perjantai 31. elokuuta 2012

Bodrum billionaire colors


Why on earth always those sunsets?

Because I had time ... was picked up from the airport with a little delay.

And the sun just was there.

Stormy sea behind the pool,
seen in Yalikavak in the Palmarina complex. WOW.

This new Club and much more has just been opened.


Die “Billionaire Club”-Idee stammt vom ehemaligen Formel Eins-Mogul Flavio Briatore, 
dessen Liebe zur Türkei seit langem bekannt ist 
(in Istanbul hat er bereits einen solchen Club eröffnet).
 Jetzt mischt der 58-Jährige also auch am wohl exklusivsten Platz von ganz Bodrum, 
in der Yalikavak Palmarina, mit. 
Die Eröffnung, die von Topmodel Eva Herzigova gekrönt wurde, 
ist nach Istanbul, Monaco, Marbella und Sardinien nunmehr der fünfte Club dieser Art.

Luxury shisha and tango bar. Turkish? International.

Before you get there be sure there is space enough for your yacht.

Especially if you travel on a catamaran.

Boats from all over.

Such a windy day was an exception.

Kids loved it.

Not only restaurants and party locations,
but exclusive shopping area can be found in Palmarina.
This shop is absolutely cool, lace is totally in now.
Someody should redesign the internet pages of Ms Aybüke Baran.

You can get a glimpse like this in Palmarina,
Russian speeking girlies hurrying to a lighted party boat ...!

Turkish tulips as seen by artist:

Tevfik Türen Karagözoğlu

Bodrum Golf Club

Meze. Turkish starters.
As seen in Reana restaurant in Gündogan.

Gündogan has it's charm.

Turkish market! Pretty things for girlies!

Spices until the end of the world.

Nassrasierer zwischen Trockenfutter.

Nuts nuts nuts ...

Pinienkerne stammen von Pinien!

Green and red in blue containers.

What's inside?

Just for the colors.

Hand made.

Handmade, too, fresh from the oven.

You definitely do not starve in Turkey!

PS. Should I contact the Turkish Travel Authorities 
to get provision for all this free marketing .... helllooo?!

lauantai 25. elokuuta 2012

BBQ mit Freunden


This is how Romans present the caprese ...!
Thnx Costi!

Thnx Petterweil Folks for bringing all the food.
The party got a bit larger than originally planned but I think all survived.
Little Isi (9 yrs) took tonite most of the pics with our heavy Canon.
I truly think she is talented!

She realized how tasty the Turkish sausages were!

PARMAK SUCUK = Finger Wurst!

She showed how much the kids loved the ice cubes.

She focused the situation on the grill.

She found absolutely interesting views.

Like the corn matching my unlucky table cloth bleaching.

And she loves her big brother.
He, like the rest of us, loved the little lights from the Swedish furniture shoppe.

After all that work as a photographer AND kitchen aid ...
... a nap in the fresh air was fantastic!

So Walde snapped the camera.

Girls just wanna have fun-u-u-un!

And Walde our godson can indeed use the camera.
Light art.

Thnx ET, Sibe and the Twins, Petterweil gang, Suzie, Sofie and G, KE2OG 
for coming, bringing goodies and being such a great company.
Thnx Costi and Tommi for assisting.
This is a great way to celebrate Museumsuferfest.

perjantai 24. elokuuta 2012



So THE bridge has found it's location.
Now, could we please get some Chinese to get the roads built quicker?

For the Museumsuferfest Oderazzi recommends:

Museum für Kommunikation!
What else ... na ja.
There is an exhibition about FASHION!

Many things you can design yourself ...

I did wear my self designed paper tie all day,
during the lunch and in the Jazz garden, too.

But I took the tie off for Bad Homburg,
not to confuse the artists:
Anja Harms and Eberhard Müller-Fries im Kunstverein.

Hölzerne Feuernetze schweben im Raum, 
begegnen dem Rot und Schwarz der riesigen Buchseiten. 
Künstlerbücher als dreidimensionale Objekte und 
feuergeschwärzte Holzskulpturen als räumliche Zeichen 
bilden das Zentrum der Ausstellung. 
Daneben die strenge Form der Kalevala-Bücher, 
am Ende Buchkunst zum Begreifen und Angreifen 
– alles zusammengehalten durch die frappierende Gemeinsamkeit
 der Formensprachen einer Buchkünstlerin und eines Bildhauers.

Bühne frei für KALEVALA.
Was better than expected, the two hours,
our Finnish national epos was intelligently introduced by Dr. Krause,
Birgitta Assheuer did the reading.

Find out more in:

torstai 23. elokuuta 2012

Kaufhof Galleria!

Frankfurt  skyline.

Kaufhor Galleria organizes these wine tasting nites,
thnx Susanne, the wines were brilliant!

And the steaks, too, and the views over the city.
Even with the iPhone.

Cool Frankfurt.