sunnuntai 24. kesäkuuta 2012



Mikä liikkis juhannuskoivusommitelma!

Traditionally people in Finland decorate entrance doors 
with birch trees at midsummer weekend.
This birch deco was welcoming us to a party in Obertshausen.

After forty something years in Germany this Absolutely Active lady A,
from now on called Triple A,
is returning back to Finland, with her German husband.
Watch out Jyväskylä, they'll be there soon!

SISU-Esa held a touching speech. 

Somebody expected a looooong night!

Aki finally got his Bobby-Car back.
Anybody interested? Contact Oderazzi for further info.

People demonstrating against the airport on Sunday afternoon.

The idea was to build a chain of people at river Main  
along/underneath the seven bridges.

Yellow is THE colour.

A few creative ideas, too.

Bike banner.
These people wish to have no take offs and landings between 10 pm and 6 am,
now the ban is from 11 pm to 5 am.

There were enough participants to build a human chain.
But this rainy (Finnish) midsummer weather probably encouraged many people.

Our Eastern neighbors, crowds from Offenbach City came along.

For all of you who do not live here:

Why this protest?

Frankfurt airport is located unprecedentedly close to a densely populated area.Several hundred thousand people live in very close proximity. Since the openingof a new runway in October 2011 the situation has escalated dramatically – Frankfurt airport has become an innercity airport that affects citizens in and around Frankfurt that is unprecedented internationally.

Planes take off and land every minute, fly over us at a height of less than 250meters. Plans are to nearly double the numbers of flights in the next few years.

Noise and other emissions torment us. We cannot sleep; some of us even have to sleep in basements to get any sleep at all. Children can no longer play outside and schooling in the affected areas has become close to impossible.

Scientific reports show that aircraft noise causes illness. Many of us already suffer from heart problems and/or depression.

Some of us have been living here for several generations, for hundreds of years. Some of our houses have been here before the airport was even built and certainly most of them were constructed before the new runway was planned. This is our home. Relocation is impossible for us for financial reasons.

The government - both at the regional and the national level - is letting us down.Our only way to get attention is public protest.

We protest against the inhuman airport expansion and for a cap on aircraft movements.

lauantai 23. kesäkuuta 2012

Merkel-grün und Architektur-grau

Deutschland ist weiter - Glückwunsch.

Bundeskanzlerin Merkel ist wohl direkt aus Rom nach Danzig (Gdansk) geflogen.
Foto HS.

Die Farbe ihres Blazers ist ja neutral.
Mit einer blauen Jacke hätte sie sich nicht hingetraut. 

schreibt FR.
Es geht um Fussball.

This weekend a splendid possibility to dive into architecture!
I managed to check three objects out of 26 shown in Frankfurt.

Green - indeed!
Banister in a school.

Listen, they have wooden floors in a school, parquet, wow.

This school was renovated over three years, this is the ancient part of it.
Ludwig Börne Schule, Lange Strasse 30, quite close to us.
Check their own internet page for amazing pics of the building:

Further with my tour.
This view is from a roof terrace ...

... as well as this one, too, ...
recognize the Long Island Summer Lounge  next door?

Or the Hilton hotel?

This is the lower roof terrace.
Top floor flats have more terrace space than living area, I would guess.

This is the banister, combination of iron and wood.

This is the fantastic flower shop in the ground floor.

This is the house seen from behind - soon 
there will be an office building hiding this view away.
Object can be found in the Meisengasse 30.
Meisengasse? Absolutely central location in the city.

Centrally located also my third object: Haus des Buches.
This is the backyard of Margarete, was too late for the tour.

In the brown box you can find the brochures for the architecture day.

Also missed the "Parade der Kulturen" at river Main.


"In unserem Frankfurt leben wir Tag für Tag vor, 
wie Internationalität und Respekt vor Anderen gelingen kann. 
Die Vielfalt Frankfurts und die Lebensqualität, 
die das für alle Menschen in Frankfurt bietet, 
machen wir mit der Parade der Kulturen an einem Tag komprimiert erlebbar."

So many South-American colours and sounds around at river Main. 

On Sunday maybe another tour through Frankfurt.
Tag der Architektur!

Which guide to take with? The bed sheet or the mini book?
Both kind of not handy.

torstai 21. kesäkuuta 2012

Be prepared for juhannus


Finnisch für Anfänger:

JUHANNUS = Mittsommer / Midsummer

The longest party nite. Join the insomnia with ARTE!

On Sunday afternoon Frankfurt insomnia club (!) protesting!
"Südlicher Mainufer" is the Sachsenhausen side of the river,
where people are suffering from increasing aircraft noise,
caused by planes using the new runway.

People cannot sleep
their look goes deep
into the glass ...

Oderazzi® poetry HAH HAH HAA

In Finnland it's the time of the year when roses start blooming.
In my garden the first blooming session is already over.
PS. A pretty cool pic taken this week by iPhone.

Pimpinellaruusu eli juhannusruusu 
(Rosa pimpinellifolia, synonyymi Rosa spinosissima) 
on valkokukkainen, hyväntuoksuinen pensasruusu, 
jonka kerrottukukkainen lajike Rosa pimpinellifolia 'Plena' 
on perinteinen suomalainen koristepensas.

In my garden I have this herb Pimpinelle. Quite confusing.

Der Kleine Wiesenknopf ist fester Bestandteil der „Hessischen Grünen Soße“

Unter diesen Namen wird er auch auf regionalen Wochenmärkten verkauft, beim Lebensmittelhandel und auf Gartenmärkten finden die Bezeichnung „Bibernelle“, „Pimpinelle“ oder „Pimpernelle“ die meiste Verwendung

dOCUMENTA (13) juice!
Art is everywhere, you just have to find it.
Take time in dOCUMENTA, art works are spread everywhere!


23 & 24.6.2012 TAG DER ARCHITEKTUR

keskiviikko 20. kesäkuuta 2012



Kassel Hauptbahnhof.
Every 5 years in this Northern Hesse City.
A must for all artsy people.
Like Brad Pitt who visited the exhibition last week.

If Brad saw these 360 Chinese paintings?

Did he appreciate this Indian/Pakistani 6-channel video/shadow play?
One of my favorites!

In the center of the park Karlsaue "Doing Nothing Garden" by Song Dong.
Rubbish, soil, bricks, plants, neon signs.
"an artificial bonsai mountain in an artificial landscape"
(d13 Guidebook p. 306)

Interior decoration.
Mrs Maiolino, born in Italy, living in Brasil has covered the furniture with clay ...
"the house becomes a place for questioning
concepts of embodiment and disembodiment as conditions of contemporary life
and artistic production". (d13 Guidebook p. 278)

Mangold Fähre.
Christian Philipp Müller "planted varieties of colorful chard (Beta vulgaris)
in floating barges on the Küchengraben, one of the canals in the Karlsaue park.
(d13 Guidebook p. 282)

Surprisingly much empty space in the main exhibition hall FRIDERICIANUM.

From down under, Australian artist Doreen Reid Nakamarra.
Her paintings were pretty cool.

Again one of the exhibition rooms I really did not get.
Ida Apllebroog from New York is showing her "personal archive. 
Private files that have remianed untouched and unseen for thirty to forty years ..."
(d13 Guidebook p. 36)

My hobby librarian soul, of course, checked how art is treating books.
With screws.
Seen in Kader Attia's huge collection of genuine artifacts from Africa & did-show.

Books as rubbish? Issa Samb from Dakar included these ones in his installation.

Occupy has reached Kassel as well.

You can find art at the railway station in Kassel as well.
If you know what to look for.
Like sound installations are pretty hard to see.
And they are not seen in this pic either.

Get your bones to Kassel, d13 is running until 16.9.2012.

sunnuntai 17. kesäkuuta 2012



Get a Fotosynth app for your mobile
and make amazing pics.
Römer building site seen yesterday by my hubby.
Well, the quality as such could be better, this is just an example.

Römerberg stitched by my hubby, me in the right corner.

What's up in Sachsenhausen?
Schweizer Strassenfest yesterday! As every year when the weather is lousy ...
Well, it did rain again, June has this Schafskälte. 

This year's theme: Switzerland - wie passend.

My hubby's hobby ... fotoshooting, what else!
Quite a great pic - by mobile phone.

Cow bell performance!
Very loud, as you can see how the kids are covering their ears.

How funny was this:
"shake your hips to get your bells ringing"!
Something Asian as well, pillows at the back, like the geishas!
Swiss geisha boys ...

 I have this funny KIMONO!

Fasching/Fastnacht/Karneval kommt jedes Jahr,
hier ein tolles Kostüm!
Ab sofort Spezialpreis für Oderazzi Leser nur bis 5. August,
dann wird's auf dem FLOWmarkt am Mainufer verkauft:

Die Farben sind superschön.

On Thursday Frankfurt city center was blocked for cars,
almost 70.000 runners were participating JP Morgan Corporate Challenge Lauf.
Bockenheimer Landstrasse is the place to go in order to get some free bananas ...
the bottles here were all empty or half drunken.

No, I did not run, just rode my bike through the city afterwards.

Cosy KOTA.

Finnisch für Anfänger:
KOTA =   Holzkote / Laplander's hut

Rent it!
In Köppern, Little-Finnland shop offers you this PARTY KOTA with a fire place,
they also do have a sauna next door (NOT in the hotel behind)

Girls just wanna have fun!
Thanks Päivi for the great birthday-sauna-beer-experience in Köppern!

Finnish specialities not missing:

KORVAPUUSTI = Zimtschnecke/Cinnamon bun
KARJALANPIIRAKKA = Reispiroggen mit Eibutter/rice pie with eggbutter topping

= Finnisch für Fortgeschrittene

Not missing the FINNISH BEER.
Export, 5,4%. 

It was great fun!

Kein TATORT am Sonntag Abend wegen FUSSBALL.
Schwerer Traditionsbruch.