuntai 21. heinäkuuta 2013



Okay girls, here you go, feel free to decorate the wall!

I started with the sun.

Okay, well done for the first day!

And this is how I saw the wall when I left.
Looking forward to seeing the final artwork.

Also kind of artwork: this turkish minced meat ring.

Very tasty chicken skewers.
Tavuk şiş.

Our favourite restaurant, all food self made. Hand made.

Daily visit to MADO!

Check the flavors here:


Turkish pizza: pide.

... and more ice cream. 

Daily portions.

Artsy foto by Anouk.

Backgammon training.

lauantai 20. heinäkuuta 2013

... endlich wieder Sommer ...

Before posting funny sunny Turkey pics,
here a comment on Frankfurt biking "society":

Being a member of adfc I do receive this magazine FRANKFURTaktuell.
It is admirable how much better this magazine has become,
the layout is more professional, there are more interesting articles
and it seems people do read it with interest.

Like this "Deppen"-discussion.

But, honestly, there still are quite many "Deppen" (idiots) riding around,
or how else would you describe this guy below?

How crazy can one (a man) be?
And this pic was published in the biking magazine Nr. 4 Juli/August 2013,
luckyly on the page 2.

Biking nite in Frankfurt: 31.8.2013!

tiistai 9. heinäkuuta 2013

Wörthsee in July.


Summer in Bavaria.

Cool terrace just next to the lake.

Such nice summer topics.

Such nice bird families.

Such nice car lights.

Such a nice "Bastelstunde".

... and the evenings, when
 all the boating, surfing, swimming action has stopped.

Such a weird view! Gondola on Wörthsee!

Such sweet strawberry drinks.

Such magic salmon dinner created by our star cook ET.


Rosengasse, I'll come again!

Another holiday home tip from Sweden:

Ferien machen in der Nähe von Wallanders Ystad
 und Österlen im August! 
Wir vermieten unser Timeshare- Ferienapartement in Smyge, 
dem südlichsten Ort in Schweden, 
im August für eine Woche. 
Die aus zwei Etagen bestehende Ferienwohnung 
befindet sich 100 Meter vom Meer entfernt. 
Vier Betten und zwei Plätze auf einem Schlafsofa, 
2 Badezimmer, eine voll ausgestattete Küche 
und eine kleine Terrasse gehören zur Ausstattung. 
700€ für eine Woche (11 - 17 August). 
Bei Interesse bitte bei Johanna Parikka Altenstedt ( auf Englisch melden.