keskiviikko 27. helmikuuta 2013

Espoo calling!


90 years ago my mother was born in Veneheitto* village in Northern Finland.
Today we are celebrating her birthday in Espoo,
her current location.
On Saturday there'll be a big Spanish dinner in Helsinki.

*Finnisch für Anfänger:
VENE = Boot / boat
HEITTO = Wurf / throw


Ist es Kunst oder kann's weg?

Ich fand's sehr künstlerisch, diesen Bauzaun.

Snowwhite, where are you hiding ...?

This is how the snow looks like in the cities.
Not really missing the Finnish winters, not really.

Sometimes I do feel like this Duck fellow!

sunnuntai 24. helmikuuta 2013

Inside design


Definitely design.
Did you ever check how the inside of an envelope is designed?
Here some samples of envelopes used by banks and other officials.

This is part of my daily recycling project.
We need little pockets for the library cards for the books in the Finnish library.
How simple.

This color scheme also matches the scenery of this gray winter day.
10 shades of gray ... ahaaaa!

lauantai 23. helmikuuta 2013

Epsanjan ihimeitä, Kanarian kaanistuxia


Green Field hotel is really green.
As seen in Playa del Ingles.

View from my sister's balcony.

Water gymnastics at the pool.

More action at the pool side: fashion show. 

Even the models have reached the mature age in Gran Canaria.

Boat tour exploring the rough coast line.

Sister's family enjoyed the banana ride!

And how warm was the Atlantic ...? A bit chilly! 

This I've never seen before!

Pretty cool hotel front.

Last sand supper.

Cool beach area close to Maspalomas.

"Well-known and crowded, such as the long stretch of sand ofMaspalomas
a huge line of yellow sand stretching from Playa del Inglés 
to the foot of the great Maspalomas lighthouse, 
after bordering a dune desert on the island’s southern coastline."

It wasn't that crowded, really.

All those shopping centers looked MUCH better at nite time.

This pedicure we did not try.

Famous Finnish artists performing every week.

My brother in law met him in front of the hotel,
and next day he was in the papers!

Siis Frederikiä luultiin Kike Elomaaksi.
Kyllä Faikin olis pitäny olla mukana matkassa,
hänellähän on jo Kiken nimmarikortti vuodelta 1988 tai jotain
kun Kike teki laulajan uraa.
Nyt olis voinu saada kloonikortin... ha haa!
I love Iltalehti.

Huge mountain views!
In the middle of the pic Palmitos Park Dolphin pool.

Yes, we sat down for the parrot show,
it actually was very funny. Clever birds.

Cactus park.

Ahaa, show time is getting closer at the Dolphin Arena.

Let's move faster.

Yes yes, the cute dolphins did their jumps and earned their fish. 
It was a good show.

More, more, where is more?

Recognize this? Yes, mine are blooming normally in November.

Well, it was a nice park, nice drive and an interesting holiday experience.
Seen Gran Canaria South, maybe have to return for the Northern part one day.

And tis is how Frankfurt welcomes me: SNOW!

tiistai 19. helmikuuta 2013

Find Finland in Spain


This is it: Finland in Spain.
Gran Canaria, Playa des Ingles.

This fantastic bar in our hotel!

Kontulan Helmi! Pool bar.

Get the Finnish dancing feeling!

Almost everywhere you manage with Finnish language.

Cult location RYYSYRANTA
with pics of IRWIN, kind of a ... folk singer.

More dancing opportunities.

Finnish tv-shows. Finnish coffee.
But why still the President's Party of 2011 ...?

Get in and roll out.
Thank you Swedish people!

Absolutely international kitchen:
fish, steaks, pizza, paella, soup, pasta, meatballs.
On top of that koskenkorva vodka with salty liquorice taste
and Finnish coffee.

Daily tabloids already available in the morning.

Karaoke with a dish brush ... well well well.

"Real meat pastry and beer/coffee ..."
This bar also offers live shows like Frederik and Laura Voutilainen this week.

Happy hour all day long and service in Finnish language.

Not only bars and party locations in Finnish,
also good hair dressers and beaty salons.

All those traditional names ... this is actually a book title.

More holidays pics to follow.