tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2012

In der Weihnachtsbäckerei


Traditionally in Germany before Xmas women are wildly baking cookies.
In Finland we normally just bake this one sort of Xmas goodies, 
Better known in a Swedish home decoration company as "Annas Pepparkakor".

I made the dough this afternoon.
Cannot really remember if I've ever done that before.
Above: mix brown sugar and butter.

Sugar, butter and hot Finnish syrup.

Spices added: cloves, bitter orange, etc. and some soda.

Finally the flour.

In between checking emails and facebook ... 
the dough has to rest in the fridge until tomorrow.

Ta-daa-ta-daa, Designervanillekipferlchen are ready!

Finnisch für Anfänger:

JOULU = Weihnachten / Christmas
PIPARI = Plätzchen / cookie

maanantai 26. marraskuuta 2012

Wörthsee in November


Escaped rainy Frankfurt to sunny Bavaria.
View over Wörthsee.

Wörthsee reflexion.

Wörthsee water.

Training modern handwriting,
some letters really are different to what I learned at school ... how interesting indeed.
Look at this small t.
Well, it was 48 years ago I started writing.

sunnuntai 25. marraskuuta 2012

Hauptsache Essen


Traditional Käsefondue chez Marion.
Lecker Käse, dankeschön.

Der Hund konnte nicht mehr.

Next evening:
Petterweil Thanksgiving Turkey Party.

With traditional decoration and tasty wines.

Not to forget the traditional tasty pies:
Apple, cherry and pumpking pie!

Traditional party groove: YMCA!

Daytime action: producing ... art ... or so.

Two days experimenting new ways of art.

All kinds of experiments, 
Frischhaltefolie mit Pigmente auf Papiertüte.
How cool is this.

perjantai 23. marraskuuta 2012

What's new in Mainhattan?


A couple of weeks ago I took the bus 36 through the city
and discovered amazing wall paintings along the road.
You never see those while biking.
One of those cute paintings is disappearing right now:
the old Turm-cinema at Eschenheimer Turm is been demolished.

Everybody knows the PULSE bar,
but did you ever realize the decoration on the wall?!
Maßschneider Innung is offering tailored clothing.

ECB is getting there ... of course without wall paintings ...
Actually, the view from our street is more exciting.
Those two curvy towers can be seen better.
Will make a new pic, soon. Promise. Maybe a foggy one.

Das neue Hafenlokal OOSTEN
Yes, there is a nice restaurant in the middle of this pic.
Just go in there and enjoy the view over the river and towards the skyline.

maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2012

Joulu lähestyy


Our first crafting session took place today,
instead of making xmas cards
we ended up making star decoration and 
experimenting with pop-up-motives and other stuff.

Now we have enough stars, but how to hang them? 

This xmas is definitely not going to be paperless!

Come and see in the Xmas Bazar of the Finnish Church:

Am ersten Adventswochenende möchten wir mit Ihnen unsere vorweihnachtliche Freude beim finnischen Weihnachtsbasar teilen. Wir laden Sie ein zu entdecken, wie es Finnen gelingt, Seele und Körper wach und munter durch den kalten und dunklen Winter zu bringen.

Sa 1.12.2012 10–18
So 2.12.2012 11–16

Wir bieten direkt aus Finnland:
Flammgaren von Lachs am Holzfeuer, traditionelle Rentiersuppe, nordisches Handwerk, Tombola, Musikaufführungen, Kinderprogramm und Weihnachtsmann.
Unterstützung bei der Organisation und Durchführung der Weihnachtsbasar wird gerne entgegengenommen.

Herzlich Willkommen!

lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2012

Berlin Spezies


Dussmanns KulturKaufhaus is my favorite shop in the Friedrichstrasse.
And again they topped my expectations!

Dussmanns is also into old book crafting.
Isn't this hilarious.
I actually was looking for book-page-origami-booklets. Did not find any.

This is Berlin: KORKGELD.
Admitted, we did have 5 bottles, but we were 5 drinkers, too.

Actually a Geheimtipp ... Muret la Barba.
Superb wines, good food and friendly service.
For each new wine they brought new glasses.

Spend your moneys on wine, use public transportation.
Schwäbisch living in Berlin.

Almost Xmas.

Lunch meeting with Press Cheffe Leo Riski, Botschaftsrat für Presse, 
and with Lena Kingelin, Kulturreferentin in the Finnish Embassy in Berlin.
Oderazzi lobbying.
Kind of like the colorful art work in the gray building.

Alles im Griff!
Leo inbetween Ebelius and Odelius.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

LEIJONA = Löwe/Lion, Leo

My excursion to Prenslauer Berg, 
Campo Berlin is the place to work on marble.
The other place is in Tuscany, in Azzano.
But be aware, Peter will move his studio to Schöneberg very soon.

Checkpoint Charlie.

This is where all the creative (young) heads get together in Kreuzberg.
Cool concept.

Background: High quality value is no longer created in classic offices. 
Added value is created in different locations, at different times, 
in changing team constellations and without permanent employment. 
This new type of work constantly seeks new real and virtual locations. 
Open, digitally networked and collaborative work places are required 
which are flexible and serve as incubation platform for network, 
innovation and production.The betahaus is such a working space. 
It is a platform which meets the requirements of independent creative professionals 
and knowledge workers, and expands their opportunities. 
In a mixture of relaxed coffee house atmosphere and 
concentrated working environment we create room 
between work and privacy in which innovation and creativity is fostered.

read more:

Another innovative concept:

"We aim to do everything we can, just to make sure you feel at ease, 
so that you (almost) forget you are in a dental practice."

Special focus on kids.
Please also note the absolutely fashionable plant-wall!

This any many other things can be seen in Berlin!

torstai 15. marraskuuta 2012

Capital City


PEKKA of Finland Exhibition
Contemporary Illustrations from the Land of Booze and Blondes

 ... an island my granddad bought ...

Pretty pics, go and see!

... heavy metal music, what else ...

Our national bird. Whooper swan.

Well, I'm into blogs that show many images of same tourism destinations.

Unter den Linden is getting ready for the festive season.

Pretty groovy like this, too.

This is so Berlin.

Very interesting what they offer in the minibar in Adlon,
all in one package:

one massage gel
three latex condoms
one mini vibrator
one vibrating ring
one feather

Wondering how many other guests lift this pretty plastic can like me,
looking for something to drink!