keskiviikko 31. lokakuuta 2012

Sunny clear views


 Siis pitääkö aina mennä muodin mukana?
Eikö vajaa kuuskybänen ymmärrä että isojen linssien kautta
näkyy KAIKKI rypyt ja silmäpussitkin näyttää isommilta.
Missähän ne kaikki piiperöisen pienet rasvapurkit piileekään?

Views of Frankfurt from the Eiserner Steg bridge.

Forget all the snowfall and stormy winds of last weekend!

And Welcome Christmas time!

Check the new pages in:

ECB getting there.

Two towers.

Keep away!

Come and enjoy: Oosten,
the new restaurant next to ECB building site.
Pretty good, had great rabbit there.

Gardening going on already at the ECB.

Nice sky.

Evening sun turns the ECB red.

All thos Oosten teracces in the summertime,
Frankfurt is just getting cooler!

maanantai 29. lokakuuta 2012

Chyde, Minja ja KENTTÄ


Maestro Kaj Chydenius arriving in Frankfurt.
Original train in Stuttgart cancelled, 
Minja & Jussi had to stand up the whole journey.
But still on good mood!

Photopose before concert.
Minja Koski, singer and Kaj Chydenius, composer.

SISU-Kirsi took care of the buffet.
Mr Haberland is the boss of the Frankfurter Künstlerclub,
Nebbiensches Gartenhaus is their base.

Perfect location for cosy concerts.

Chydenius has a close relation to Germany,
he studied the language already at school,
he has visited Germany very often
and held his 70th jubileum conecert in Berlin three years ago.

 He introduced the 20 songs in Finnish and in German,
in his relaxed, friendful way.

Sorry folks, we did not really expect soooo many of you to come!
Did not have enough chairs.

Great job Minja! You earned your Äppler!

After the concert the big tasty dinner in Cafe Jannis, where else.

PS. Sonntagbrunch fängt wieder an, am 4.11. geht's los.

I'll never ever wash my thumb!
Kaj, it was great talking to you.

It was a great and a looooong evening....

 Unfortunately Kirsi could not find a parking spot,
so she missed the dinner part, 
and then realized that there is no pic with her and Chyde.
Well, here we have one!

Minja, singer and actress and Jussi, director came to SISU on Sunday.
Their production "Maa on syntinen laulu" is running in Finland.
They were great SISU-interview partners, thanks folks!

The artists were very happy to be in Frankfurt, too.

What's up next?
Das Internationale Theater mit KENTTÄ.
How many people will show up ...?

Taina, the agent from Berlin and Mikko, the director
are preparing the stage.

After the show the happy theatre people in ...
Cafe Jannis, where else!
Marja Myllylä is the other actress in the play KENTTÄ.
Amazing. Great work. Cool.
Taina Sivonen did the costumes and translating.
Mikko Roiha is a quite famous director in the Finnish theatre world.

Some Finns were shocked about the modern language,
Germans had problems with the Übertiteln,
but altogether it was a great performance.
66 Tickets sold - molto bene!
Welcome again to Frankfurt!!!

lauantai 27. lokakuuta 2012

Frankfurt Kultur



Welcome Finnish artists to Frankfurt,
we really try to make you feel like home. Weatherwise.

Kaj Chydenius and Minja Koski.
Tonight in the Künstlerclub Frankfurt.
Nebbiensches Gartenhaus.
You'll find it between Alte Oper and Eschenheimer Turm in the park,
Bockenheimer Anlage. Behind Hilton hotel.
Concert starts at 20 hrs.
SISU-radio hosting.

Yoschie took me to the ECB on Wed,
there was a guided tour through the art collection.
For the city views a bit too dark.

Julia Nuss is the local artist,
her glitter work at the window was pretty impressing.
I did not see the Finnish art works, what a pity.

All the Germans screamed: FRUCHTZWERGE!
Artists DO collect all kinds of objects, really.
But they also know how to put them together.

On Friday gallerist Heike Strelow celebrated her 5th gallery year in Ostend.
Kaspar König's sound installation was very ... interesting ...!
We know the gallery because we like FIDES BECKER.

Hubby took some pics with his iPhone.
Yes, this is art.
iPhone quality, sorry.

Free drinks, all nite long.
Gallery parties!

perjantai 26. lokakuuta 2012

Finnisches Wochenende in Frankfurt


Kaj Chydenius und Minja Koski
Diese zwei Musiker kommen morgen nach Frankfurt!
SYLEILY (Umarmung)

Pirskatti vieköön kun ei keksitty kudotuttaa SISU-pipoja ajoissa ...
tännekin on luvattu yöpakkasia viikolopuksi.
Kai heillä on omat varusteet matkassa.
Oderazzi latasi jo kameran, perästä näkyy.

Bitte genauere Infos lesen in:

Tervetuloa konserttiin 27.10.2012
Nebbiensches Gartenhaus Frankfurt
sinne on vapaa sisäänpääsy, ulospääsymaksu kerätään!

Finnisch für Anfänger:
SYLEILY = Umarmung/embrace

PS: Information for all ECB workers:

Finnish weekend in Frankfurt
Posted on 25 Oct 2012 by Fiona Howard 
The team from SisuRadio, a weekly one hour Finnish show run by Radio X, is bringing Finland to Frankfurt am Main this Saturday. Kaj Chydenius and Minja Koski will be performing an evening of Finnish love songs, SYLEILY – EMBRACE. Kaj Chydenius is well known in Finland as a popular songwriter and composer who has set thousands of Finnish poems to music and composed songs for hundreds of plays. Minja Koski is not only an actress with the “Vanha Juko” theatre troupe, but also sings, plays the flute in various bands, composes music and writes her own lyrics. Come experience this unforgettable event on 27 Saturday October at 8 p.m, at Frankfurter Kuenstlerclub Nebbiensches Gartenhaus! The event is free but contributions are always welcome.
SisuRadio is devoted to promoting Finnish culture using music and stories. The team is made up of five dedicated moderators, including our own Paivi Kantti from Market Operations Systems. Paivi has been working for the show in her free time for the past eight years. Sisu, which means tenacity, airs every Sunday at 11 a.m on Radio X, frequency FM 91.8, Kabel 99.85 (; make sure to tune in for Paivi on 2 December!
If you haven’t had your fill of Finnish culture this weekend, the Internationale Theater Frankfurt is putting on the play “Kenttä  -The Field” by Okko Leo. The timeless drama about life, work and identity starring Marja Myllylä and Kirsi Asikainen will be showing at 7 p.m on Sunday, 28 October 2012.

keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

Paris sun!


Two days in Paris, 400 pics.
Let's start with the opera.
A lot of traffic, and very many "hop in hop off" tourist buses.

A lot of Japanese restaurants,
and still people line up for creation ones.

Art seen at Place Vendome in the evening.

Dinner time at Place du Marchße Saint-Honoré.
This is where I had nice party dinner 11 years ago,
really, the last time I visited Paris! 

Last change to see the FIAC open air art at Place Vendome.
Most shows were gone by Sunday nite.

See the blue sky ...! The weather was very summerly.

Only because of the sunny weather I only checked Louvre from outside.

So many interesting things to be seen outdoors.

Will they also make a photo book?

This was also a part of the FIAC exhibition.

Guess which sight?

"Unlimited Bodies" au Palais d'Iena.
Sculptures showing bodies.
Very interesting bodies in an interesting exhibition hall never seen before.

Le lunch.

Never done before: sightseeing boat tour on the river Seine.
Nice views - it was October!

Happy faces everywhere!

Nice views everywhere.

What's up in the city?

Les Halles is been rebuilt, renovated, reconstructed.
Huge building site next to Centre Pompidou.

A room with a view. Very parisienne!

No view in the morning ...where did these foggy clouds come from???
Sacre Coeur was in my program, so had to go there.

My travel guide of 1987 says:
"Wer in Samt und Seide wühlen möchte, in Chiffon und Crêpe de Chine, 
wer einen exklusiven Bezugstoff sucht oder ein bunt gedrucktes Leinen, 
pfiffige Bordure, Kordeln ..."
 Rue de Steinkerque today was full of textiles, yes, indeed ... but nothing fancy. 

The magnificent view over Paris.
When the sun shines.

Quite often house corners are decorated with modern "art".
What is it .. should check that, too.

Seen in Marais, at least from outside a very cute hotel:
Caron de Beaumarchais, 12 Rue Vieille du Temple.

Was in the area looking for this combo bar-bookshop,
a true recommendation of Rosebud book shop keeper Iia.
Opens only at 17 hours ...

What a found!
They do fold books in Paris, too, and sell them for €200!
Check all those paper shops in rue du Pont-Louis-Philippe.

Morning clouds vanished, great walking weather continued.

One boat.

At quarter past six it was still 23°
Walking from my 9Hotel to the Gare de l'Est.

Perfect train connection from city center Frankfurt to city center Paris:
less than four hours.