tiistai 25. syyskuuta 2012

Tour to the neighbor


Getting ready for the tour at the European Central Bank's building site.
Organised by InterNations Frankfurt Art and Architecture Activity Group.

On such a rainy day the Frankfurt traffic sucks.
People come late. So just wait.

And here we go.
There is only one original space in the ECB building site to be left as it was:
the cellar space where the jews were collected during WW2.
Kind of memorial corner.

Spacy, yes.

Next to the building site the restaurant building is almost ready!

Yes, it was a wet day.
But those visitors' rubber boots really were solid.

Old bricks will be reused.
If you want to do this tour no problem,
public tours are organized on Sundays.

sunnuntai 23. syyskuuta 2012



Huhuuuu, am Ufer ist wieder was los!

Neue Holzies!

Entspannte Lehrer. 
Beim Unterricht ... Reini und Heini.

I tell you, kulinarisch sind die Kurse AUCH Spitze!
Immer reichlich und mit liebe vorbereitet.


Aber zur Sache: Stein.

Irgendwannmal wird's fertig.

Finnisch für Anfänger:

KUVANVEISTO = Bildhauerei / sculpting

KUVA = Bild / picture
VEISTÄÄ = schnitzen / to carve

lauantai 22. syyskuuta 2012

Blow out Krebsmühle


Mediterranean ... well .. let's say Oberurselian.

What a cute name for a veggie restaurant.
With everlasting teak furniture.

Uwe möchte diesen "Gemeindesaal" zu ...
... was BESONDERES machen ... es wird schoooo ...

Watch out for these guys.
Action and great acts for sure!

Tonite's action at river Main.

Kids concert!
Torch concert for kids.
Must have been like 500 children - and they truly enjoyed the evening!
I HAD to go down to the riverside to check what's going on,
all those families first running towards ECB building site ... well, that direction,
and then after 19 hours the music and the voice ... :

Die Taschenlampenkonzerte von Rumpelstil 
sind swingende und rockende Abendkonzerte für die ganze Familie. 
Gespielt wird unter freiem Himmel, in Freilichtbühnen. 
Für viele Kinder ist das Taschenlampenkonzert das erste Konzert, 
das abends beginnt und noch dazu unter freiem Himmel spielt 
– ein echtes Erlebnis also.

We escaped to Buchschlag - danke AA for good talks.

torstai 20. syyskuuta 2012

Hessische Oktoberfest!


Frankfurt grüsst München!
Wiesentradition auch in Hessenland, ojeeeee.

Eija, tässä sulle vahvistus siitä, 
että naisetkin saa käyttää noita Lederhoseneita!

Männer passen die Lederhosen auch ... hmmm ... pic geklaut von:

tiistai 18. syyskuuta 2012

Finnish Design


Quizz of the week?
These shoes have been designed by which Finnish singer???

maanantai 17. syyskuuta 2012

Das Fürstliche Gartenfest


 Three days Pashmina Parlour.
This piece was sold on Sunday.

Check for more in

Kind of love those bangles ...!
Did I tell you this already: how the bollywood dance actually goes?
Jump on one foot and screw some light bulbs off the ceiling with your hands!

What a charming surrounding this Schloss Wolfsgarten.
It's all about this Prinz von Hessen ... 
who kind of owns this and many more castles.

His ancestor almost became the king of Finland!

Frederick Charles Louis Constantine, 
Prince and Landgrave of Hesse (1 May 1868, Gut Panker – 28 May 1940, Kassel), 
Friedrich Karl Ludwig Konstantin Prinz und Landgraf vonHessen-Kassel in German
was the brother-in-law of the German Emperor William II 
and the elected King of Finland from 9 October to 14 December 1918!

Frederick Charles was elected as the King of Finland
by the Parliament of Finland on 9 October 1918. 
However, with the end of World War I, in light of his German birth 
and the abdication of Emperor William II of Germany ending monarchies in Germany, 
the arrangement was quickly considered untenable 
by influential Finns of the time and by Frederick himself. 
Not much is known of the official stance of the victorious allies
Frederick Charles renounced the throne on 14 December 1918, 
without ever arriving in the country, much less taking up his position. 
Finland subsequently adopted a republican constitution.

Guess the Moroccan stand made the best Umsatz!

Yes, there were also many plants for sale.

This little prince was not for sale, it's a faucet.

These royals were absolutely headless.

Rekha's compertitor ... not really,
he sold everything from India, even these printing things.
Spirit of India.

Love these hanging flower girls!

There's a saying boys always stay boys.
But am truly convinced that also girls always stay girls.

Blumenwiese. Real flowers.
Like a painting.

Would be cool to visit this place next September as well.

Next happening in May: Parkeröffnung 19/20/25/26 May 2013.
Parkspaziergang zwischen botanischen Kostbarkeiten.

Das Fürstliche Gartenfest im Mai: Schloss Fasanerie in Fulda!
17-20. Mai 2013.

lauantai 15. syyskuuta 2012



KREBSESSEN der Finnisch-Deutschen Handelsgilde

Finnisch für Anfänger:
RAPU = Krebs/crayfisch

Foto: Kikkura
Same location as every year: Kanuverein at river Main.
But this year with some additional decoration.

Foto: Kikkura
Ode did some cuttings and tested some color combinations.

So pretty, aren't they.

On Thursday these guys flew over from Armenia.
Still alive ...

Even this sharp equipment on their heads could not help them ...
in boiling water they ended up, and got this pretty color.

started the party with Finnish songs.

And this is how it goes, crayfish eating.

A lot of rests.

The best part?

The best Schnaps: KOSKENKORVA.

Koskenkorva Viina (also known simply as Koskenkorva, or Kossu) 
is the most common clear spirit drink (38%) in Finland
produced by Altia in the Koskenkorva distillery in Ilmajoki and bottled in Rajamäki.

The grain (barley) alcohol is produced using 200-step continuous distillation 
designed to produce high-purity industrial ethanol
The drink is produced by diluting this alcohol with spring water 
and a very small amount of sugar
Although commonly called a vodka in English, 
in Finland it is not called a "vodka", but viina
although the word "vodka" is found in the label due to EU regulations.

Furthermore, Finnish people recognize Koskenkorva as one of the symbols of Finnishness.

Wikipedia knows it all!

Somebody did a gooooood job.

This is one of the funny songs ...

Trink Trink Brüderlein Trink
Schunkel Schunkel Schunkel

So what does Ode eat in a crayfish party?
Normally toast with butter and dill.

THIS YEAR Ode got a treat: Rumpsteak!
Und Bratkartoffeln ohne Zwiebeln.

This is how an experienced crayfish eater counts her load.

This must have been a beginner.

Next year again, fellows!

Check for more pics later this week: